Weather Channel Part 1 : Heather & Nicole


Heather Tesch and Nicole Mitchell just finished signing off for the week on Your Weather Today. Both ladies headed for the dressing room to change. Heather went in first as nicole decided to head for a soda.
Upon arriving back in the dressing room,Nicole noticed Heather down to her panties and bra. "Wow, Heather, you are so sexy!" remarked Nicole. "Well, thanks I guess" replied Heather, a bit shocked by Nicole's comment. "Heather, have you ever been with another woman before?" queried Nicole as she approached closer to her. "Nicole!" exclaimed Heather, "Why are you asking me such a question? You know I'm married with kids. And, No, I've never been with another woman, nor have I thought about it" she continued. "Well, you know in the military, we have a don't ask don't tell policy, but, this isn't the military here, so just thought I'd ask" Nicole responded. "You mean to tell me you are interested in me sexually, Nicole?" Heather asked with a lump in her throat. Nicole sat down next to her co-host, put her arm around her and replied, "Yes, Heather, I do find you very sexually attractive. "A feeling came over Heather that she had never had before, "Oh my God" she thought to herself, as she searched for words to say. "Heather, I've had these feelings for you some time now. I'd really like the opportunity to please you for a bit, even if you do not return the favor. What do you say?"Heather was in shock, but she also noticed that she was becoming aroused by the thought of being with another woman, especially one as pretty as Nicole.

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   Secretly, Heather was a bit curious, but never wanted to truly admit it to herself. Now she was cornered and her true feelings would finally be exposed. The two women gazed into each other's eyes, Heather 's being somewhat fearful. "Nicole, what if someone caught us?" stammered Heather. "So you do want to give it a try!" exclaimed Nicole. "Well, I have already locked the door behind us and we are the only women in the ladies dressing room due here for the next two hours. "
Heather swallowed hard. Nicole drew close and kissed Heather gently on the lips. Heather met Nicole's kiss and and their lips began to lock as hands roamed each other. Mouths opened and tongues tied. Heather moaned as Nicole sucked on her tongue. Nicole's fingers began stroking Heather's skin sending shock waves through her body. Nicole unhooked Heather's bra and removed it from her as Heather's mounds dropped away from the material. "Wow! Those are so beautiful!" NIcole purred, as she cupped them both with her hands and lowered her head to begin sucking first the right , then the left. Heather cooed with excitement and gasped in pleasure.

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   "Oh my God, Nicole, maybe I shouldn't be doing this" Heather pleaded. "Too late, you already started" Nicole charged back as she dipped a hand under Heather's panties towards her crotch. Heather gasped deeply as Nicole's fingers reached her cunny. NIcole ran a finger the length of Heather's cooze and then snaked it in the MILF's sop and wet pussy. "Oh, Nicole!" Heather squealed, as Nicole's digit prodded at her G-spot. Nicole worked a second finger in and Heather was a goner. Heather began to shake as her orgasm approached. "You're gonna make me cum!" Heather exclaimed as Nicole worked her deft digits into a frenzy inside Heather's vagina. "Uhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooo, yeah, oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Heather bellowed as her torso bucked in rhythm with Nicole's hand. "Mmmm hmmmm!" Nicole blurted, "Cum for me hunny!"Heather writhed in ecstasy as Nicole masturbated her to yet another orgasm. Heather laid back on the sofa and Nicole dove head first for Heather's spasming quim. Nicole buried her face between Heather's legs and began lapping feverishly away at her snatch. "Oh no! Oh my God!"Heather shrieked as she felt another woman's tongue lick her labes and clit for the first time. Heather grabbed Nicole's head with both hands and hung on for dear life. Nicole worked her new partners folds between her lips like there was no tomorrow.

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Heather began bucking again. A third wave of orgasm was about to wash ashore. "Ahhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck!" Heather belted out. Nicole didn't bother to slow down. "Yes! Yes! oh my God!" Heather exclaimed. "I'm cumming so hard!"Nicole worked a third finger in , then a fourth. She kept sucking on Heather's clit which was pulsating with pleasure. NIcole then wriggled her thumb inside. Heather was going to be fisted for the first time in her life. "Wha, wha, what are you doing know NIcole?"asked Heather, mostly breathless. "I'm going to fist fuck you" answered the seductress. Heather's eyes bulged as she watched Nicole's entire hand enter her love canal. Nicole's hand was buried all the way up to the wrist as Heather's vaginal walls squeezed it tightly. "Oh my God Nicole!. " panted Heather as Nicole turned her into a sex puppet.

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   NIcole began gently thrusting as Heather's world was being rocked again. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum again, Oh my Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" Heather waled. Her body went rigid, her pussy gripped Nicole's hand like a vise, an d she felt herself cum so hard she knew she squirted into Nicole's mouth. She felt herself buck a couple of times and then went limp. Nicole just drank up all the juices, licking and slurping them into her mouth as her new lover had passed out from the pleasure. .