Cole's Dark Obsession


He again reached for the whip, letting it kiss her smooth flesh and leave its biting streaks across her back. She flinched as little as she could, the chain slightly tightening each time she moved. The soft flicker of candlelight illuminated her body so beautifully as small trickles of blood leaked from the tapestry of thin slashes. He paced in front of her giving her breasts and stomach a few licks of the leather whip, leaving them with the same crimson lacerations. Cole then walked to large bench at the edge of the room, laying down the whip and stopping for a moment to turn and look at her, deciding what he would use next on her. He selected a small remote controlled silver bullet vibrator with harness to hold it firmly to her clit and returned to her. He began to fasten the straps to her thighs as he placed the toy against her clit and clicked the remote on low. Hannah gasped loudly around the ball gag as she felt the soft vibrations hum through her body. He moved behind her and began to unfasten the shackles from her wrists, letting her arms fall to her sides. He slowly lifted the silver loop of the chain around her neck, releasing it from the hook it hung by. She let out a soft sigh of relief. Without a word, he forced her to shuffle forward toward the cold steel table that stood in front of the full-length mirror. Her hands gripped the edge as she teetered, trying to remain on her feet. The stilettos made her movement even more awkward. With a swift shove and a loud thud, she landed against the table. A single tear streamed down her cheek from under the blindfold as the clamps bit harder into her chest.

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  He laughed softly as he walked to her left side and took her frail wrist in his hand. The metal shackle clanged shut around it as he locked her in place. His hand crashed down against her exposed ass cheeks, leaving a reddened imprint where it landed. He then walked to the other side of the table repeating the process. He reached down and clicked the lever to unlock the shackles from their stationary position for readjustment. Cole then slid the bar beneath the table forward as he watched her body lower awkwardly onto the table. He crouched behind Hannah and unhooked the spreader bar from between her ankles, positioning each on the outside of the table leg and securely fastening the cuffs to them. The tops of her thighs rested against the table's cold steel edge, as did her upper body. The frigid metal served to make her nipples ache even further. Tiny droplets of blood marred the table's immaculate appearance as the clamps tore further into her nipples. Cole removed the blindfold from her and tossed it aside. It took several moments for her eyes to readjust as she blinked. She squinted as she tried to focus on the mirror a few feet in front of her. Staring into its reflective skin, she saw him completely naked and standing directly behind her. His body looming over her fragile confined form.

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   His piercingly dark eyes stared back at her from the mirror as he ran his hand across his baldhead. An evil smile possessed his lips as he held up the remote for her to see. He clicked its setting up a notch, watching her body tremble as the vibrations rippled through her. Without warning he, plunged two fingers deep inside her dripping little slit and watched them sink in. The warm wetness surrounded them as he began to piston them in and out of her juicy cunt. Hannah squirmed, causing the sharp metal teeth to shred her flesh. Cole pulled his fingers out of her slowly and inspected the glistening liquid that coated them. He brought the fingers up under his nose and inhaled her delicate bouquet for a moment. His smile broadened. He smeared the thin fluid on her cheek then walked back over to the bench once again. This time he returned with a large black candle, a spray bottle full of water, a very large knife and a riding crop. He laid the crop, the knife, bottle next to her on the table, and held the candle up for her to see. The scent of leather wafted on the air as he brought it closer to her. Her eyes widened as she saw the reflection of the candle as it tipped, sending hot wax splashing down on her bare flesh. He poured several pools of wax onto her unsuspecting flesh and watched each harden slowly.

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   Each searing caress of the wax brought forth a small whimper from around the ball gag. He sat the candle down on the table and reached for the blade. The sharp edge of the steel shined in the room's hypnotic light. He placed the keen-edged blade against her flesh and slowly began to peel the thin layers of wax off. She closed her eyes as the soft sound of the metal scraping against her skin filled her ears. She trembled slightly with excitement as the blade continued to move across her skin. A gratified smile stayed plastered to his lips as he looked at the slightly red splotches from the heated wax. He laid the knife down next to her body and picked up the spray bottle. She was curious as to what his plans were. He began to spray the icy cold water over her warm flesh and watching as she squirmed. Her skin glistened with the thin coating of wetness. He continued until he had thoroughly wet down her body, washing away most of the dried blood, before setting the bottle aside and lifting the crop. He drew back and let it land across her back. A thin red welt promptly appeared where the leather landed. She let out a soft murmur around the gag as her body tensed.

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   He continued to heavily lash her back, leaving a new design of crimson lines that meshed with the prior ones. Her back began to bleed again as some of the strikes tore her skin open again. His cock began to ache as he watched the beautiful intricacy of the pattern unfold upon her flesh. He knew it would not be long before he had to be inside her. Each slice into her back from the crop brought forth another sound from her. He loved the look of her body writhing in such sweet agony. He looked down at the tender pink flesh between her thighs. Her candied juices were leaking out of her tight little slit as the vibrator continued to purr against her swollen clit. He brought two fingers to her wet opening and forced them deep inside as he brought the crop down against her cheeks with all his might. Her hips tried to push back against his hand but in her position, she could not successfully do it. He began to work his fingers in and out swiftly, watching them disappear between her puffy pink lips. He knew she was ready for him. He laid the crop down next to her naked quivering body. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and gently stroked her marred flesh, smearing the bloody streaks across her back and cheeks. He slowly traced down her body, lifting his fingers when they reached the bottom of her cheeks.

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   The smooth warm tip of his cock pressed against her delicate lips as he began to rub it up and down her juicy slit. She tried in vain to push back against him once again. He began to enter her painstakingly slow, allowing less than an inch inside her at a time. Gradually he filled her sloppy wet orifice with his thick shaft. He let out a drawn out moan as he eased inside her completely. Her velvety folds hugged his rigid muscle like a glove. He began to thrust in to her harder and deeper as she let out stifled moans with each deep penetrating stroke. He buried his cock deep inside her as he reached forward to unbuckle the gag. She let it fall to the table as she let out a shrill cry. He began to hammer her unmercifully as his pace quickened. He watched her face contort from the pain in the mirror as he pinned her down harder, causing more pressure on the clamps that bit into her nipples. His fingers quickly found the large ring on her collar and hooked it over his pointer finger. She lifted her head as he began to tug on the chain, forcing it to tighten around her throat. Her eyes widened as her airway was constricted by the action. She swallowed hard as she gulped down as much air as she could.

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   Her head began to swim as he continued to pull back on her collar. His thrusts became more brutal as he watched her reactions in the mirror. He could feel her body weakening as he withheld her breath. He turned the control on the vibe to the highest setting. It sent shockwaves of pleasure through her convulsing body as she screamed with all that she had in her. Her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably around his swollen dick as her delectable essence washed over his tool. He began to pump harder into her as the head slammed into her cervix, causing her to twitch with the painful abuse. He could hear the metal clamps scraping against the table with each forward lunge. Her eyes closed as she struggled to breathe further. Her body thrashed as it fought to keep conscious, but it was all slipping away too quickly. Suddenly she sunk into the blackness as her body fell limp against the table. He continued his assault on her lifeless body for several minutes as he watched it flop like a rag doll. His raging hard on needed more but he was determined to carry out his fantasy. He unshackled her comatose form and cradled her in his arms as he carried her across the room to the bondage swing. He quickly secured her legs and arms in place and took a step back to admire her body.

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   She looked so helpless hanging there with her legs spread so widely and her head dropped back. He walked to the bench, retrieved a single clothespin, and walked back to her. Her body twitched still as the silver bullet continued to torture her throbbing clit. He aptly attached the clothespin in attempt to her nose to cut off any airflow that way. Her mouth opened slowly as she began to breathe in slow breaths. His fingers entangled in her hair as he pulled her head forward toward his hardened shaft, allowing the tip to rub over her cold pink lips. He watched her body slowly regain color as she was allowed to breathe again. He forced himself into her mouth and began to bob her head as his slick shaft slipped into her throat. Her mouth was open enough that she could still suck in tiny gasps of air between thrusts. He watched as her eyes groggily opened once more. He stuffed his cock further down her mouth as he watched the barely conscious girl labor to breathe. Her eyes widened dramatically as he continued to assail her throat. His swollen shaft blocked her air as she once again submitted to a tremendous orgasm from the continual teasing of her clit. The ecstasy surged through her like an electrical current as she shook uncontrollably. He held her head still as he felt his balls tighten.

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   It was growing harder and harder for him to hold out. He pulled his cock from her lips and watched as she choked down a deep breath. He panted softly as he looked down at her with such an evil gaze. He knew tonight he would push her further. He wasted no time in catching his breath and continuing with his plans. He reached down and brutally twisted the alligator clamp as hard as he could. She cried out sharply as it ripped her skin further. His cock once again plunged into her mouth, restricting her breathing once again. The amount of breath she drew barely could keep her lively. Her body undulated as the orgasmic stirrings inside her overrode her abilities to fight. He began to fuck her open mouth as hard as he could his loud groans filled the room. "That's it suck it baby. Suck it nice and hard. I love how you swallow around me," he moaned in almost a chuckle. Her battle for air continued until she stared up at him blankly.

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   Her body no longer moved on it's own in the intricate leather swing. A large puddle formed under her as her fluids gushed out of her onto the floor. He began to breathe harder as her exanimate body remained unresponsive to his violation. His balls obscenely slapped against her chin as he continued to pound his throbbing shaft into her. With a loud wail, he unleashed thick torrents of cum down her throat, as he pulled tighter on her hair. Her nose was nestled against his smooth pelvic area as he let his pulsing cock empty its load. He held her there until his cock deflated in her mouth. He slowly slipped it out, letting it dangle in front of her face as he stared down lovingly at her and removed the clothespin from her nose. He let her abused body rest for a few moments while he regained his composure. The vibe still hummed away against her. As he released her from the restraints and scooped up her body tenderly, he gazed at the fading welts that covered her. He carried her back to the table and laid her down upon her shredded back. He once again parted her legs widely and restrained them out of habit. Her motionless body lay there spread out before him now, ready for whatever tortures he had planned. He lowered his head toward her still moist cunt and dragged his tongue over the lips very slowly.


   Her sweetness gathered on his tongue as he drew in her scent and flavor. The tip of his tongue delved inside as he began to scoop out her remaining juices like a hungry dog. His urges still raced through his head as he pulled back to examine her further. His thick fingers began to probe her once more as he shoved three inside her brutally hard. Still her body did not stir at all, as he began to saw his fingers in and out of her pussy. He could feel her muscles give way as he stretched her abused hole enough to fit a forth finger inside. His cock began to swell slowly once again. He stared at her face as he worked his fingers deeper, spreading them as far as he could in attempts to ready her for what he wanted to do next. He loosened her up a little more before he began to force his entire hand inside her cunt with morbid lust. He leaned forward over he body as he used his free hand to release the clamp on her right nipple. The bloody streaks still clung to her fleshy mound. He licked his lips as he looked at what the sharp teeth did to her tender little nub. He could not resist any further and took her nipple into his mouth. He suckled like a starved baby as his fist continued to push up further inside her. He could taste the slight metallic tang of blood as his tongue lapped furiously at her flesh.


   He moaned loudly with it still locked between his lips. His body was in urgent need of another orgasm as his most macabre fantasy played out that moment. He stood erect again and stared down at her pussy as it seemed to swallow his hand hungrily. He continued for a few more minutes as he listened to the soft wet sucking noise it made with each insertion. He finally pulled his hand free and admired the wetness that coated it. He promptly smeared the slick liquid over his aching cock as he watched her for any signs of movement. Tonight he would enter that forbidden hole with such disregard like he had always craved. He pressed the glossy wet tip of his cock against her puckered entrance and began to push just enough to lodge the head inside her. He stopped for a moment to watch her face, knowing her expression would not change. With a single thrust, he then buried himself balls deep inside her without remorse. He could feel the tight ring of muscles rip as he plunged inside rapidly with all his might. Her breasts bounced with the force of each thrust as her body was jolted forward on the table. He grabbed her hips, letting his fingers dig into her flesh as he pulled her listless body into each thrust. Guttural grunts left his body each time his hips collided with hers. His cock swelled inside her until it felt like it would burst any second.

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   The warm tight hole held him so firmly as he punched his throbbing rod deep as he could. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he gritted his teeth, trying to hold out longer. It was becoming unbearable as her body so willingly accepted him now. With a deep growl, he let loose inside her, flooding her bowels with his warm milky seed. He continued to pummel her ass with the animalistic blows until he had drained himself inside her. He felt her movement as another orgasm ripped through her body. He held himself deep inside her as she rode out the waves of orgasmic pleasure. The intensity of it forcing her to react stronger than ever as she let the facade drop, instantly snapping her back to reality. Gently he slid his flaccid shaft out of her leaking hole and stood back just staring at her. He reached up and gently caressed her face as he looked into her eyes. Her body covered with a thin sheen of sweat as she drew in deep cleansing breaths. "My god Hannah that was incredible. You play dead so convincingly" he said soothingly. "I love you so much my dear. ""I love you too Cole.

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   You were right though. That got me so incredibly hot we have to do it again" she replied. The rest of the night Cole nursed her wounds and held his beloved close. He had never imagined he would ever find such a treasure to share his deep dark lusts with and now he knew that she was his true soul mate. .