The Organisation of Sluts for the Pleasure of select men - Chapter Four, Induction


If you havent read my other stories please do, as this follows on!!! After cumming in Bex last night doggy style I collapsed in bed my arms around her groping her tits as I slept.  I remember my last order to Steph being for her to sleep on the floor, I was being really cruel to that girl.  I awoke the next morning to an amazing sensation on my cock, I lie there enjoying the warmth of what I guessed to be a mouth.  I moan a little as I feel another mouth sucking on my balls.  The mouth around my cock begins bobbing up and down getting almost all of it in her mouth.
I open my eyes and look down to see Bex sucking hungrily up and down on my cock and Steph licking and sucking my hairy balls, both girls are naked their bodies pressed against the bed as they focus intently.  I lie there enjoying the sensation, Bex gets faster and faster bringing my nearer and nearer to the point where I will cum.  Just before I come she removes her mouth and uses her hand to wank my cock really fast, I let out a loan moan as cum begins to shoot out the end of my cock.  Both girls grin and watch as my cock lets out my white seed.  It begins to run down and all over Bex's hand as she continues to pump my cock, the girls then set about licking as much of it up as possible.  I know what it is to be in heaven now two girls licking up my cum from my cock, it feels so good.
Once the girls had finished cleaning my cock I instructed Steph to go and run the shower and get in and for Bex to go and make breakfast - scrambled eggs.  I get up out of bed grinning I check my phone and notice I have a picture message, it was a photo of Amy (my induction fuck) standing wearing a hot red bra.  The text reads "Looking forward to getting to see these tonight Sir? Xxx. "
I reply, "Can't wait, hope you like rough men and being bitten xxx. "
"Sir my body is yours xxx," she replies, I feel my cock getting harder again.

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    I walk off to the shower and spend my day fucking both girls having a great time.  The girls never tire, always knowing how to get me hard again.  At 5pm I go in the shower again and have Steph clean and wash me all over, making sure I am ready for tonight.  When I get out of the shower I get Steph to trim my pubic hair to the acceptable length and then to dress me in my dinner suit.
Once Steph has helped me to look my best and groomed me it is around 6pm.  I eat the dinner Bex has prepared for me and then watch the girls get dressed into their dresses.  Both girls wear no underwear, Bex's dress has no back just a strap round her neck to hold it up, it shows of her cleavage and comes down to just above her knees.  Steph's dress is a dark navy blue strapless dress, which just covers both of her big tits and comes down to just above her knees.  Both dresses could get away with being worn to a normal party, if the girls had underwear on.
Once they are both dressed we got into the waiting taxi and drove off.  "Where does the ceremony happen," I ask.
Steph replies, "It will be at the Mansion, the Mansion is the place where everyone lives, there is a girl’s dormitory and then each man has his own quarters that he can use for fucking and sleeping in.  Each of the male’s quarters has 2 bedrooms, a master room for himself and a second room for his pet and groom to sleep in, a lounge with a TV, PS3, surround sound and comfy chairs, a kitchen area with stocked fridge and cupboard and a big bathroom.  The bathroom is my favourite bit," Steph continues, "Each bathroom has a big Jacuzzi bath big enough for at least 10 people as well as a power shower, the shower can hold 5 people and has jets coming from all angles, it’s pretty amazing Sir. "
I grin at her, "It does sound pretty good, so how come you girls don't live there?"
"That isn't our house sir it was just used as a place for our first fuck, we couldn't go back to the mansion on our first date," she replies.


    At 6:50 the taxi pulls onto a long tree lined driveway and after getting waved passed by female security guards goes on towards the mansion.  The drive twists round to reveal the massive mansion, it is at least 5 stories high, and really wide.  It is surrounded by lovely and well kept grounds.  "There is a rooftop swimming pool, as well as a 25 meter indoor one, a full gym, a theatre and cinema, restaurant/cafe/bar, games room and much more Sir," Steph explains excitedly.
"Wow," I say, as I think of all the amazing facilities, it is really a boys dream come true.  The car pulls up at a small side entrance and we all get out.  Steph and Bex lead me into a small room where there is a 16 yr old girl knelt on the floor completely naked, she looks up and smiles.
"This is where we leave you Sir, this is Nat she will get you ready," Steph says before kissing me on the lips.  Nat has what must be B cups tits, and a hot body to die for, clearly all the girls must have to exercise.  She stands walks to me.
She asks, "May I strip you and prepare you for the ceremony," in a light sexy voice.
"Yes girl you may," I reply.  Her hands begin to remove my suit, I watch her tits bounce around a little.  Within 2 minutes she has me expertly stripped standing naked, her hands run down my chest and too my cock.  She gently plays with my cock before getting some lube and rubbing it in, making my cock shinny.

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    She then gets the red sash and ties it around my waist hiding my cock, which is now semi hard.
"You're ready Sir," she tells me, "Follow me and I will take you through. "  I follow her pert little ass with my eyes as she leads me down a maze of corridors.  We finally arrive at some double doors she pushes them both open and leads me into a massive room, filled with people.  I look round the room to see the 10 males standing completely naked a slut either side of them who is knelt down chest out.  A look round the rest of the room to see what must be over 100 females aged from 16 to around 30 all knelt down in rows, completely naked their chests pushed out tits on display.  It looks amazing, I grin as I look over the best view any guy could ever have.  Nat leads me over to the guys and begins to introduce me.  She leads me first to Steph's granddad, I shake his hand as Nat strokes his cock, clearly that's the tradition.  I get introduced down the line of men, shaking each guys hand, most are considerably older than me.  The youngest I estimate to be about 35, he is last in line.  Everything think is just a blur of faces, I can't really remember any of the names.  Nat then leads me to a bed in the middle of the room that I haven't noticed yet, on the bed is the 16 yr old Amy, she is the most clothed person in the whole room, wearing a red bra and matching g-string.
"Rip them off her Sir, this is going to be your initiation fuck, remember you can’t cum in her you must cum in Grandma Sluts mouth," Nat explains to me.  I notice and old woman knelt at the side of the bed, her body has seen better days, but understand tradition is tradition.

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    I advance on Amy who is lying there legs spread her perfect tits hidden under her red bra.  I grab her g-string and pull, the flimsy material breaks under my grip, I throw it aside before grabbing her bra and ripping that off.  Her tits are perfect round circles, and nipples that are nice and big and puffy. At this point Nat removes the red sash around my waist revelling my hard cock, she gently guides it to Amy's pussy, and she whispers, "Slam her hard Sir. "
Once my cock is lined up with her pussy, I ram it all the way in to the hilt.  Amy screams in pleasure as I pull my cock all the way back out before slamming in again, doing this over and over again.  I don't notice this but each of the males are having their cocks wanked by their pets as they watch.  I moan as I ram in and out of her really fast, it doesn't take me long to for me to get close to cumming.  I pull out and tell Amy, "Wank my cock slut into this old sluts mouth. "
Amy grabs my cock and wanks its hard and fast right next to Steph's Grandmas open mouth, I look at Amy's amazing tits as I begin to cum.  My cum spurts right into the old woman’s mouth as all the females in the room begin to clap and cheer.  She swallows as Amy begins to stop pumping my cock, I grin as Amy kisses me on the lips and whispers, "Welcome. "
I look around at all the males and get approving nods from them all, each with a hard cock getting wanked by their pets.  Steph's granddad walks over and shakes my hand saying, "Well done, now you’re one of the men.  Come and join us for a drink Amy will be your pet for the evening.

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    She will show you to your private quarters later on where Steph will be waiting. "  I grin as he explains all this I follow him into a bar area where there are a number of girls waiting on the men getting them drinks all completely naked.  I look around thinking wow, as I walk to a table with Steph's granddad and we sit down with 2 other males on it maybe 45 and 55.  I order a pint of cider from the hot girl who asks me, the males both grin as they watch my eyes - which never leave her tits.
One guy explains, "You can just grope her she won't mind and if you’re feeling really nervous about it get your pet to sort it out for you. "  As he sits there he just reaches out and fingers the girl’s pussy as she puts down my pint.  I grin thinking this is the best life ever.  I sit drinking my pint chatting with the guys as the naked waitresses wander around tending to our every need.  I chat too many of the males getting to know them all a bit better, distinguishing them from being just a blur of faces as they had been when I first met them.  Slowly men retire to their quarters some taking waitresses with them, I sit talking to Steph's granddad about all sorts of things, from more detail on how the club started to his favourite kinks.
At 1am I decide to head to my quarters, only a couple of the other guys remained in the bar, I kissed the girl who had been serving me all night, before getting Amy to show me to my quarters.  Amy shows me down a maze of corridors and through various different doors, before arriving at a nice door with the gold metal letters 'JOHN' on it.  There is a finger print scanner above the door handle, Amy explains to me, "This scanner is programmed so only you, your pet, or your groom can enter into your private quarters.  The rooms behind this door belong to you, you can do what you want with them, decorate them how you want.  There is also an office which has another finger print scanner on the door which only opens for you, you can keep anything private in there.

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    Any other questions Steph will be able to answer for you. "
"Thanks, baby.  I want you to come shopping with me and Steph tomorrow, so be here at my door at 10:30 on your knees," I say to her.  Before she leaves I grab her pussy pull her close and give her a love bite on her left tit.  She grins and then leaves, as I scan my finger print.  The door unlocks and I open it, behind the door is the most amazing room I have ever seen, it is massive.  It is a big living space with a big 50 inch TV on the wall, kitted out with a Playstation 3, surround sound and all sort of other things.  There are 2 massive leather sofas, one which is a corner sofa which looks great for snuggling up in.  The room flows through into a kitchen which is split by a breakfast bar.  It looks like anyone’s dream, and to top it all off, Steph is on her knees in front of me, her hands behind her back tits thrust out.  She is smiling up and me clearly happy to see me, I wonder how long she has been waiting for me.
"Hey Steph," I say grinning down at her, feeling rather tired I look round for the door the bedroom.  I see two doors at the far side of the room, one with a scanner on the lock which must be to the office, the other just a plain door.  "Lead me to the bedroom," I instruct Steph. .

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