Sining in church


"Stacey" Called a stressed voice from down the hall. My best friend Jamie was geting married, she had so much to worry about. "Yes Jamie" I frowned in a sleepy tone. She was rushing around the house looking for her mothers lace vail. "Do you know where my. . " I handed her the vail. "thanks" she ran by I stoped her. "You have to relax" I Yelled in an angry voice. "Your going to pass out. " She sat down "I can't relax I'm geting married don't you know how stressed I am. " She wined in a high voice. I really didn't know how stressed she was I wasn't expecting a proposel from my boyfriend David any time soon. "No Jamie I don't know" I frowned. "What if somthing goes wrong, what if Matt thinks I'm ugly" She wined. I looked at her and laughed.

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   "Jamie what are you talking about he thinks your the most beautiful girl in the whole world. " I laughed again "How do you know that" She said with a happyer tone. "He told me ok now stop worrying and get ready you have to be at the church soon". she gave me a hug and started runing around again, I roled my eyes.
There was a small knock on the front door David walked in trying to do his tie up. "Hey babe" he said to me in a tired voice. It seemed everyone was tired these days. I smiled "let me help you with that baby". He gave me a kiss. Now me being horny and haven't had sex for days sent shivers up my spine. "mmmm" I moaned to myself. He smiled "you have 20 minutes before you two have to get to the church". I had forgoten about that for a fuew seconds. He gave me a small kiss and walked out the door waving. He looked so sexy in his suit it made me want to fuck him right there.

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   Jamie frowned at me "you two are in love so much arn't you. " She smiled. I nodded "Arn't you and Matt that in love" I asked. she laughed "yeah but I don't moan from one kiss". I blushed "We have to get you to that church so you can get married" I smiled.
Jamie and matt stood there holding hands looking into each others eyes "you may now kiss the Bride" The preist said happyly. They passonitly kissed and walked down the isal out of the church. David took me into his arms and smiled. "Doesn't watching two people get married make you hornny sweety" He put his arms around my tiny waist, by this time we were the only ones left in the chappel area. "yes" I smiled sexualy. I couldn't take it any more I had to have sex right at that moment. "David baby I need you inside of me right now even though we are in a church I need to feel you so badley inside of me". He smiled like a kid in a toy store. He didn't argue at all. "Fuck me so I can't walk in tommoroe" I smiled.

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He picked me up so my legs were around his waist and started kissing me, His toung was half way down my throught by the time he layed me down on one of the larger church benches. I rubed his erect cock through his pants and undid his tie unbottoned his shirt as he unziped my black strapples dress and sliped it off. I was strugling with the clasp on his dickies he pulled away from the kiss smiled and guided my hands. He took my white strapples bra off along with the matching panties. We lay there naked kissing each other he cupped my cheeks in his hands as I combed my fingers through his black hair. He played with my brest "I don't want to hurt you baby so you have to relax" He said quietly in a sweet voice. I closed my eyes as he entered me I moaned his name "OHHHHH DAVID THAT FEEL SOOOO GOOD" He pumped in and out of me faster and faster. "OH STACEY YOUR SO TIGHT". Now sence I haven't had sex for a while I moaned like a porn star witch is quite loud. David kissed me to hush me so we woulden't get cought. "DAVID I'M GOING TO CUMM" About ten seconds after I did so did David. He moaned into my chest
We got dressed "I love you my little porn star" He wispered into my ear "I love you to my sex god". Just as we were about to kiss Jamie and Matt walked in "Where the hell were you two we were looking for you every where" Matt groaned. "Well were right here" David said keeping his eyes glued on me. Jamie laughed and kissed Matt on the cheek "Don't worry about them".

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   We got up and lefted with Matt and Jamie. "What were you two doing in there any ways" Matt asked in a confused voice. David smile and kissed me on the cheek. "You don't want to know".
. We laid there kissing as pints of cumm spilt into me. "That was so amazing" I smiled I could barley breath. He put his head on my chest "It sounds like your heart is going a thousand mile an hour" He sounded facinated "thats what you do to me my love" He smiled. .