Skating Rink 2


 The next Friday night I was scheduled to work with another girl, since Friday night was our busiest time. Her name was Jodi she was about 5’4 she had dark curly hair and the biggest boobs of any girl I knew, they had to be a 38DD. We had a couple of classes together at school and we got along alright but we weren’t close friends. But I had often thought about getting my hands on her huge breasts.
   We were working and making small talk as usual when Zack came into the snack bar to get a Coke. While he was behind the counter I couldn’t help giving his crotch a quick squeeze. He moaned and grabbed my ass then he smiled and left to go back to his place behind the skate counter. I didn’t know Jodi had seen what happened until she said. “You and Zack are getting kind of friendly. ” I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor and I said. “Oh we were just kidding around. ”
   “It looked like he was having fun judging by that lump in his pants. ” She giggled then said. “I never knew he was so developed I wouldn’t mind ‘kidding around’ with him myself. ”
   I was shocked I looked at her and she smiled as she ran her hand over her crotch. “It wouldn’t bother you that he is only 13?” I asked.

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   “Hell no, that just makes it better. Besides it doesn’t seem to bother you either. ”
   “I never knew we had so much in common. ” I said as a crowd of young kids swarmed the snack bar. We had a bus that went to the smaller towns and brought kids to skate and then would take them home in three hours and it had just unloaded sixty thirsty kids. We were busy most of the night and had little time to talk. About 11:00 things slowed down and we started cleaning up. “A cold beer would really taste good. ” I said as we cleaned up.
   “Yes it would,” Jodi agreed. “Can you buy it anywhere?”
   “No but I know who will buy it for us. Wait here I’ll be right back. ”
    I left the snack bar and walked up to our bus driver Rick. He was a really nice guy, about 30, not great looking but not bad. He was a good friend of the manager but I had seen him checking Jodi and me out.

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   I put my arm around his shoulder and said. “Hey Rick, will you do me a favor and buy Jodi and me some beer?”
   “No problem,” he said. “What brand and how much do you want?”
   “Just a 12 pack of Bud,” I said as I handed him some money and kissed him on the cheek.
    I went back to the snack bar and told Jodi I had some beer coming. “Where are we going to drink it?” I asked
   “We can go to my house my mom is out with her boyfriend and they will stay at his house. You can spend the night so you won’t have to drive. ”
   “That sounds great; I better call my mom and let her know I’m staying with you. ”
   Jodi only lived a few blocks away and had walked to work, so we got in my car and drove to her house. We grabbed a couple of beers, put the rest in the fridge then flopped on the couch. We talked about kids from school as we downed those beers. I went to grab a couple more and when I came back Jodi had taken here jeans off and was removing her bra while leaving her t-shirt on.
   “I hope you don’t mind but that bra was killing me. ” She said with a smile.
   “No, that’s fine. I’m sure it was getting tired holding those big boobs up.

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  ” I said and we both laughed.
   We talked about some of the boys that work at the rink and whether we thought they were hot. Then she shocked me when she started telling me which girls she thought were hot. I could see her nipples hardening against her shirt and knew she was getting excited. Then she said “I think you’re the hottest person there. ” As she leaned in and kissed me. I put my arms around her and pulled her close as I returned her kiss. Our tongues were wrestling back and forth and I slid my hand down her arm and cupped one of her massive boobs. As I massaged her breast I could feel her nipple poking the palm of my hand. I lifted her shirt over her head and stared at the biggest tits I had ever seen. Even though they were large they were very firm. I leaned down and took her left nipple in m y mouth and sucked it like a baby. She moaned as I rubbed her pussy through her wet panties.
   “Oh fuck, that feels so good. I’ve wanted you for so long.

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  ” She said as I slipped a finger into her hot pussy.
   “I wish I’d known, we’ve wasted so much time. ” I said as I pulled my shirt over my head. I stood and removed my jeans leaving me standing in just my red lace bra and matching bikini panties.
   “You are so beautiful. ” She said as she unhooked my bra and slid it down my shoulders. She took my right nipple in her mouth and sucked it while she licked it with her tongue. I was sure this wasn’t the first tit she had ever sucked. She slid my panties down my legs revealing my dark bush. She looked up at me grinning and said. “Uh oh the carpet doesn’t match the drapes. ” We both laughed and fell into a pile on the couch. She slid off the couch and in between my legs I could feel her breath on my pussy. Then I felt her tongue lick the length of my slit and I heard myself moan. She used her fingers to spread my lips so she could have full access to my wet pussy.

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   She looked up at me and said. “You taste great. I want you to cum all over my face. I could eat you forever. ”
   “Oh yes, Jodi make me cum with your tongue. Eat me forever, please don’t stop. ”
   She began circling my clit with her tongue, and then she stuck it as deep in me as she could, and she had a long tongue. She was licking places nobody had ever reached with their tongues. I could feel a huge orgasm building as she licked lower and ran her tongue over my asshole. She slid two fingers into my wet pussy and started fucking me with them.
   She licked back up to my clit and took her finger that was covered with my juice and slid it up my ass. Then she put the second one in as well. She was sucking my clit and flicking it with her tongue at the same time. I had had my pussy eaten by a lot of people but nobody compared to Jodi. I was squeezing my nipples then grabbed her head and humped my pussy against her face as a huge orgasm shook my body.

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   “OH FUCK, I’M CUUUMMMING!!!” I screamed as my body went stiff and I could feel my legs shaking uncontrollably. I lay there trying to catch my breath. She crawled onto the couch with me and kissed me softly.
   “That was awesome. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”
   “I had a special teacher. ” She said and I could see she was blushing.
   “Who was it? I’d like to have some ‘private’ lessons myself. ”
   “I shouldn’t tell you. You might think I’m weird. ”
   “I won’t think you’re weird, I’ve done a lot of crazy things myself. ” I said as I lifted her face so I could look into her eyes.
   “You have to promise not to tell. It could cause a lot of problems if anybody found out. ”
   “I promise I won’t tell anybody. ” I said, my mind was racing with possibilities.

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   Could it be one of the teachers at school? There were some I would like to have some fun with.
   “Ok, it’s my mom. ” She said with a tear in her eye. “Now you hate me, don’t you? You think I’m sick. ”
   Her confession hit me like a ton of bricks. I never would have suspected Jodi and her mom were lovers. I had seen her mom and she was really hot. She looked like an older version of Jodi, short with dark curly hair and extremely large breasts. She was only 34; she had gotten pregnant with Jodi when she was 17. I could feel my pussy tingle as the thought of mother and daughter was exciting me.
   “I don’t hate you. I think it is great that you and your mom are close. It actually excites me. ” I said as I kissed her sweet lips. “In fact, I guess I can tell you a secret as well.

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   I have been having sex with my cousin Shelly since we were both 13. ”
   Jodi smiled and it looked like a load had been lifted off her shoulders. “You mean Shelly the head cheerleader? She is so sexy with her bright red hair and she has the nicest ass. I’d love to join the two of you sometime. ”
   I started kissing one of Jodi’s large breasts and I asked. “How long have you and your mom been having sex?” I slid my finger into her wet pussy then rubbed it across her clit.
   “We started when I was 11 and we’ve been taking care of each other ever since. ”
   She got up from the couch and grabbed my hand pulling me up as she said. “Come on, I want to take a shower with you. You can was my back. ”
   “And maybe your front. ” I laughed as we ran to the bathroom.
   In the shower we explored each others bodies and I was just as horny as I was earlier. I knew Jodi was ready for her first orgasm of the night so I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her sweet pussy. As I licked along her slit up to her clit I slid 2 fingers into her wet pussy.

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   That was all it took and she screamed as she covered my face with her sweet fluid. Her knees were weak and I helped her keep her balance as the waves of pleasure washed over her body. I stood up and we kissed and she licked my face clean.
   We finished our shower and were drying each other when she looked me in the eye and said. “I’ve wanted you to do that since we first met in middle school. ” As she spoke I could see a tear running down her cheek. I wiped it away and said with a smile. “I’m here now so we can do everything wanted. ”
   We went to her mom’s room and began kissing and playing again. We got into a 69 and we made each other cum over and over until we fell asleep from exhaustion. We were still asleep wrapped in each others arms when we heard. “JODI, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” We looked up and saw her mother staring at us from the bedroom door.
  To be continued in part 3
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