The Machine


The Machine

Chapter 1 Cheating



He followed her to her door.   The door was locked; it meant that her mother was either out or had gone to bed.   She was nervous putting her key in the lock.   When she finally succeeded in withdrawing the bolt she turned to say good night and found him standing on the landing next to her.  


“I had a wonderful time this evening…” she began as she held out her hand to him to shake.


He did not wait for her to finish her speech, but slipped his hand around the back of her neck.   He pulled her close and pressed his lips to hers.   At first she resisted, but her sexual desire combined with the wine he had pushed at her all evening soon over powered her sense of proper deportment and she relaxed into his arms.


She was more than just a big girl, she was fat.   Her size had limited her social life and left her naive about dating situations.   She only knew what she had read, or seen in movies, or fantasized about when she was alone and her hands were massaging her breasts or exploring between her legs.


He was not like her at all.   He was successful, good looking and experienced.   As she relaxed, he opened her mouth with his tongue and his fingers brushed her face and neck.   He was in no hurry.   He had been confident that he would fuck her from the moment she agreed to have dinner with him.

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  Â  They worked together and she had been positive that this would be a professional meeting.   She had no intention of letting anything romantic develop, but he had little interests in her intentions.   He knew women’s bodies.   She was late twenties, maybe thirty.   The office talk and his observations assured him that no one was mounting her, and from her manner, he guessed that no one had touched her in years if ever.


The evening had gone well.   She didn’t know how to drink, or socialize, but all indications were that she was naturally obedient.   She said she didn’t drink, but he had poured wine for her and when he told her to drink it she had done as he had instructed.   He had told her what to order.   Early in the evening, his directions could have been mistaken for suggestions, but as evening and the wine flowed, he became more and more assertive.   Now at her door she was submitting to his stimulating touch.   He could feel her desire for him to get on her breasts.   She was even starting to squat a little, spreading her legs, and he could smell that she was soaking through her panties.


“Invite me in” he commanded.


“It’s late, and my mom…” she started to protest, but his gentle finger pressed to her lips and silenced her.

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  Â  He reached around her and turned the knob on the door.   He motioned with his head and she preceded him into the small one story house.   The living room and the kitchen were separated by a small breakfast bar that seemed to function as the dining room table.   In the center of the living room was a sofa that faced a large television that sat against the opposite wall.   The cushions on one side were compressed far more than the other.   It told him a lot about how she and her mother spent their evenings.


He went to the counter and set down the half empty bottle of red wine he had brought with him from the restaurant.   He found a large glass in the kitchen cupboard and emptied the bottle into it.   It all took less time that she needed to cross the room to the sofa.   He intercepted her before she could sit down.


“Aren’t you having any?” She asked as he stepped in front of her before she could plant her self in her usual position.


“Where is your bedroom?” he asked, ignoring her question as he thrust the glass into her hand.   “Drink some of this; it will help you relax. ”  She did not answer his question, but her glance down the hallway that lead from the living room told him what he needed to know.   “Come along now.

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  Â  I’m going to fuck you. ”  He was gambling that she was drunk enough to respond to his direct approach.


Her mouth opened in shock, but her hips moved forward indicating that her body was far more willing than her mind.   Before she could say anything his hand grabbed the back of her neck and he pressed his open mouth against hers.   His tongue pushed through her lips and his free hand slid down the front of her low cut dress.   His fingers slipped into her bra cup and began working on her left breast.


He withdrew his tongue and lifted his mouth off of hers.   Her open mouth was panting now and her eyes were looking longingly into his. She put her free hand on the breast he was working on to hold him in place, and encourage him to continue.


“I want to be gentle” he said.   “I don’t want to hurt you, so you need to do exactly as you’re told. ”  Her eyes were glazed over and she just nodded at his command.   The instruction was carefully said; calculated.   He had been preparing her for this moment all evening.   He had perceived weeks earlier that she had a natural tendency to be submissive.

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  Â  He had watched all evening as the alcohol had stimulated and strengthened the natural tendency.   By tomorrow she would feel differently, but for tonight she was his.


He moved his hand from the back of her neck to her arm just above her elbow and moved her off down the hall way toward her bed.  Her resistance was half hearted at best.  The hallway was narrow and she was staggering from her inebriated condition.    There really wasn’t room for him to walk beside her and he was forced to withdraw his hand from her tit.


“I should tell you” she apologized, “I haven’t had a lot of experience with this. ”  He smiled and stifled the urge to laugh at her obvious understatement.  


He wondered if it was more from her being shy, or her being fat that had limited her social life.   It was probably a combination.   If she went to bars with friends, she would have been the fat girl that a group of guys would have always joked about.   Who was going to fall on the grenade?  She was astute enough to know the jokes were about her, and so she probably did not go out with her friends, if she even had any.   Women were even harder on fat women than men were.


His hands brushed her hair and he kissed her again.   It was not necessary.

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  Â  He knew her pussy was already wet enough to penetrate.   Even without her own juice, he had brought enough lubricant to keep her screaming for half the night, but he liked what kissing did to her.   His kisses also distracted her while he unzipped her dress and his hands explored her.


He had her out of the dress in almost nothing.   Her breasts would probably have been quite small if she were not so fat.   The nipples were almost nonexistent; just dark red patches lying flat on over inflated tits.   It further confirmed his theory that she had not seen much action even when she was younger.   Young boys would usually mount anything, but they usually liked to suck tits, and the sucking usually developed the nipples.   Maggie’s looked as if they had never been touched.


He got the bra off and was working on the slip when he encountered a little resistance.   She said she was not comfortable with him seeing her body, and wanted to keep the slip on.   Well, her mind was not completely gone.   He wondered what would have happened if he had insisted.   It was not worth finding out.   Her body was not something he needed to see to help with his erection anyway.

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  Â  His cock had started to stiffen before they left the restaurant.   He had been ready since he had told her to invite him in and she had submitted.   He was hard enough to pop the cherry of a twelve year old.   It didn’t matter to him what she looked like.   He was only interested in the warm wet hole between her legs, and filling her.


He pulled a pillow off the bed from under the comforter and dropped it on the floor at the edge of the bed.   Normally he liked the first fuck to be from the front between the legs.   He preferred to strip a girl down always keeping his cock buried in his underpants until his hips were firmly between the woman’s thighs, and he had her arms pinned above her head.   Then when she was helpless he would pull down his under ware and let her see what she was about to get.   Women always panicked when they saw his cock.   Usually they would struggle and try to stop him before he shoved it into them.   He would kiss them to stifle their protests, and force himself into them as they desperately struggle to close their legs.   


He had never met a woman that had not found his first penetration painful.   Even the black whores in Southern Africa panicked when they saw him.   He was long and he was thick and stiff as an iron pipe.

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  Â  When they panicked they struggled, and then he would rape them.   He loved forcing their little holes open and stretching their tunnels.   He was big enough to fill any woman he had ever met, and he knew what he was doing well enough to force an orgasm from even the most reluctant.   They usually cried when he went in screamed while he pumped them and in the end begged him not to pull out.   He especially loved married women.   A few nights in the sack with him always made their husbands worthless to them.


Maggie was different.   First of all, she was no ninety pound weakling.   She lifted a couple hundred pounds every time she stood up.   Subduing her might prove more than he was up to and secondly he knew that the more a woman had to be forced, the more humiliated she would feel the next day.   He had to work with her at the office, and he wanted to keep on using her after tonight.


“Get down on your knees and pull down your panties” he instructed. A little pressure on her shoulders overcame her reluctance and he turned her around in front of him.   He had taken off his shoes at her front door, and now a little pressure on the back of her knees from his bare foot convinced her to get down into position for him.


She bent forward and put her hands on the bed to steady her heavy body as she lowered to knees.

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  Â  He stripped his shirt and jeans as she reached up under he slip and pull down her panties.   She got them down to her knees before he was kneeling behind her.   His chest pressed against her should blades as he ordered to bend forward.


Her bed was high enough that her knees lifted off the floor as her as her stomach pressed down on the edge of the mattress.   He hooked the waist band of her panties between his big and first toe and pulled them down to her ankles and off of her feet.   So far she was presenting nicely.


His hands slid up her thighs over the thick layers of cellulite.   She was soaking wet and the scent of her desire was heavy on her.   She groaned as his fingers spread her.   Like the rest of her body, she had big lips puffy with fat.   His finger slid down her crack as she spread her legs.   In the dim light he saw her chubby hands gripping into the comforter on the bed as he lightly touched her clitoris.   He reached into the pocket of his jeans where he had abandoned them on the floor and brought out a small tube of KY jelly.   She was plenty wet, but he was planning a long session, and didn’t want to take any chances with her getting sore.


His left hand held the back of her neck as he slid the fingers of his right back up toward her hole.

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  Â  She was struggling to keep quiet as he played with her.   Mostly he just rubbed her lips and teased her clit and vagina opening.


“Are you ready?” he asked.


“Yes” she moaned.


“I like my women to ask for it” he explained.   “Go on, ask me to fuck you. ”  She turned her head and looked up at him confused.   “Go on, say it; ‘please fuck me. ’”


“Please…” she was hesitant, but his encouraging expression gave her courage.   “Please fuck me” she said.   With that he pushed his middle finger into.   “Oh my god” she cried, slamming her fist into the mattress.


She wasn’t a virgin, but he doubted that she used tampons.   He moved his finger around in her, rubbing her exploring her.   She was easy to arouse.

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  Â  If she had ever been fucked, it had been by a very small man.   Well, it was time for her to learn the facts of life.


She was gyrating her hips beneath him encourage his finger.   He tightened his grip on her neck and withdrew his hand.   He pulled down his under ware and guided his cock to her lips.   He had enough experience to find her tiny hole without assistance, but he wanted to rub the head of his penis on her before penetration.


“Try to relax and spread your legs” he ordered.   “It will make it easier. ”


“What…” suddenly she realized it had not been his cock in her before.   “No” she cried as she felt the pressure of the head against the hole that was far too small to him.   His cock was nearly a foot long and as thick as her wrist.   The dark read head forced its way into her.   He tightened his grip on her neck enough to hurt.   It was all he could do to hold the big woman down.


“No… No, take it out” she begged.


  Â  “It’s too big.   It hurts. ”


“Lie still and spread your legs” he suggested.   “I will make it easier.   I’ll take it out when I’m done with you.   Now be a good little girl and lie still while I pump you. ” 


Once the head broke through the tight little ring of her vagina entrance it was easier to push more of it into her.   He knew from experience that once he got at least four of five inches of his cock up her it would be more painful for her to move than to stay still: then she would stop struggling and let him fuck her.   All women worried about their pussies and she would submit rather than risk damaging her cunt by squirming.


She felt good and he considered abandoning the gentle approach in favor of something a little more satisfying, but he had invested a lot of time in getting her into this position, and he had more long term plans in mind.   He decided he would be gentle as long as she cooperated, but if she needed a lesson in obedience he again give hard fucking more serious consideration.   For now he settled for a slow steady pumping.   He could feel the conflict in her body.   Being stretched was painful for her, but on the other hand, his cock was rubbing places that had never been touched.   Slowly arousal was winning.

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“Please stop” she begged.  “Please you’re too big for me…”


“I’m sorry” he replied.   “I know it hurts a little, but I’m going to fuck you.   I know it’s not your fault you have such a small cunt, but you are never going to be any good to me if I don’t stretch you out a little.   Try to relax and don’t fight me.   Don’t make me force you. ”


She lay still and took it.   His dominant attitude seemed to increase her arousal.   She began to groan each time he pushed into her.   Soon she was trembling and swinging her knees under him.   She griped at the comforter on the bed as her first orgasm consumed all of her feelings.


When it ended, he lay still on top of her forcing himself not to explode in her.   Her first climax had taken less than half an hour.   He gave her ten minutes before he started up on her again. The second climax came quicker that the first.

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  Â  Her discomfort was subsiding, and the huge cock buried deep in her stimulated her more than her mind could control.  


He kept at her giving her only brief rest periods between each session, never withdrawing from her.   After the third orgasm, she was panting, but she never complained as he just kept using her.   Finally he informed her that he was ready to fill her and that he was going to get a little rougher.


“Please don’t cum in me” she begged.   “I’m not on birth control, and I think I might be fertile. ”


“Shhh…” he said.   “Don’t think about that now.   I’m going to breed you; it’s the way a woman is meant to be fucked.   Just concentrate on what I’m doing to you.   This is going to hurt. ”


He lifted slightly and drove his cock straight down into her G spot.   She gasped as and tried to lift up off the bed, but his hands on the back of her head held her down and he began pumping her hard as he held her down by forcing her face into the mattress.


Each thrust slammed into the end of her tunnel.   He moved his hips to the left and raked the head of his penis along the right side of her vagina and then repeated the move on the other side.

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  Â  Finally once more down into her spot, and then he drove hard straight into her.   She screamed in pain, but her vagina clamped down on him in a gut wrenching orgasm.   Her ass started bucking uncontrollably on the bed and he began pumping her full of the white cream.


When he finished he collapsed on her soft body, his weight adding to her own against the bed.   She lay perfectly still beneath him to exhausted to move.   His penis softened in her, but its length remained.   Eventually he pulled it out of her like a foot of rope.   Semen flowed out of the gaping hole it left behind and ran down her leg.


“Go clean yourself up” he said as his hands on her shoulder helped her straighten up.   More seminal fluid flowed out of her as she closed her legs.   Her heavy thighs came together but the white liquid continued to flow out of her open pussy hole and ran down the back of her legs.   “Be sure and wash yourself inside. ”


She waddled off to the bathroom.   He heard the water running.   She was taking a shower.

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  Â  He turned the covers down and stretched out on the bed.   Now he heard other noises, faint and muffled coming from the hallway.   He would have investigated if he had not figured out what they were.


She expected that he had gone when she finally came out of the bathroom.   Her eyes were dilated from the lights in the bathroom and she was blind in the darkness.   She made her way to the bed before he spoke.


“Kneel down on the floor again” he instructed.   She jumped back and nearly fell over in surprise.   He ignored her discomfort and repeated the instruction.


Her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she saw him swing his legs over the edge of the bed.   He reached out and took her hand pulling her forward.   She came to him dropping to her knees onto the pillow he had set out for her between his feet.


“Open your mouth” he commanded.   His cock had stiffened again in her absence, and he bent it down toward her with one hand as he put the other on the back of her head and pulled her forward.   She tried to protest, but the end of his penis was already forcing itself into her mouth.

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   His penis was still wet from being up her pussy.  “Be careful to keep your teeth off me.   My cock is very sensitive.   Use your tongue and the roof of your mouth.   Make it feel like a pussy. ” 


He took her hands and wrapped them around his shaft.   Her chubby fingers could not reach all the way around.   Even with the head deep in her mouth, there was still room for both of her hands on his shaft.   It was all she could do to get her mouth around the thick penis he forced her to take.   He showed her how to rub him and kept her head moving up with both of his hands gripping her hair.   She protested and squirmed, but just as a young boy can control a twelve hundred pound horse with a bit in its mouth and rope on its head, the big girl had no choice but to suck him.


“Swallow it” he ordered.   His cock throbbed in her mouth he shoved her head forward driving the penis deep into her and making her gag.   It was a simple decision; swallow or drown.   She gulped again and again as he pumped her full.

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  Â  When he finished he released her and she jerked her head off him.   She coughed and scurried back to the bathroom.


“I’m going to be sick” she mumbled.   He followed her and stood in the doorway as she knelt in front of the toilet.  


He considered mounting her from behind and fucking her.   If she did actually did vomit it would cause constrictions in the vagina and that could be interesting, but he decided that might be a little to graphic for her.   She waited, but the urge to regurgitate never came and eventually she picked her self up.   He handed her a damp cloth to wipe her face and then the half empty glass of wine to finish.


“I didn’t like that” she complained when she had finished the wine.   “Don’t you ever…”


“You will get used to it” he interrupted.   “Come on back to bed.  I’ll give you the last one in your pussy. ”  He took her by the wrist and led her back to the waiting bed.   She crawled on to the bed and he lay beside her.


“How long has it been since you have been fucked?” he asked.

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  Â  She hesitated.   She had no intention of telling him about the one other experience she had had, but she found her self answering anyway.   There was something about the way he told her to do things, she just obeyed.


“Almost fourteen years ago” she began.   “It was after my junior prom.   I wasn’t going to go.   No one had invited me.   Then my best friend told me she had fixed me up with this really cool guy.   He was a senior, and he was almost nineteen.   She said he had broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to take me.   I was really young and stupid, or I just wanted to go so bad I never thought about why anyone would want to go with a fat girl like me. ”


They had gone to the prom.   Maggie’s mom had gotten her a new prom dress.   It was white, with a low neckline and an even lower back.   It was altered to fit her and it hid her real size and weight well.

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  Â  Kevin had been attentive and danced with her and brought her red punch to drink that he spiked from a flask that he kept in the breast pocket of his tux jacket.   He generally took good care of her.   She had talked with girls that were the dates of other cool guys and she was on top of the world.


They left around one.   Kevin had borrowed his father SUV and they drove out of town and parked in a deserted place near the cemetery.   Maggie had assumed he was taking her home.   It never occurred to her that he had other plans.   She was just fourteen.


When they stopped he told her to get in the back.   That was the first time she asked were they were.   He got out and came around to the passenger side of the car and almost pulled her out of the seat.   She had told him no when he opened the back door of the truck and she saw the inflated air mattress in the bed in the back.


“Look” he said.   “I kept my end of the bargain.   I showed you a good time at the dance.

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  Â  Now it’s your turn.   Get in and pull up that pretty little prom dress of yours. ”


“What are you talking about?” She demanded.   “What bargain?”


“Angela said you would put out if I took you to the prom” he explained as he turned her toward the opening and pushed her forward.


She stumbled and crawled into the back of the van on her hands and knees.   She was shocked.   Her best friend had pimped her for a date to the prom.   At first she just couldn’t believe it.   She went numb.   By the time she got her senses back she was on her knees on the mattress and he had pulled her skirt up over her hips.   She turned to push him off, but he pushed her sideways as she turned and she fell on her side.   He grabbed her ankles and rolled her onto her back.


“No… No… Stop it…” she had demanded, but then he pulled out the knife.   It glistened in the moonlight.   He had only intended to use it to cut off her panties, but it terrified her so much that she froze.

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  Â  His hand slid down her inner thigh, and she opened her legs to avoid being cut.   Probably if she had brought her foot up and kicked him in the face she could have knocked him out of the SUV and then got out and beat the crap out of him.   She had relived the scene in her mind a thousand times since it happened.   Each time she came up with something she could have done to change the outcome, but at the time she opened her legs and he believed it meant that she was willing despite what she had said.


He cut the center panel out of her panties and then the side allowing him to move the protective cloth out of the way and expose her.   He threw the knife aside and lay down between her thighs putting his weight on her chest.   He pushed his mouth on hers as he used his hands to unbutton his pants and take out his penis.   She felt his fingers fumbling with her lips and searching for her hole.


“Well, well” he said.   “You really want this don’t you?  You’re wetter than a half fucked slut in whore house. ”


It was all he said.   Then he rammed his cock up her.   He ripped through her hymen and opened her up.   He was probably completely unaware that she had been a virgin.   He pumped away at her for a few minutes and then ejaculated.


  Â  He probably never even noticed that she was crying.


After he finished he kissed her quick, put his hands on her breasts to push himself up and jerked his cock out of her.   He crawled out of the truck, pulled his pants up and got in behind the wheel.   He left her in the back and drove her home.


When he opened the back of the truck she was still laying there with her dress up and her legs open just as he had left her.   Blood and semen were running out of her.   She was numb from the experience.   Her friend had promised him he could fuck her if he took her to the prom.   He had taken her.   She had let him fuck her.   She guessed that made her a slut, or maybe a whore.   It was so totally opposite of how she had considered herself.   It changed her forever.


“Listen” he asked as he pulled her dress down.   “If you can keep a secret, I would be willing to see you again.

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  Â  Just for sex, I mean.   I kind of liked fucking you, even though you are fat and all.   I was thinking if you wanted, I could come do you a couple times a week or something; maybe Wednesdays after football practice and Sunday nights.   Of course, it would have to be our secret.   I mean, I wouldn’t want kids at school to know I was doing a fat girl. ”


Her face reddened with anger.   He mistook it for embarrassment.   She stomped off toward her front door.   The truck peeled away before she reached it.


Her mother had said hello and asked her how it had gone without looking up from the TV.   If a commercial had not come on at that instant she probably would not have turned and saw the blood stain on the ass of Maggie’s dress as she walked toward her room.   Her mother may have never realized that her daughter had been opened that night.


Maggie said that she hated Kevin and what he had done to her, but she told the story with so much detail, that Dran realized that she had relived the experience again and again.   It was probably her favorite masturbation fantasy.


Dran rolled over on top of her.

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  Â  She was to fat to do a proper missionary fucking, but he arched his back and brought his penis into position for penetration.   He laid his chest on top of hers and put his hands between her legs to spread her thighs, mimicking her first sexual experience.   Just as before she was wet and he drove his cock deep into her.   She gasped as he began fucking her for the third time.


“No… No…” she whispered, more to herself than for him.   She was well aware that he was not going to stop but it reinforced that she had no choice, and that was what she needed to start her orgasm.


He had intended it to be quick.   He wanted to try to match her first experience.   He was hoping that he would get substituted for Kevin when she played with herself, but her moaning caused him to delay.   She was going to come again and he wanted to feel her giving it to him.


He finally did put another load into her just after she climaxed and got off her and pulled out of her.   She attempted to get up to go wash out her cunt, but he pushed her back down.   The last glass of wine, the orgasm and the lateness of the night had left her exhausted and unsteady.


“Leave it in” he advised.   “I had a vasectomy several years ago.

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  Â  You will not get pregnant. ”  She tried to look shocked and accusing, but sleep was coming on her fast.   He pulled her night gown down and covered her with a sheet.   He kissed her on the forehead and told her good night.   “I think we should give your pussy a few days to rest.   Let’s get together next Tuesday for another session. ”  She only half heard him.


He pulled on his pants and put on his shirt on leaving the buttons undone.   He slipped down the hall barefoot.   He noticed the thick carpet was matted down just outside of the bedroom door and had damp spots.   The house was dark as he made his way through the living room toward the front door.


“Did you enjoy my little girl?”  The old woman’s voice was not a complete surprise even though he had not seen her on the couch.


“Good evening Mrs. Rutherford” he replied without turning around.


“Took you long enough to get off on her” the voice was accusing.

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  Â  “I suppose it’s a little tough her not being the centerfold type and all, but don’t you dare just disappear now and never come to see her again. ”


“Good evening Mrs. Rutherford” he was not about to explain himself to the old lady or anyone else.   He took three more steps toward the door and reached for the handle.


“Does your wife know your not working late tonight?” The old woman asked.   Dran froze in his tracks.   “Oh yes, I checked you out a little when Maggie told me she had a business meeting with one of her coworkers.   She may be a little inexperienced, but I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. ”


“I don’t take kindly to treat or innuendo” Dran replied.


“You just treat my daughter nicely and I won’t get involved with your affairs” she offered.


Dran’s opinion of the old woman shifted as he began to see her as a mother wanting to protect her daughter than just an old busybody who liked to masturbate to the sounds of live porn.


“Maggie is grown woman” he said.   “She knows her own mind, but if you wish to fill in your calendar, I believe she is busy next Tuesday. ”


Maggie’s mother got off the couch and crossed the room to meet Dran properly.   She was wearing a house coat over a thin night gown.

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  Â  She was not at all like her daughter.   She was thin and in great shape.   She looked to be in her late thirties, but she had to be at least mid forties, possibly pushing fifty.   She stepped up to him and held out her hand.


“My name is Angela” she said holding out her hand and offering a new begining.   As she did so, her robe fell open in the front.   She made no move to close it.   “I am very protective of my daughter, maybe to protective. ”  Dran took her hand and held it more than shook it.


“My name is Dran” he said, “but you already know that don’t you. ”


“A woman is told her whole life to cover up her body” Angela explained, “especially the area between her legs.   It’s easy for a woman to get the idea that there is something wrong with her; maybe she is ugly under her clothes.   You can imagine what it does to her when a man seduces her and she gives him what he wants and then he never calls or wants her again.   She could start to think that when he got her clothes off he saw something he didn’t like. ”


“I suppose that could happen” Dran replied, “Although it has never happened to me.

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