My Wife Develops Sexually Pt 2

True Story

Hey folks,
Hope you are all doing good. Well, Alice, my wife and Carol the former prude from next door began enjoying each other's company almost every day and it was rare that I came home and Carol was not leaving and Alice had the scent of her pussy al over her face and tits as well. Well, like I said earlier in part one, Alice was 16 when we got married and she was really over sexed when things got to going. One afternoon after Carol had just left she snuggled up to me, "Sweetheart" she said, she always started of that way when she wanted something. "I have two requests. " she said again snuggling and her chest closer to my face. "What are they Hun. " I asked her. "Well, one is for Carol, her husband is such a fucking prude and he does not even catch on to what Carol wants, that is why she over here all the ime and why you get free access to her too. " I knew something was coming so I waited. And so?" I asked. "Well, she wants to get knocked up and she wants you to do it. I already told her it is okay with me. " she said looking me in the eyes. "Okay hun, if you want me too, I would love it. " I said and leaned back to enjoy the view of my wife who had begun playing with a dildo.

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   "She is going to be really fertile next week and Jerry is going to be gone so she wants you to fuck her and get her pregnant. " she said and now the dilco was slipping in and out of her pussy. "Okay, no problem at all. " I said and then "So what is the next thing?" I asked her.

"Well, I have been reading some more and I wanna try something I read about a week or so ago. " she said now speeding up the dildo. "and???" I said . "I wanna gang bang some of the guys you work with. " she said and now was really working on the dildo. " I sat there and smiled and said, "Any ones in particular?" She gave a piece of paper to me with names on it. I wanna do it this weekend. " she said. I went down the list, 15 guys in all and I worked with most and knew the others from other shops at work. I went down the list and was not surprised at the names on it, most had expressed interest in Alice and the way she dressed and the way I let her flirt when she was around them and so I said "Okay, that all look fine. I will let them know there is a party Friday night and you will be the entertainment.

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  " She kissed me and thanked me and then said, "Don't tell them what is going to happen but ask them not to bring girlfriends and wives. " she said and I told her okay.

Well, Friday got there and all but one could not make it and so they all began showing up about 8 like we had planned. I served some beers and wine and we broke out some weed and began smoking. Alice had already gotten her self ready and was really stoned and horney. One of the guys said, "So where is the little lady tonight?" and I said, "Oh yeh, almost forgot, I have some special entertainment for all of you. " I put on some music and Alice came from the bedroom in only a bikini top and thong. They all got quiet and she danced into the middle of the room. She danced and swayed and soon her top was of and not a problem since her nipples had come out of it right of anyway. She was slowly moving her hips and massagging her tits and then I gave her a really big dildo. She took off her string thong and then the dildo was on the rug in the middle of the room. "How many of you think I can take the whole thing in my pusy?" she said and her eyes were glassy. Mos said they thought she could and she began sliping down on it slowly, inch by inch it went into her until it disappeared. All the guys were hard as rocks and Alice was still fucking the dildo until she had a good orgasm. The guys were all saying a lot of things, "Damn man, that is one hot pussy" and Would love to suck those tits.

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  " and more like that.

Finally Alice took out the dildo and laid it on the counter then went back to the center of the room stil caressing her body and sucking her nipples. "Now guys, I did dnot ask Stan to bring you here so you could watch me play with myself. " she began. "So why are we here then?" one of the guys said. "I asked him to get you here so I can get gang fucked all night and all weekend if you wanna stay that long. No hole is off limits. I wan to fuck and suck and get the shit fucked out of me, clear?" she said as she laid a cushion on the floor and sat on it and reached out her hands to her first two men. Ron was already getting his clothes off and Bill had stripped naked. She took them boh in her hands and pulled them to her mouth and began sucking them and licking them alternately. They were both moaning and then she took one deep throat and he almost fainted. She laid down and got so she could deep throat him and the other could take her pussy that she guided him to. She she was swallowing cock and had the other pounding her pussy and the sounds were that of an animal in heat. Not long and we saw her swallowing the load in her throat and then the one filling her pussy with cum. She leaned up and said, "Next, come on guys, I wanna get the shit fucked out of me, do it, let's go.

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  " And then one guy said, "Okay, let's give her three at a time" and he moved her so she was on all four and he slipped his cock around her soaking pussy and then moved her ass over his cock and pulled her down and made her almost scream with delight. He laid down and she was now spread out for he one in her cunt and then another for her mouth. They made sure she was getting plowed and plowed deep. In between breathes she was telling them to fuck the whore really good and not leave her to wait. Ove rand over she repeated this and the guys all had her at least one time and then she got in position for hem to have her again. Cum was in her hair and all over body and she was licking her tits and sucking her nipples to get all she could.

Carol had come over and was naked sitting on my cock but when guys came over she said "I am only for Stan, no one else. " She sat on my cock and never moved but was squeezing her pussy around it like she had been doing it all her life. She kissed me and for all pratical purposes it was she and I in the room. Alice was begging guys to fuck her ass a lot and later on she really became a anal slut for anyone. This is when it all began. The guys had all fucked her at least three times and so were slowing down and they sat around drinking and al naked so Alice went from one to another and took two when she could and got them hard again and with fucked or sucked them off. I don't know when it was but Carol and I had gone to the bed and everyone else was in the living room. You could still hear Alice begging for cock and someone in her sloppy pussy and ass filling her again. Carol slept with me close and covered up so no one would mistake that she was available.

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   Morning came and there were men laying all over the living room and Alice sleeping with a cock in her mouth like a pacifier and one cock in her ass still. about noon, people began to wake up and the phone began to ring. "Yeh, I will send him home, he could not drive like he was last night. " I began telling the wives of several of the guys.

Alice got up sore and walked like she still had cock in her ass and went to the bathroom and showered. She did not dress but came out and got something to eat that was not filled with cum. She kissed me and said, "Thank you for that, It was great. I had to find out if I liked it. " she said. "Carol spoke up, "and did you?" Alice looked at us, "Fuck yes. " and said, "Now that I know how good it is I will have to do it at least once a month. " and we all laughed. "I am serious. " she said. Carol snuggled up to me, dressed cause she was shy now with everyone waking up, "I will take care of Stan anytime you are too busy.

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  " she told Alice. "Besides, we have a baby to make. " she said and kissed me again then kissed Alice. Alice stayed long kissing her and then she went to bed to sleep. Carol and I went to the beach for he day and made love there as well. All that week she came over no matter where or what Alice was doing and she slipped out of her clothes and onto my cock and drained it.

One day after Jerry had come back she snuck over to see Alice supposedly and hugged me tight. "What is it. " I asked her. "We made a baby, I am pregnant. " she said and kissed me again. We met later that week and went to a movie and dinner to celebrate. She was a great friend for a long time, even when Alice was gone she came over to see me and we became spouses of a sort. The kid really does look like me.
See ya all later.

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