Mom With Neighbour



It was a hot summer I was at school and felt like shit being there so I decided to go home early, thinking I will tell mom I had a bad headache. Dad was at work most days afternoon shift so newer home before 7. 30 - 8. 00 pm. When I got home mom wasn’t happy at all that I came home she was MAD AS FUCK. WELL I FOUND OUT AFTER WHY. .
We had no air-conditioning so in house was hot and hard to be in like an oven.
Mom suggested we went to Martin next door our new neighbours. Martin is a son 20 yrs Old Spanish well toned gym-going dude. His parents working a lot so his home alone most days. Mom was wearing a kinda thin see thru dress, loose looking, I had my school shorts and shitty on. When we got to Martins home we went thru the back mom knew where to go I thought nothing of it.
Martin was sitting on couch just wearing a pair of boxer shorts nothing else. O. k.

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   its his house its hot so I thought nothing of that, he was kinda looking funny at me, as to say what the fuck are you doing here, what’s going on. Mom told him how it’s real hot at home so she thought we could cool down at his home. .
Martin stood up and offered us a cold drink. We sat down; he had a TV on some daily sitcom series.
Mom sat on couch where he was sitting I sat on armchair. Martin said that the series is about to start, mom than said how they watch this series on TV 3 days a week it’s a great series and they haven’t mist a day yet. As it happens the 3 days were the 3 days dad was working afternoon shift.
OK no big deal. It started some family saga crap I found first 10 min so boring.
I was about to fall a sleep. Mom suggested I go to the kitchen and make some Home made chips, well anything better than sitting there looking at that crap on TV.
Martin took me to kitchen and puled out a bag of potatoes saying make lots as it’s a double serries 2 hrs, “ good trick”. . I started on peeling the potatoes and washing and after 30 or so min I needed a chopping board couldn’t find one,
Ill asks Martin where it is.

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   As I was going to the lounge room to ask him,, from the side of the doorway I saw moms head on his lap, as soon as I walk in mom quickly sat up straight saying something like looking for a button she just lost. I wasn’t thinking anything but did see Martins cock poking out the opening of his boxers. . didn’t know what to say or think I just ask him for the chopping board. Still don’t know why I didn’t say anything to them. Martin came to kitchen with mepuled out the chopping board and told me to cut them thinner as he don’t like fat chips. His boxers were tented, as his cock was still hard. Martin had Nis hand on my shoulder and had this funny smile on his face. Before Martin left the kitchen he said to make lots of chips and make sure not to burn them. . . Ok . its not what I saw no way…it’s what mom said she was looking for a button that’s all…My mind was playing tricks on me.
But his dick was poking out, when mom sat up her face was all kinda slimy looking, what do I know im 16. My mind is playing tricks on me.

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  get back to chopping chips Johnny….

3 more parts to this to folow. .