Shocked Husband


Shocked Husband

David Mettle had left work earlyand arrived home in the early afternoon. He expected his wife Shelia was not yet back but on going into the living room he heard noises upstairs. David was curious so he went quietly up the stairs to find the bedroom door open. Cautiously peeping through the door crack he almost fainted with shock to see his elderly with being barebacked by his Son-in-Law. David swallowed hard and recovered himself he just could not believe it as he watched Alans cock slide into his wife.

"Oh lovely go on fuck me hard oh marvelous get that cock up me you sexy brute. "

David had never heard his wife talk like thathe was still reeling from the discovery.

"You dirty bitch I'm going to fill you with spunk you old slag,"and he pounded away like fury as she pushed her arse into him.

For fear of discovery David slipped out again determined she would pay for such debauchery he was hopping mad and he would tackle her tonight.

That Evening
"Did you get back early today?"David stared hard at his wife fury boiling inside him.

"The usual time things are busy at the office," answered Shelia.

"I came home early myself but left again as you seemed to be busy," he said this quickly with a touch of anger in his voice. Shelia knew that he had discovered them and she took a defensive line immediately.

"I'm fifty four now its time I had some enjoyment before its too late and Alan is crazy about me. "

"Good God woman he is your daughters husband have you no shame and in your own bed like a whore," David buried his head in his hands. "Shelia's temper was up now, "you old stick in the mud you never were much good at sex there's plenty of young men who fancy me and I intend to have a good fling while I can, so put that in your pipe and smoke it .

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"And what about your daughter and your grandchildren have you no shame woman?"

"By all accounts she takes after you shes a cold fish anyway I know you won't rock the boat you haven't the guts," and she laughed sneeringly.

"I tell you I just will not stand for it : I demand you stop this debauchery I won't have it in my home," David was standing now shaking his fist at her.

"Sit down old man I will do what I like and if you've got any sense you will do what I like as well,"and she rocked with laughter. "Now listen to me there is no need for anyone except you and I to know anything about the changes I will make; that way nobody will get hurt however you will have to change to accommodate my new friends,I know you won't want to create any trouble. "

"Are you crazy I can't stand by and watch such perverted acts,"he was on his feet again shouting.

Shelia smiled, "you won't be standing by you'll be joining in, I've discussed it with Alan and he is looking forward to you sucking his cock and guiding it into me, in fact I want you on your knees now licking my fanny as if you were getting me ready for his entry. "
David stormed out slamming the front door and he returned in an hour looking very sullen.

Shelia merely lifted her skirt and pointed to her hairy pussy,she smiled sweetly "ah you've seen sense good boy I can see we will get on famously. "