Black Nurse Fantasies 3


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Michelle had just left the women’s locker room. She and some of the other black nurses were trying to teach the only white nurse how to dance like a stripper.
The assistant GM popped up at the door and made all of the nurses leave. For a good five minutes after they left, a few of them waited at the end of the hall to see how long it would take for the white nurse to come out.
She never did. They knew what must have been going on in there. They didn’t bother waiting any longer. They figured she’d tell them all about it tomorrow.
Michelle was feeling like a horny slut. Sex was the only thing on her mind.
Besides being bi-sexual and getting turned on by seeing all the half-naked nurses doing strip teases, a friend of hers had told her she’d fucked the head manager in his office just before they got to the locker room. She went into very intricate details and it left Michelle wanting some cock (or pussy) of her own.
Michelle worked the top floor. That was where they kept the patients who had mental problems.

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   These weren’t people with serious problems.
They could function, but their thinking was a little off and they could be a little slow at times. They had a tendency to be very forgetful.
Michelle had picked up a platter with their snacks and medicines on it. She was thinking about all the sex she was going to have tonight when she got off work. That’s when the obscene noises coming from the TV caught her attention.
As she was sitting the platter on the table, she turned to look at the TV. There were women on their knees deep sucking some serious cock.
Michelle wasn’t horny anymore. She was confused.
She turned to the men to ask what was going on. Her mouth dropped wide open. Now she was in shock.
The two men were sitting on the couch with their cocks out, hard and throbbing. They were masturbating.

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   They didn’t seem to pay any mind Michelle walking in on them. Their faces showed no emotion or feeling what so ever.
Michelle watched for a few seconds as she gathered her thoughts. She didn’t know what to do. This had never happened before.
The nurses had been having a very sexual day up to that point. She knew of one nurse who had already had sex and another who was most likely getting fucked right now.
She knew what she should do. It was as obvious as the two boners sticking up in front of her.
But their faces seemed so emotionless. She wasn’t even sure if they’d know what to do with her if they had the chance.
There was only one way to find out. She turned the TV off so they wouldn’t have anything else to concentrate on other than her.
Steve, the older of the two, the one with the most facial hair, picked up the remote and clicked it back on.
She shook her head at them.

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   They were hopeless.
She took the medicines to the other side of the room and came back. She was going to try turning the TV off again, but then she thought maybe it’d work just as well if she left it on. They had pussy on the mind, so why wouldn’t they notice pussy if it were there in person.
Michelle slowly stepped around to the front of the couch as she unbuttoned her blouse and eyed them seductively. She was a tall black woman with huge natural tits, a plump ass, dark skin, long hair, full lips, and a pussy that was so juicy it looked like water would burst out of it if you gave it the slightest squeeze.
Of course they noticed her ample tits pressed snugly together behind a white bra that contrasted beautifully with her ebony skin as she opened her blouse and started touching them. Of course they noticed her flat belly as she dropped her uniform to the floor. Of course they noticed the sexy way she looked at them as she breathed heavily and grinded her pelvis in small circles in a dance of seduction.
Michelle’s pussy was so hot watching them masturbate. They were rock hard and ready. It seemed like such a waste of good, long cocks.
She could not wait any longer. She dropped to her knees and took hold of Steve’s dick. She put it in her mouth and sucked it with long, slow strokes.

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Steve barely showed any emotion, but she could tell it felt good by the way his legs shivered every now and again. Whatever was wrong with his mind, it didn’t effect his cock any.
She started shoving more of it down her throat as she moaned with delight. She went so deep that she could feel his pulsing cock head bumping the back of her throat.
The whole time she could hear the moans of the women in the porno. Her pussy was gushing so much that even she could smell her own scent in the air.
She started looking over to Tom, the younger one with a body like an athlete. His hair was long and darkish blonde. He was really handsome and had a lot of sex appeal.
She wanted him, but she liked the cock that was in her mouth. She didn’t want to let it go. She started rubbing it in her cleavage and stared intensely in Steve’s eyes.
He reached up. He pulled her bra to the sides, revealing more of her supple flesh.
Finally, a reaction, thought Michelle.

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He started touching her dark mounds and felt her flesh. He lifted them up and pulled them free. They were so huge and natural and jiggly.
Steve put his cock between them. He pressed them tightly together. He started humping them as Michelle moved her torso up and down joining in with him.
When she was done, she moved over to Tom and started sucking his cock, and she was pleased to see that she had gotten a smile out of Steve. These guys didn’t smile too often.
They both suffered from the same illness, but apparently Tom’s was a lesser case. His face twisted in a passionate grimace as soon as her lips touched his aching cock.
His breathing grew rapid. He grabbed her shoulder and held on tight. The longer she sucked, the better it felt, and after a while, he was digging his nails into her shoulder.
The effects of her blowjob were still fresh on Steve’s mind. He had sat up and was gently stroking his cock with one hand while he caressed Michelle’s ass with the other.

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   Neither of them was paying the porno attention anymore.
Steve stood up. With cock in hand, he walked behind Michelle, knelt, and slipped every inch of hard, white, cock up Michelle’s pussy.
“Ohhh” Michelle moaned.
She paused on her cock sucking. She relished in the feel of finally having some man meat inside her eager snatch.
She squealed from the friction and grunted each time he thrust into her. There was less friction with each stroke. Her juices were coating his cock.
Both men were consumed with passion. Tom had even stood up so he could ram his cock in her mouth harder.
After a while, she made them both pull out so she could lie on her back. Missionary was her favorite position and she came the easiest this way. She lay with her legs wide and high, her tits out, and looking sexy as hell in her laced stockings.
Tom was first.

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   He eased his cock inside of and started pounding her sweet mound. The guys took turns and repeatedly hard fucked Michelle as she moaned in pleasure.
She was having one orgasm after another. She loved the sight of them towering over her with every muscle rippling as they thrust into her, taking turns fucking her like a cheap whore, making her pussy cream and spasm and her tits jiggle and shake.
“I’m gonna cum!” screamed Tom.
Michelle was surprised to hear that. They never said anything, and when they did, it was usually just a word or two. This was the first full sentence she’d ever heard from either of them.
Tom pulled out and started stroking his cock. He was moaning and grunting as ropes of white, sticky juices shot from his cock and soaked her face and tits.
He kept stroking after there was nothing left to shoot. When he caught his breath, he moved out of the way and Steve wasted no time getting back inside her.
Like Tom, he pulled out when he was about to cum. Sticky spunk landed all over Michelle’s tits and belly. Between the two men, they had managed to leave a shiny coat of semen on Michelle’s upper body.

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   It made her look like a finely waxed automobile.
Michelle got off the couch and headed for her clothes. She needed to finish making her rounds.
She was glad to see that Tom and Steve’s mental condition was getting better because of good sex, but when she came back to check on them after she was dressed, they had sat back on the couch. They were still naked, stroking their cocks, and staring blankly at the porno as if they hadn’t just gotten their cocks polished a few seconds ago.
It was weird, but it gave her hope. They were back to normal, but she knew she’d seen emotion and alertness on their faces during sex.
Maybe sex could be used as a cure for such illnesses. It was a long shot, but not entirely impossible. She needed to find a doctor that she could trust and tell him what happened.