The beast

Mind Control

I am still stunned at the actions of the Beast.
On the other hand, I am starting to understand my power and exercise some controll over the big fucker.
I have found out that he has always been a loner, from a broken home , he devoted his life to getting strong. his reason: If you are the biggest motherfucker in the valley, there is no one to fear.
I agree, as I have been in his head as he was pulled over by cops and sensed their fear when they confronted him. Normal people dont project the raw power and intimidation the beast packs. From his imposing, tatooed body to his dead eyes. He intimidates.
Once, when he/we were hauling ass down the street on his chopper with some guys from the "Cadavers", the most intimdating gang in town, with "Bad Tony", the most feared enforcer of the gang, all tatooes, muscle, and swagger.
The cops knew Tony as an enforcer who didnt hesitate to fuck people up, standing 6' 2" , 239 lbs of pure beligerance, posing a threat to anybody stupid enough to fuck with him.
Tony was suprised to see the 20 cops converge upon the Beast's bike and confiscate his weopons, including a street sweeper shotgun.
The beast cast his glance at Tony and smiled.
Raw power in the human sense is fodder for many a young person ready to cede their soul to the darkside.
to be continued.