Sweet Lips


He moaned, almost yelling, as he felt himself swell in his hand and explode. Line after line of cum fell as he stroked himself. He fell over on the counter and caught his breath. "Jesus christ, I have to fuck them. . " he thought. He looked at the clock and decided he better leave for work. "Hey, Mr. Devy!" Vickie shouted when she heard his door close, 10 feet away. "Hey, Vick, How are you?" Devin said as he walked around the side of his car, trying to hide the already- bulge growing inside his jeans. "Fine! Just getting some sun!" Vickie replied. "How`s Beth? Should I make plans to baby-sit tonight?" she asked. "You`re great, Vickie. Can you be over at 9:pm?" he asked, thinking about her being alone at his home when he came in tonight. "Sure. " she agreed.

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  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ He pulled up in his driveway and sat in his car for a second. "That hot piece of ass is going to be in my house, I can`t take it anymore, I`m going to fuck her brains out. " he thought as he opened his car door. He look up at his house and saw only the bathroom light on. He walked inside, and heard the shower running. As he entered the living room, he saw Vickie sitting on the couch, her legs spread wide, fingers burried beneath her twat, moving up and down. Her eyes were glued on the television screen. Some young slut getting nailed up the ass by a big cock. "Vickie?" he said quietly. She looked up and her eyes filled with fear. "Oh. . Mr. Devy, I`m so sorry. .

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   I just. . " she stopped and started to cry. He moved over to the couch, and sat beside Vickie. "You are so beautiful, baby, please don`t stop. I would love to watch you masturbate. " he said softly, stroking her cheek with his hand. She stopped crying and looked up him. Their eyes locked and she whispered "Will you do it, too?" He licked his lips and unziped his jeans. "Oh, yes. Anything you want, Vick. " he said as he gripped his cock and pulled it out of his boxers. "Oh, Mr. Devy, It`s so big!" she exclaimed, as he started pumping it up and down with his fingers. "Only because of you, baby, you make me rock hard.

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   Do you want to touch it?" he asked. She reached down and wrapped her hands around it, squeezing it gently. The saw the look on his face, wich encouraged her to glide her hands up and down it. "Oh, yes, Vickie, yes, I`ve wanted you to do this for so long, baby, rub me, make me cum, baby. " He was oblivious to everything. All he was focused on was the feeling this hot little virgin-slut was giving him. "Do it, baby, jerk me, good. " he moaned. He stopped her, and looked deep into her pretty blue eyes. "Kiss me, Vickie. " he said and pressed himself against her. She wrapped her arms around him, and pressed her lips gently to his. He tongued her little mouth, and could tell she was inexperienced. He let his hands wander up to her tits. Feeling them up.

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   Suddenly, he heard a door open behind him and looked around to see his 13 year old daughter standing there in awe, having seen her father kissing her babysitter. (To be continued) email me - girlforstar@yahoo. comAIM me - no panties xoThis is the first story i`ve ever written, let me know what you think. I`m working on the other half of it. Email/AIM me any suggestions/comments.