Cousin and the Closet


"Hold on," I said, "Why don't you call Lynda and ask her?"I gave her Dan and Lynda's phone number and went out to mowthe lawn. The tail end of the week was on us before we knewit and I for one wasn't even thinking about Saturday night. Dan had told me that it wasn't unusual for first timers tosit around the living room and watch the porn-videos on thewide screen TV or just have a drink and chat with the otherparty-goers. Joy, in the mean time had called Lynda andthey'd met for lunch on Friday. "Lynnie is gorgeous," Joy was almost panting as she came inthe door Friday evening. "And the best part is she's bi!""That was nice of her," I said, looking through the mail. Joy looked at me funny and replied, "What are you talkingabout?" "I said it was nice of her to buy lunch for you. "Joy broke out into an uncontrollable laughing fit. "I meantshe was bisexual, you dummy, she has sex with women. And thebest part is she's going to setup a little girl to girl groupfor tomorrow night, just for me!" I turned red, I had no idea,heck I wasn't even getting any since my nasty divorce justlast year. I was kind of burnt out with women. Dan drove up in his Sable at 8:15 Saturday evening, I calledup to Joy and she came running down the stairs in a shortskirt and blouse I'd never seen before. My expression musthave carried the message better than I thought. "Lynnie helped me pick it out yesterday," She said spinningaround, "like what you see? I hope everyone else does. "We walked out the door as Lynda got out of the frontpassenger's seat and opened the back door, I waited for Joythen as I began to follow Lynda stopped me and said, "Nope, you get in the front, big guy, the lady and I aretogether for the evening. " Then she winked and slid in theback next to Joy.

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  " Dan drove out to an area of the county Ididn't know very well, we came to a dirt road that curled upthe side of a very steep hill, then as we came around a blindcorner there were about ten cars parked off the road next to aseemingly misplaced huge ranch style house. It was surrounded bya five foot stucco wall with a great wrought iron gate and agravel path leading up to the two huge front doors. Dan rang thechimes and a scantily clad blonde opened the doors and allowed usto enter. Dan handed her an envelope and then pointed to a roomoff of the large flag stone foyer. "That's the room where you candisrobe, and there are towels on a shelf for you to wear. Theother door leads to the host's private rooms and are locked,straight ahead and down the stairs is the living room, bar areaand dining room. There are three other bedrooms and two bathroomsthat you can find yourself. The kitchen is behind the dining roomif you're hungry. Otherwise make yourself at home. Oh, Bob," Hesaid in a whisper, "Anything goes, except, if the lady or mansays no. Then it's, no. Got it?" I nodded and went down thestairs to join the ten or twelve people sitting on the chairs andfloor. I no sooner reached the bottom step when a twentysomething woman with fiery eyes came up to me from the bar andsaid, "Hi, I'm Jackie. Why don't you slip off your shoes and comeinto the kitchen for a bite to eat?" I complied following herlike a puppy dog, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Well, afterall she only had on a towel and it was only wrapped around herwaist.

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   Jackie's figure was like the proverbial hour glass withlottsa time left on top. Her skin was naturally dark and her hairwas black as coal. "Beer?" She asked. "Sure, " I wanted to soundsophisticated like I saw women with 36 DD breasts naked everyday, "straight up. " "Is there any other way?" she giggled. I wasfighting a losing battle with my composure. Then she pointedto the table, "there are the cold cuts and sandwich makings,would you make me a small turkey and swiss? And have whatever you like. I'll see about snagging a couple of cold onesfor us. " Then she gave me a smile that melted my reserves, Iwas hooked. She turned her back and left the kitchen I turnedto my appointed chores and had assembled two respectableturkey and swiss sandwiches on small rolls when she returnedwith two cans of Michelob and two iced pilsner glasses. "Wow, looks like you have a talent for kitchen duty, whatelse are you good at?" a smirk replaced the brilliant smilefor only an instant, "Bob, Right?" I nodded, astonished thatshe knew my name and once again my face betrayed my thoughts. "No magic, this is my house Jerry and I live here, so I knoweveryone who's invited. Dan and Lynda are old friends. Comeon bring those sandwiches and I'll find us a nice quiet placeto chat. That is unless you'd rather sit with everyone elsein the living room and watch those stupid tapes.

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  " Her look ofdistain made me quickly pipe up, "No, not at all, I'd followyou anywhere. " Once again that smile tore at my heart. Jackie led me through the living room where no one seemed toeven notice us, into an arched hallway which had severalrooms off either side. Some of the doors were open and Icould barely make out groups of people in what appeared to benothing else but orgies. We went all the way to the end whereJackie opened a locked door and we entered a room about sixfeet by eight feet with a vaguely familiar odor. Jackieturned up the lights slightly to remove the utter darkness. "This is a walk-in closet, I don't have that many clothes soI use it as my private space when I want to be alone, "asadness had come over her, it showed in her face and even inher voice, "you're the only person who's ever been in herewith me. " I saw her look down, nervously, then handing me oneof the beer cans she slide down the wall and sat on thefloor. Suddenly I established what the odor was, the room waslined with cedar wood strips to keep out moths. Looking downI saw she was looking up at me in a sad sort of questioningway, "well, are you going to join me? And is there any way Ican get you to lose the clothes? If it bothers you, you canhave my towel. " then reaching down she pulled it off andtossed it in my direction. I was shamed into stripping so Idid it as gracefully as possible. I sat next to her and weate and talked about ourselves for about an hour. Idiscovered how unhappy she was in her present relationship,it seemed that Jerry had turned out to be a latent homosexualand they had nothing at all holding them together except thishuge house. She was tired of sleeping with different men allthe time and longed for a normal, stable relationship.

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   I alsodiscovered that I to missed having a relationship with abeautiful, intelligent woman. She began to cry and I feltmisty myself, soon we were holding each other trying to makeeach other's sadness disappear. Two naked people holding eachother in a warm, dark place soon finds something much strongerthat hugging and kissing to drive them. We quite naturallybegan touching and ultimately making love. The closet had asoft wool rug on it's floor and there were pillows and ablanket or two in the corner. We made love first in hasteneeding to feel the hot release of our pent up emotions. Thenwe held each other like we were clinging to a rock and if welet go we'd be swept away never to see each other again. After awhile we talked about out lives and our hopes anddesires for the future. We had some more beer and began makinglove again. This time we proceeded more slowly exploring eachother's bodies in the small, dimly lit room. When our orgasmsfinally came we were beyond exhaustion and we fell asleep ineach others arms. Suddenly we came awake, there was someonepounding on the door. We had been in the closet all night. .