Under One Roof: Part 2


Saturday night we had a celebration that got carried away. I was wasted and ended up crashing at my friend's house for the night. It was foolish of me, but I didn't call Jesse since I left on Friday. I didn't realize how much this pissed her off and just how much of a slut she truly was. On Saturday she decided to teach me a lesson, a lesson I would never forget. ***** Jesse, only 16, took another shot of Vodka and her friends cheered her on! She had gotten a baby sister and left to a college party without telling me. She was already drunk and it was only 10:00 pm, and the guys were all over her. She was wearing a short skirt and a tank top. Her red hair was wild and she almost didn't notice the roaming hands as she stumbled around the living room, almost didn't notice, but enough to make her horny. It wasn't long before Jesse was lead into a bedroom with a college student named Rick. Jesse didn't care who she was with anymore, she needed to be pleased! Rick pressed her against the wall and kissed her while feeling her tight, perfectly curved ass though her skirt. Rick, slighly more sober, lowered Jesse to her knees and started to unzip his pants. As soon as the 8' inch penis sprung forward to grabbed it and started kissing and sucking the head of his cock with her soft lips. Rick groaned as she started to suck on his cock. He looked down as this hot young mom's head bobbed up and down on his meat. He grabbed her head and started face fucking her violently.

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   Her mouth was so hot, so wet, and her tounge was so talented! So was obviously experianced. Rick couldn't back any longer" I'm cumming! "Jesse took him out of her mouth and started jerking him off, " C'mon, Rick! Cum for me! "He moaned and his dick twitched as he unloaded his hot juice all over Jesse's face and tank top. She took his cock back in her mouth and finished off the few drops he had left. ***** As Rick collapsed on the bed to recuperate his friend Nathan walked in. Jesse was taking off her cum-stained cloths and didn't notice Nathan until after she finished pulling off her tank top. She was a bit surprised to see someone standing in the doorway, but motioned for him to come in. With a seductive grin on her face, " Lock the door. "Nathan did as he was told, and then made he way over to Jesse who was now lying in bed with Rick. Jesse pulled up her skirt and had Rick move closer so she could kiss him and feel his cock as Nathan undressed and started to play with her pussy. Nathan spread her smooth legs and rubbed his hand all the way down them, especially getting a good feel for her inner thighs, before licking his way from Jesse's belly button down to her sweet cunt. Nathan played with Jesse's swollen pussy and flickered his tounge on her clit causing her to moan as she continued to stroke Rick's member back to life. Rick was getting a second wind and playing with Jesse's tits as Nathan ate away at Jesse's shaved little pussy. He pulled back for a second to take a breath and slowly blew cool air onto Jesse's soaked vagina, sending a tingle down her spine, before he plunged back in. She arched her back and cried as she shoved her pussy into Nathan's face!" Ohhhhh! I want you in me! I want both of you inside my body, NOW! "Jesse pushed Nathan away and gave Rick's dick a quick suck and spit on the tip for lubrication. Rick got the idea and slid under her and helped her lower herself down until the tip of his cock was pressing against Jesse's back door.

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   She slowly lowered herself on to his hard shaft, she wasn't a virgin anywhere on her body, but it took a minute to adjust. After she felt comfortable Rick started to slowly start to pump in and out. She had never had so much dick in her ass, she felt so full, but her pussy still ached for a cock, so she settled on Rick's prick as Nathan positioned himself over her. Nathan was so eager he didn't waste any time shoving his 6' inch cock deep into Jesse's tight, warm pussy. Nathan may have only been average in size, but his dick was thick and hard. Jesse cried out when he shoved his cock deep into her pussy, more out of pleasure than pain. She could feel the cock expanded her small cunt, she felt it twitch deep inside her, and Nathan was lost in bliss. Rick grabbed her by the hips and started to bump up and down on his cock as Nathan started to slowly pump in and out of her. Nathan was an animal, he started furiously jamming his cock in and out of Jesse's pussy, forcing Rick to slow down. " OH GOD! OHHHH!!! FUCK ME! FUC-UHHH!!! "Jesse's body trembled and her pussy tightened arounded Nathan's cock so tight he was had to stop until her orgasm subsided. She gasped for air and relaxed for a moment as she came down from her climax. After catching her breath, she turned over and had the men switch positions. Now Nathan was under Jesse with his cock buried in her pussy and Rick was behind her 'doggy-style', with his dick back inside her rectum. Both men started fucking her relentlessly. Rick was slamming his dick into her ass as hard as he could, he already came once but it was so tight he wasn't sure how much longer he could last.

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   Jesse's body was getting banged up from either side. Jesse was breathing so hard she was scared she might pass out, but before she would she could feel another orgasm growing inside her. Rick and Nathan could feel it too. They were both ready to explode, cum was building up inside their cocks. " Ohhhh! AHH! AH! OH, BABY! OHH! CUM WITH ME! CUM INS-Mmm! Cum inside me! "Rick grunted, " Ohh fuck yes! FUCK YES! I'M CUMMING! "When Jesse started to climax again it sent the two men over the edge! Her body convulsed wildly as she dug her nails into the chest of Nathan. She screamed and her body tightened over the pumping cocks. Nathan moaned loudly as he released his seed deep into Jesse's pussy. She felt the thick member inside her, pumping hot cum into her pussy until it overflowed!Then Rick, holding onto Jesse's shoulders shoved his cock in hard one last time and started cumming into Jesse's ass! He pulled her back, forcing her cock even deeper into her rectum, pulling her back so hard it hurt her. He shot stream after stream of the warm liquid into her ass until his balls were empty. All three of them held that position for almost a minute, unable to move. Eventually Nathan's cock began to shrink and cum leaked out of Jesse's pussy. Rick pulled out of Jesse and collapsed beside them. None of them bothered cleaning up, they passed out with Jesse lying in the middle, covered in sticky, white juice. ***** It wasn't until Monday when she told me what she had done. Jesse apologized, but I couldn't knew then that I couldn't trust her and I couldn't share her.

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   She furture proved her insanity by trying to overdose to prove she was truly sorry, but not a month later she was moving out with a new boyfriend. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm not mad, our relationship was supposed to only be physical, and I wouldn't trade the experiance for anything. *****I meant to write a more detailed ended, but I'm tired. Still, I hope you enjoyed the story. Comments and criticism is welcome. ~ Alcohol.

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