Caught again


Clair just stood in the door with a smile on her face looking at her mother and brother laying naked in bed. My cock was still about half hard and it was wet with cum and Mom's pussy had my cum running out of it.
"Clair come here and I will try to explain what is happering" my Mother said.
She walked over to where we were and sat down on the bed. Mom proceded to tell her how that when she was about 15 her brother, out Uncle Bob had started fucking her and it was just to good to stop, so when ever Dad would leave town they would get together and have sex. She told her that she understood how Me and Clair would want to fuck and now that we had started she knew we wouldn't stop. She explained that she wanted to get her started on birth control before we fucked again.
I said "Hey Clair why don't you get naked with us and that would make all of us feel more confortable. " Mom chimed in and agreed with me. Clair stood up and proceded to strip naked. When I saw her tits and little cunt my cock sprang up again. Mom reached over and took it in her hand and started slowly jacking me off. "Come here and help me" Mom said. Clair got on the bed and Mom took her hand and put it on my now fully hard cock and strted moving her hand up and down. Mom reached over and took one of Clair's tits and started rubbing it.
"Mom, your making me very hot and you said Jim couldn't fuck me so what am I going to do?" Mom pushed her over on the bed and spread her young legs exposing a very little pussy.

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   Then she put her head down and started licking her little cunt up and down. Clair opened up her legs as wide as she could to allow Mom to get full access to her cunt. Mom lifted up her head and said "How did you get that huge cock in such a little pussy?" Mom was on her knees with her ass up in the air. As she went back to working on Clair's little cunt licking and sucking her pushing her tongue as deep into her as she could I went behind her and put my cock head up to Mom's cunt and with one fast lunge drove the full length of my cock into a very wet pussy. Mom groaned and pushed back against my cock. Clair was moaning and pushing her cunt up into Mom's face as she ate her sweet little pussy.
I started pulling out almost all the way then plunging my cock back into Mom's cunt and with each stroke she would moan very loud. "Mom you have a wonderful pussy and I love being a mother fucker"
Here is the picture, Mom has her face buried in my sister's cunt licking and sucking like crazy and sis is bucking and almost screaming about how good it feels, I'm behind mom fucking her pounding her like a jack hammer and she is moaning and trying to shove my cock deeper into her cunt. The feeling was so wonderful feeling my cock plunging into Mom's cunt and watching my sister get her pussy ate.
Sis started screaming, "Mom I'm cumming I'm cumming keep sucking please don't stop Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. " I could feel my balls start to get tight and I knew I was about to blow a load of cum in Mom's pussy, and she was moaning,"Mmmmmmm". I shoved my dick as deep into Mom as I could and let the first jet of cum shoot out. "Oh shit Mom I'm cummmmiiiiiinnnnngggggg, damn that good pussy". With each stroke I would shoot another stream of cum. Mom pulled her face up from my sister's cunt and let out a screaml, "Ohhhhhhhh I'm ggoooooo iinnngggg ttoooooo cummmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuck me with that sweet meat pound your mothers pussy shoot your cum in her".

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I was exhausted and let my limp cock slide out of her pussy and fell over on the bed beside my sister who was still breating hard. Mom fell on the other side of her panting like a fresh fucked bitch. "Son you have the best dick I've ever had and I know your sister will want lots more of it". "Mom I love fucking you and Clair's pussy is so damn tight it is wonderful. " Clair raised up on one hand and said, "Mom you better hurry and get me those pills, because I don't know how long I can do without that big cock in my pussy. "
We lay there a while just getting our breath and Clair said," Mom is Uncle Bob's cock as good as Jim's?" Mom said "Well maybe some day you will be able to find out for your self how good his cock is, if your brother doesn't mind sharing your. "
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