Checking into the Mental Institution

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Stacy checked herself into the mental institution. She didn’t want to, but her friends and family wanted her to go, they pushed her to going, they had a go reason. A few months ago Stacy and Tray where the perfect couple, the ones that belonged on a hallmark card, until Tray left her. Stacy fell apart, they had been together for three years and now she couldn’t keep it together. Weeks had gone by were Stacy had locked her self away in her apartment, her friends and family worried about her. Then one night, she ended it all. Or at lest she thought she did until she woke up. One of her friends found her, an empty bottle of sleep aid in her hand. Some saw this as a failed attempt, other as a cry for help, all saw this as a reason Stacy needed professional help. Stacy managed to put down her friends and family’s reasons why she should enter a mental institution for a week, then she gave in. But all this didn’t matter now.
Stacy had finished signing some paper work and was now fallowed the nurse as she led her down a wide hallway. The Nurse stopped at a door and held it open for Stacy. “Right this way, Stacy” she said. This room was small, with two wide swing doors at each end and a bench against one wall. “Please remove your cloths and put this on” the Nurse said as she handed Stacy a hospital gown.

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   “Why? What are you going to do?” Stacy replied, she was nervous and jumpy. “It’s just standard procedure. ” Stacy’s hands shook as she unbuttoned her blouse; it took her a few moments before she unhooked her bra. Her pail breasts felt the cold air, her nipples stiffened. Her curly brown hair fell across her bare shoulders as she leaned over to undo her jean pants. She hoped around until she gets them off then puts on the gown. Showing modesty she reaches under the edge of the gown and slides off her white panties. Sitting on the bench she made the gown cover her as much as it could. All the while the nurse has been watching her, making sure she didn’t try to leave. Only a min, had pass when a small metal hospital bed was rolled in the room, pushed by another nurse. Stacy took note of the two pair of restraints on the head bar of the bed. “Stacy, I need you to remove the gown and lay down on the bed. ” A Nurse said. Not moving Stacy asked “What are the restraints for?” “Don’t worry…” the other nurse said ”… it’s just standard procedure. ” Without removing the gown Stacy laid down on the bed.

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   In an instant, both nurses took hold of Stacy’s arms and locked them into the restraints. One nurse took hold of the gown and slid it off reveling a pail naked body, and a trimmed mound of pubic hair. In one swift move, both nurses took hold of Stacy’s legs, brought them over her head and restrained her ankles allowing both Stacy’s pussy and anus to be wide open. “What are you doing?!” Stacy exclaimed. “It’s just standard procedure, try to relax. ” One nurse said as she rolled her into the other room.
            This was a large room and from what Stacy could see, there were three or four other women that are in the same situation she is in, each being serviced by two or three nurses. Her bed was rolled next to other beds. A man in a long white coat stood at the foot of the bed, a nurse handed him a clip board, and he looked at it for a moment. “Begin the tests. ” He said then walked away. A nurse came and set a tray full of hospital instruments next to the bed. Both nurses snapped on some rubber gloves before one nurse took hold of a long spectrum. Using two fingers to hold open Stacy’s pussy lips, the other nurse pushed it in. Stacy bit her lower lip as the ice cold spectrum slid in, freezing her pussy from the inside out.

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   It opened, a nurse peered in with a light, then it closed. “AHHHHHH” was heard from a woman from the other side of the room. Stacy look but couldn’t see anything, “What was that!?” She asked. Not fazed by the sound a nurse replied,”It’s nothing really, just standard procedure. ” Stacy didn’t notice that the spectrum had been removed from her and that the nurse was now holding a large anal spectrum. The other nurse coated some clear lube on it before it dropped below Stacy’s sight and pointed at her awaiting anis. It went it. Stacy let out a quick moan as another ice cold item was inserted into her crotch. It was large, cold and a little painful when it opened. Stacy was never into anal masturbation or anal sex. This time a nurse stuck in two fingers and pushed against the walls of her anus. This only made the pain worse for Stacy, who facial expressions changed with each movement inside her. “AHHHHHHH” suddenly came from the other side of the room but this one was closer and it distracted Stacy from the pain given by the nurse’s fingers. “Please, tell me what that was” Stacy asked eagerly wanting to know. “It’s just standard procedure” one of the nurses repeated.

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   The spectrum closed. It came out and Stacy’s anus felt moist, something she was not use to. Once again a nurse held open Stacy’s pussy lips, and then she inserted three of her finger. The nurse forcefully wiggled and maneuvered her fingers around inside Stacy. Stacy felt violated but she couldn’t do anything about it but watch. During this volition Stacy noticed a third nurse approach the bed next to hers. She couldn’t see what she was holding though. “She’s clean” the nurse said as she removed her fingers. The other took note. “AHHHHHHH” came from the bed next to Stacy’s. Panic set in, “What did you do to her, why did she scream?!” Stacy demanded. One of the nurse calmly responded “it’s ok, it’s just standard procedure. ” There was a pause before she said “it will be your turn shortly. ” Stacy’s eyes grow wide, “Wh-“ was all Stacy said before the nurse forced three finger into her moisten anus. Stacy moaned as the walls of her anus were painfully spread open.

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   Again the nurse wiggled and maneuvered her fingers around inside her. This time it was painful and violating. Stacy held her breath, bit her lip and waited for the nurse to remove her fingers. “She’s clean” the nurse finally said after removing her fingers. Stacy let out a breath only to see another nurse approach her bed.
This nurse had a small box with switches and knobs on it, a large rounded-off metal rod was attached to it by a wire. This nurse started to lube up the rod, while the other two nurses took hold of Stacy’s legs to prevent her from moving. “What are you going to do, is this what made the other woman scream!”?  Stacy asked with fear in her voice. Calmly one of the nurse stated “This is going to be painful. Just close your eyes and try to relax. ” Stacy watched as the rod forced an entrance into her anus. “Close you eyes” a nurse calmly repeated. Stacy shut her eyes. She heard the ring of the box charging. Then it hit, the volts flowed through her body causing pain everywhere, Stacy screamed as the volts left leaving her body tingling.

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   She opened her eyes, the nurse looked disappointed. She said to the other nurse with the box “We need to do it again. ” “Please don’t, it hurts, please no!” once was more than enough for Stacy. The nurse calmly stated “I’m sorry but we have to, just close you eyes and relax. ” A ring came from the box. Stacy didn’t close her eyes. It hit, again but it was more painful as the volts reignited her tingling body causing a sever pain to flow through her. She screamed loader. She was breathless. “We need to do something else. ” One nurse said to the doctor who was standing over the bed, Stacy didn’t notice him until now. “Use the machine to massage her prostate, hopeful that will work. ” He said then walked off. The other nurse removed the rod and the bed was wheeled down to a door at the end of the room. The bed was pushed through.

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            Stacy could see that it was a small room with no windows. A white box was at the end of it, a long metal pole stuck out of it. The bed was pushed in front of it. Stacy watched a two suspended padded cuffs dropped down from the ceiling. Her legs were released from the restraints and put into these. Stacy’s pussy and anus were still available in her new restrain configuration. One nurse had a large white dido that she was covering with lube, the other was by the white box. The rod suddenly slid back, the nurse attached the white dido to the end of it. It slid forward, the tip of the dido was touching Stacy’s ready anus. All this happen very quickly to Stacy, she now managed to say, ”What are you going to do to me?” The nurse replied calmly “Just relax, Stacy, it will feel like your having anal sex. ” “I never had anal sex, I don’t want…” The dido slid in. Stacy moaned. The nurse smiled then turned around and left. The dido slowly slid part of the way out then pushed it’s way back in again. It started rhythmic painful pace of sliding in and out of Stacy burning anus.

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   Stacy couldn’t stand the pain, she wanted to leave, for it to stop but she could only lie there and take it. But soon she noticed the pain decrease, little by little, with each stroke. It started to feel good. The machine slowly quickened its pace. Stacy started to like it, her pussy was wet, really wet. It oozed moisture all over her legs, it ran down to her anus providing even more lubrication for the penetrating dido. A soft slight moan escaped her lips. The machine quickened its pace a little more. It became pleasurable, another loader moan escaped Stacy’s lips. The pace quicken to a strong steady fuck. Stacy was now moaning to each inward stroke. She became engrossed in the pleasure she was receiving, completely unaware of reality as her world was spinning in that small room. It quicken even more, “oh shit, this feels so good!” she moaned as she was now being bounced by the pounding dido. “Oh god, oh I’m going to cum, oh yes!” Stacy exclaimed. She could feel her orgasm approach “I’m going to cum so hard, OH!” The machine quicken, the dido flew in and out of Stacy beat red anus but she loved it as her eyes rolled backwards, Stacy was sent over the edge as an orgasm rippled through her, fallowed by another and another.

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   “OH FUCH, OH GOD, OH!” Stacy managed to moan in the mist of her orgasms. Then she felt something odd, deep in her pussy she felt this build up of pressure, waiting to be released. She tried to hold it, it didn’t want to be held, she couldn’t hold it any longer. She released it with a terrific scream; she felt her legs and feet get sprayed with a warm substance. It cam from her drooling pussy. It was the first time Stacy ever squirted, she loved it. The last orgasm rolled by, the machine stopped. Stacy could make out one of the nurse. The nurse was leaning over her wiping the sweet from Stacy’s forehead. The dido withdrew leaving behind a red, sore but happy anus. “That’s a good girl. ” The nurse sweetly said. Stacy looked past her as the doctor talked to the other nurse. Stacy could hear him say “Mark Stacy down to have her prostate massage twice a day for the remainder of her stay. ” Stacy smiled.

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