Dawn 3


I was jumping and waving my arm around as I screamed Rin’s name. Then I quickly changed to screaming out Mai’s name. I was in their concert. Rin and Mai have a band, where Rin plays the bass, Mai plays the lead guitar, Rin’s brother Eiburu plays the rhythm guitar and sings and finally Eiburu’s girlfriend plays the drums. They could easily be one of the best bands I have ever heard, and everyone around me thought the same. I wasn’t a stranger to them though. Sometimes they invited me to play the rhythm guitar while Eiburu sang.

I kept jumping and screaming to their metal songs until the concert ended. I bought a juice and waited for them outside on the street. A few minutes later the whole band came out, and I walked over to them. “You guys are always amazing!” I told them with a big smile. It always feels good to have a compliment after all, and Rin answered to me “You never miss any of our concerts do you?” and we all laughed. We started to walk to the truck, and I was holding Mai’s hand.

While we were heading home, I was thinking of how I barely talk with Eiburu, despite sometimes replacing him on guitar. But I knew Mara more closely. She had taken various pictures of me, since she has photography as a passion.

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   Rin and Mai… well, I think that is more obvious.

Rin was the one driving as she started to drop off everyone one by one. Once she dropped her brother, she said he would come back after dropping me.  But once we arrived in my house, I was about to open the door when she told me to wait. I moved my head to ask her why, but she pulled my head right away to give me a deep kiss. I blushed right away. “Tonight I’m going to fuck you” she told me. I opened my eyes wide but didn’t say no.

I didn’t say a word and just got off the truck, she then followed me when I opened the door and got into the house. My sister was on the sofa watching a movie and said hi to Rin. Rin naturally waved back and started to walk towards my room. I was still blushing and my chest was beating hard, but I told my sister that Rin would be staying a bit. She just nodded and I walked towards my room, telling my parents the same thing. They said it was okay and I walked into my room, closing and locking the door behind me.


As soon as I did, Rin took off my blouse and dropped it on the ground, then pushed me down on the bed.

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   I was completely nervous, but she got on top of me and started to kiss me right away. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and started to lick inside. I didn’t resist much… and gave in, closing my eyes and wrapping my tongue around hers. She broke the kiss for a second to take her blouse off, and then pressed her bra against mine to keep the kiss going. Her tongue wouldn’t stop playing with mine.

As the kiss got hotter, she pushed her skirt off, and then quickly pushed my pants off with a hand, sucking my tongue with force. I moaned since her sucking and kissing was so hot, and I started to get really wet.

She noticed how I started to moan, so she stopped and sat on my hips. “Rin… what are you—“ I said before she silenced me “Shh… Just enjoy. ” She moved her hands to my back and unclasped my bra, throwing it off right away. “Wow… Whoever says C cups are big are idiots… THESE are big” she told me and immediately put her hands on them, pressing them down. “Don’t say that…” I told her and she answered “They’re really clueless… these are huge”. She then leaned down to lick at my very light brown nipples, giving each one a lick. “So big…” she said again then started to suck my nipple. I blushed at her teases, but started to moan and sigh.

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   Just like Mai, I was sensitive on my breasts, and she realized that… So she started to squeeze them and suck them hard.

“Oh Rin…! Ah…!” I kept moaning with my hands spread on the bed, pushing my chest up. “Gosh… so much to suck…. ” She giggled and opened her mouth more to suck more of my breasts. “I’m shy about them…!” I screamed a bit but started to moan again. I made sure to keep all my noises in a low tone so my family didn’t hear, but I could barely hold it in.

She sat again and took her bra off. “I sucked your big melons, so now suck these oranges” she told me and giggled again. I sat while she was on my thighs and started to suck her slightly pink nipples. “Mmm… Yes baby…” she said and hugged my head with an arm. I closed my eyes and sucked her nipples harder, while she moved her other hand to squeeze my boob a bit “I love these huge things…”.

She moaned and played with my tit while I sucked her hard, moaning a bit against her breast.   “Rie lay back” And I did as she instructed. She took my panties off when I did and took her own off too. She giggled again and told me “So nice that all of us three are shaved”.

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   Then she spread my legs and lifted them up high. “Let’s enjoy it” she said and pressed her pussy against mine.

Our pussy lips pressed together and she began to move her hips up and down, making me sigh and moan.

She quickly started to moan too, holding my legs up and open by my ankles. She didn’t have much trouble… unlike my 158cm (5’2’’), she was 175cm (5’9’’) and had no trouble to reach me. Her hips were pressed against my ass while she focused on rubbing our pussies together, moaning more each second.

She then let go of my ankles and leaned a bit to rest her hands on my tits. I could really see how she enjoyed them, rubbing my boobs in circles and her pussy up and down. “Yes… yes…!” we both repeated, before she leaned a bit more to kiss my lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she sucked it hard, while rubbing my tits and squeezing them… rubbing her pussy harder against mine.

I hugged her tightly, feeling as my climax was closer. “Rin…!!” I screamed at her… and she just answered “Yes!”. I began to move my hips against hers too before I came with a big moan, soaking her pussy with my juices. I soon felt how she did the same with mine though, as she moaned loudly and pressing her pussy more, squirting all my pussy. She then fell on top of me, using my breast as a pillow.

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“Oh so good…” she said and rolled off me, lying beside me. “So amazing… Rin…” I could barely say. She kissed my cheek and got up slowly. “I need to get going now… Remember I told my brother I would be back. ” “Ah yes…” She quickly put her clothes on after cleaning herself and told me she enjoyed it so much. I could barely get up to clean myself, so she headed out on her own. I heard her truck go soon after.


I put my pajama on and lay on my bed to look at the roof. I have to admit… I liked what just happened. I smiled thinking about all these things.

More weeks passed, and it was almost time for our summer vacations. I had the feeling though… that our sex wouldn’t end with three of us. Mai-chan and I loved each other… but we accepted that sex with others wouldn’t break that love. I’m sure of it. Though soon more people would put us on their sight… Not only women, but also men… some close and some yet unknown to us… it was just getting bigger.

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