Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 1


The summer of 95' Karie and I started hanging out on corners, walking the streets at 2 A. M. and looking for guys. We weren't looking to get paid. We were looking to get fucked. So one night Karie was complaining of thirst and since we were both completely broke, I suggested she ask a group of boys walking our way for a dollar. "Hey, can I ask you something?" she yelled to one tall, light skinned boy of about 16. "Huh?" he replied. "Can I get a dollar from you for a soda? Please?" Karie begged. He and his 2 friends looked at each other before he answered, "Sure. But you have to walk us home first. "He told us his name was Danny, and he lived a few blocks away. So we followed him and his friends to his house. Once inside, Karie wasted no time in making her way to Danny's bedroom, leaving me alone with his friends. At the suggestion of one we played 'Truth or Dare", and I was dared to remain alone in the room with the short kid who's head looked too small for his wide shoulders. We sat there staring at one another for 15 minutes before Karie returned and we left.


  The next night we returned to Danny's house, and he had about 7 of his friends over this time. My older sister Sarah was also with us this time. Karie and I were the same age, while Sarah had 15 months on us both. I watched as a dark skinned boy approached first Sarah and then Karie and ask them if they wanted to see his dick. They both laughed at him and said no. Then he came to me and asked me the same question. I was curious about sex, especially since Karie had lost her virginity a few months before. So I said yes. I followed him into the bathroom. It had one of those slide doors that don't lock but at the time I wasn't worried about that. He pulled me against him and began trying to untie my belt. Between the two of us we got my jeans unbuttoned and he led me over to the toilet. I was scared and excited at the same time. I was about to lose my virginity. I squeezed my eyes closed tight and attempted to straddle this stranger with my jeans around my ankles.

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   After a few minutes of trying, I heard laughter behind me and realized there were guys peeking into the bathroom watching us. I moved quickly away from the toilet and pulled my pants up. "Either we take this to a bedroom with a door or I'm done. " I angrily anounced. So we went to Danny's sisters room. I realized I didn't know this guys name, so I asked him. "David. " he told me. Once on the bed David asked me to ride him. I straddled him, my jeans now dangling off one leg, and gasped when I felt the huge tip of his hard dick pressing against my tight pussy lips. I tried without success to get this mushroom shaped bulb into me, and then threw myself down on the bed. "Either we do it this way or it's not gonna happen. I can't get it in. " I told him. He moved until he was towering directly above me.

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   Using his knee he spread my thighs until I was exposed to him and his throbbing member. I remember he was wearing a black t-shirt, and it was all I saw as he pushed roughly into me. I cried out as I felt myself stretched to accomodate his large cock. There was pain, but it wasn't what I had expected. He shushed me when I moaned and so I lay there and let him pump in and out of me. This went on for a few moments and then he grunted and emptied his load into my deflowered cunt. Afterwards I told him I had been a virgin. I guess it didn't make a difference to him, because he never bothered to appologize for being so rough with me. He later asked me to suck his dick. I told him that I would, but that I had never done it before. He said he would teach me. So we went back into the bedroom where he sat on the edge of the bed and told me to kneel between his legs and 'suck it like a lollipop'. I placed my lips on the very tip of his cock and kissed it. A trail of precum stretched from his dick to my mouth as I pulled back to look at the thing that had moments ago ravished my tight pussy. It was large.

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   I'd say now 8 inches long and wide. I licked along his shaft before placing the first 3 inches into my hot mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me up and down his dick. Before long I had almost deep throated the entire length. "Can I fuck you in your ass?" he asked me. I nodded my consent. Before this I had never had any sexual contact with a man. So I had no idea what it was like to have someone 'fuck you in the ass. ' David took me into Danny's room where Karie and he were making out on the bed. He pulled my jeans to my knees and bent me over the foot of the bed. I braced myself, afraid of what it felt like to have something impaled in such a tight, small hole. He thrust forward and slid smoothly between my ass cheeks, past my puckered anus, right between my soaked pussy lips. He began pumping his cock in and out, not realizing he had missed his targeted spot. It was at this point I began to realize maybe this guy wasn't very experienced either. "Does it hurt?' he asked me.

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   I told him no. No, it didn't hurt to have him fucking my puffy cunt lips. I felt him stiffen shortly after and felt his cum splash against my thighs. It didn't bother me that we were here in front of Danny and my step-sister. Nor did it phase me when 4 of their friends came out laughing from the closet and from behind the dresser. I had just lost my virginity to a man I had known less then 10 minutes. I had performed oral sex on this man. Yet, I still hadn't been kissed. The next night Karie, Sarah and I returned to Danny's house. David was there along with 2 of the guys that were there the night before. We took a walk, since Danny's mother was home, and found our way to a secluded playground. David and I went between a white storage building and a green metal fence and I began giving him head. He told me to lick it. . .

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  . to use my tongue. . . and my hand. . . to lick his balls. He started me out on becoming the experienced dick sucker I am today. Then we walked across the street and entered someone's backyard. He sat halfway up the fire escape and told me to ride him. He took out a condom and I watched fascinated as he rolled it over his bulbous dick head and down his shaft. This time our bodies came together easily and as I slid down his long, hard pole I experienced pleasure as well as pain. "How does it feel?' he asked me, slamming upwards to meet my downward thrusts. "It hurts.

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  " I moaned. This only caused him to pound into my wet hole harder. I didn't care that the others could see my white ass from the street. All I wanted was to keep that feeling buzzing deep within me from ever stopping. It took only minutes of his fast and furious fucking before he shot his load into the condom, and I couldn't help thinking it would have been nice to have tasted a man's cum. I climbed off of him and he removed the used rubber and threw it to the ground. Then he asked me to pick it up and give it to him. I found this strange but did as he asked. As he sat there inspecting the condom I saw for the first time what cum looked like. And I knew I wanted more. Much more. Comments, good and bad, are welcome and desired. There are 100's of more sexual encounters I have experienced. . .

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   from group sex to female on female. Just let me know if you would be interested in reading more and your desire is my command!).