Sexual Encounters: My LIfe Chapter 9


Jamarr's friend was about 5'8'' and built solid. His hair was kept cut close to his head and he had the beginnings of some facial hair on his upper lip. I had met him before at a friends house while fucking Jamarr and he had joined in the fun. Kevin had been more than willing to accept Jamarr's invitation into the bed, and my waiting pussy!The three guys climbed into the back of the car and asked us to run them to Kevin's house across town. Obligingly, we took them there, pulling into the alley to allow them to go in through the back. Jamarr and Jason had gotten out and went into the house and Kevin talked me into climbing into the back seat of the car with him. Once I was seated there next to him, he wasted no time in fondling me, testing to see if I was willing to fuck him. Sarah still had the car running and was waiting in the drivers seat for the other two to return, so I figured there was nothing better to do while we waited. I let him pull my pants down far enough to slide one shoe and pants leg from my foot, leaving my jeans dangling off one leg. I had stopped wearing panties awhile ago, finding them pointless. Kevin had unzipped his own jeans and had pulled out his decent sized cock through the opening in his boxers. I lay back against the seat and pulled my legs up to my chest, giving him full access to my wet, young cunt. I had begun shaving, prefering the smooth feel of my hairless cunt to the rough curls that had covered it before. Kevin placed his fat, round cock head at the opening to my pussy and pushed slowly past my puffy lips into my well lubricated slit. I moaned and put my arms around his back as he continued his excrutiatingly slow trek into my cunt. I could feel every inch of him gliding through my cunt walls, causing my cunt muscles to contract against his cock.

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  After he was pleasantly buried 7 inches deep inside my womanhood he began to slowly thrust in and out. I was used to being fucked fast and hard and the new sensations he was giving me with his methodical pumping were intense. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him toward me, trying to get him deeper inside me. The car door was open, and he was kneeling there between my legs, our actions surely visable to anyone who happened to glance out their window into the alley we were idling in. "Hurry up, you two. I don't want to sit out here all night. " Sarah complained, after about 10 minutes. Kevin started thrusting faster inside me, his cock head banging against my cervix as his speed increased. I raised my hips to meet him as he pushed back into my pussy. I was moaning louder now, allowing him to pound my pussy as hard and as fast as he desired by pulling my legs back to my chest again. "Shit, there's a car coming through the alley!" Sarah exclaimed. "Get up!"By this time Kevin was too close to coming for him to pull from my hot, dripping cunt and he took no heed to Sarah's frantic pleas for us to stop so she could move the car. His tempo had become increasingly even, until he was almost pulling his swollen cock head completely free of me before plunging himself balls deep back in. "Damn you's!" Sarah moaned, as I heard the gravel grinding close by from the oncoming vehicle. Sarah pulled forward, leaving the back passanger door swinging open, as she drove toward the exit to the alley.

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   Kevin paid no mind to the moving car, and with two more deep thrusts he poured his cum into my cunt. Both of us sat up quickly and he slammed the door shut just before we pulled onto the street. By the time we had driven around the block Jamarr and Jason were waiting for us and Kevin and I had fixed our clothes. Kevin got out of the car as I climbed back up front and Jason and Jamarr returned to the back. Minus one content passanger, we drove to a park that was close to Jamarr's house. Once there, Jamarr and I took a walk, leaving Sarah in the car with Jason. We found our way to the baseball field and into the dugout. We had fucked at the park before, in the grass above the field, but decided there was more privacy here in the small cement enclosure after a man walking his dog had wandered past us fucking in the open a few weeks ago. Jamarr grabbed my breasts, rubbing my hardened nipples through the thin material of my shirt. I moaned his name and allowed him to unbutton my jeans. There was nothing I wouldn't do for this guy, and had gone as far as licking his asshole, on a dare, before allowing him to fuck me in my ass, on a previous occasion. I reached between our grinding bodies and carressed the bulge in his jeans. Like a good little whore, I dropped to my knees on the dirty ground and pulled his pants and boxers to his ankles. His cock sprang forward, and I caught the tip in my mouth. Running my tongue around the head of his cock, I sucked him half way into my mouth, before allowing him to pop back out.

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   I had gotten my tongue pierced a few months back, and used the metal bar to change the sebsations on his dick. I licked along both sides of his shaft, along the top, and underneath, letting my tongue trace patterns on his cock. , coating it with my saliva. Knowing he enjoyed to have his balls sucked, I went lower to gently place one ball sac into my mouth and flickered my tongue against it, alternating this with a slight suction. Paying atention to his body language, I gave his second sac the same attention, knowing soon he would need to be buried in my dripping silt. Returning to his engored cock, I easily deep throat his 7 1/2 inches, holding him in my throat until I gagged. Loving the feel of his balls resting on my chin, I repeat the action twice before concentrating on keeping a steady pace up and down his shaft. Using my tongue to massage his shaft and bulbous cock head, I sucked him in and out of my mouth. He grabbed my hair and held me tight against his crotch, face fucking me. I loved the feeling of him slamming into my mouth, but it quickly reminded me of how badly I needed to feel him buried inside me. I allowed him to ram himself into my throat and hold me there one more time before pulling away. Standing up, I slid my jeans down my thighs to pool at my feet. Jamarr slipped two fingers into my cunt, and I grabbed his hand with both of mine and held him inside me. Grinding my hips against his hand, I felt him wiggling his captured digits inside me. Removing my vice grip, I spread my thighs so he could pound into my pussy with his fingers.

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   I was leaning against the wall now for support, and knew I would be cumming soon if he kept up his rough fingering. When he thrust a third finger into my already full cunt, it was all I could do not to slump to the ground as an orgasm shot through my body. After I returned to reality, Jamarr told me to turn around and bend over. I followed his instructions gladly, bending my knees so his cock was level with my cunt. I was leaning forward, my hands against the wall for support, when I felt Jamarr slide inside me. It smelled like piss there in the corner, but I endured the stench and tried to keep from getting my head slammed into the cement wall by Jamarrs frenzied pounding. "Oh yes! Fuck me. Fuck my pussy, baby!" I moaned, pushing my round white ass onto his black cock. Jamarr was using my hips to push and pull me on and off hs long pole as he desired. When I cried out for him to spank me, he responded with a hard crack to my ass cheeck, leaving an ugly red welt where his hand had struck. My knees where starting to give out, so I told him to lay on the ground so I could get on top. Throwing his jacket down to serve as a blanket, he did as I asked. Most men did. I straddled his thighs, rubbing the head of his dick agains my slit without actually putting it inside me, teasing him. As I slid his head between my cunt lips, Jamarr thrust upwards, sending him half way into my pussy.

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  I sat down on his cock, and relished the feel of him inside me, before beginning to ride him hard. My knees were hurting, unprotected from the hard ground, but I didn't care. I hopped up and down on his dick, enjoying the sound of his moaning and the feel of him pressing against my g-spot. After 10 or 15 minutes of steady pumping, Jamarr grabbed my ass and brought me down hard on his cock, letting me know he was cumming. I welcomed his baby making sprem into my womb, grinding against him and conrtacting my pussy muscles in order to milk him dry. As we dressed and started back to the car, we saw a police car behind our white Honda, lights flashing. A police officer was walking towards us, holding a flashlight. "What are you kids doing out here?" he asked in his deep voice. "We were, uh, taking a walk. . " I stuttered. "Sure you were. " the officer replied snidely. "Come with me. "Following him to the car he asked our ages and told us we were breaking curfew.

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   They had noticed the headlights on our car when driving past, and had stopped. Sarah had gotten out to smoke a cigarrette and Jason, two years younger than us, had gotten scared and turned the lights on. After patting us down, Sarah and I were placed in one police car, while Jason and Jamarr were placed in another that had appeared shortly after we had gotten there. We were all returned to our parents, and given a fine. It was one hell of a night! (Coming Soon: Sarah and I get an apartment~ the whore house opens for business. ).