sex with the teacher (part one)


It all started when i was about 15 and got myself kicked out of english class for the rest of term, well they had to do something with me and they chose to put me in a study class with the older students. On the first day i arrived at class and there she was just sitting on the desk my new teacher Miss Mackay. She was stunning, her legs seemed to go on for ever and the skirt she was wearing helped to show them off, her breasts were a nice size and there was usually some cleavage on show but it was her legs which really grabbed me. Anyway after my initial shock of seeing such beauty I made my way to the back of the room and sat down however I couldnt do any work , all I could do was try to catch a look of her nice firm thighs peeking out of the slit in her skirt. After half an hour of this I had to excuse myself and head to the bathroom for a quick wank. This routine continued for a few days until i got even braver and Miss Mackay's skirt even shorter, the combination of this meant i couldnt wait and relieved myself in class all the time imagining her silky legs wrapped round me pulling me deeper into her. Then disaster due to exams there was fewer and fewer students in class and i had no cover, then one day there was just me and her left and to make matters worse Miss Mackay had on the shortest and tightest skirt you could imagine, after ten minutes i couldnt contain myself and got up and said "I'm Going to the toilet" Miss replied with "no youre not you can go back to your seat" I was gutted and also very hard so I pleaded "I'm going to burst miss" a smirk appeared and she said "I bet you are but you'll have to sit down" reluctantly I went and sat down. After a short time Miss Mackay stood up and came over and sat down next to me, as soon as she sat down I could feel my cock getting hard. Her first comment shocked me when she asked " are you not having a wank today" I instantly went red and couldnt speak then I felt her hand sliding over my pants and onto my cock "You seem to be ready for one anyway" she comented, still I couldnt talk and now she was unzipping me, my cock was so hard that it sprung out of my pants and sat there ready and waiting "So who was it then" Miss Mackay enquired, "who, what I managed to squek "who were you wanking over , I always hoped It could be me" she said as she started to stroke my cock. "it is Miss" I managed to blurt out, "why were you wanking over me she said looking slightly surprised, "youre legs are absolutely stunning " I said as I said this she slid her chair back so i could see them in all there glory, she also started rubbing me a bit quicker, "These are what gets you so hard are they, well its much better to feel than just look" she chirped. With that statement I needed no further encouragment and I slid my hand onto her silky smooth thigh, almost instantly I could feel her getting faster and harder as she was working my cock into a frenzy, as miss was doing this I was working my way up under her skirt and over to her moist pussy, I just got a couple of fingers onto her panties and was about to start stroking her clit when I felt myself explode as i looked over i saw a shot of cum streaming out om my cock and dripping through her fingers but still she kept pumping me until there was no more to come, then she pulled her hand away and to my amazement licked every drop of my cum off her hand before getting up and going over to her desk. I just sat there still with my cock out just thinking about what had just happened and all the time imagining me and her on her desk with my cock deep inside her, but thats another story for another day.