How It All Started


I have always been fascinated with lingerie and noticed she wore a very lacey something under her blouse and the satin and lace of her slip caressing her knee was enough to stir my loin and it didn’t go unnoticed by Natalie. She wanted to dance, so who am I to say no. I lead her by the hand to the dance floor and twirled her around and she turned into my arms, chest-to-chest and crotch-to-crotch. She looked me in the eyes, hypnotizing me as we danced. She was beautiful and captivating. I was enamored; smitten by her and she was really into me. We talked and danced for many hours, all the while, the bartender and waitress kept our glasses full and dinner served. They had set this up for me. Natalie was the coolest and we hit it off great. The evening only cost me the tip. What friends. Natalie and I kissed and said our good nights but not after agreeing to a date the following night. We went out for a week or so when Natalie beeped me one Friday. She wanted to cook for me at her place and wanted me to come by after work still dressed in my suit; I couldn’t wait. I took 2 fine bottles of wine and flowers. She was dressed in her business suit she wore, knee length, ivory blouse, and the outline of her lingerie was very prominent.

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   I complimented her on how pretty she looked and told her I thought her lingerie was extremely sexy as well. We opened the wine and enjoyed a fine meal she prepared. We then went to relax on the couch where one thing lead to the next and we were caressing each others body she had my tie off and shirt buttoned and I had her blouse and skirt off my hands rubbing and massaging her body over her champagne colored satin chemise she wore over the matching bra and panties and lace top thigh highs she wore. We were on fire for each other. She unbuckled my pants and pulled down my boxers, pushed me back onto her couch and straddled my lap, taking my cock in hand and pushing her panties aside and I watched her bury my rock hard pole into her soft satin covered pussy. It was so incredible. As she rode, she took her chemise and put it over my chest and rubbed my nipples through it saying how good the satin felt against my skin and I was totally agreeing with her that it was the best feeling I ever felt. Her talking and rubbing built us up to the most incredible orgasm she or I have had in a long time. She collapsed over me, we held each other tightly, and basking in the afterglow of something wonderful that was just the beginning of things to come. As we gathered our senses, we poured more wine and cuddled on the couch talking and caressing each other. I told her the lingerie she wore turned me on a lot and she was glad it did. She excused herself to go to the restroom and I did the same and returned to the couch and grabbed my shirt to cover up a little when she returned still wearing her chemise, bra and panties and brought a robe for me to wear. It was light blue satin with lace on the sleeve and she asked if I would wear it instead. I told her I didn’t think it would fit, but she told me her sister left it here and she wears a larger size than me, so she got me into it and it fit and felt electrifyingly incredible. We went to her patio to cuddle up and watch the sun set and drank the last bottle of wine.

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   Our senses were on high as we began to kiss and fondle each other again. This time I was wearing a satin robe while she stroked me. I carried her to her bedroom lip to lip as I laid her down, she pulled me up to take me into her mouth as I straddled her chest. I turned around to position us in 69 and I licked her and sucked her through her satin panties she wore, tasting our sex from earlier was a turn on as it fed my passion for more. I caressed her silky stocking covered legs as my tongue found its way in the side of her panties to her wet warm pussy. Her hands massaged my ass and caressed my balls through the satin robe as she expertly sucked me off. This didn’t last long for as I sank 2 fingers in her pussy while my tongue stroked her clit, she came in my mouth, juices flowing and I was loving the taste of her sex. This made her suck me off with more determination and I followed her and came in her mouth, as she didn’t spill a drop. After we finished, she took off all her clothes and put on a lavender baby doll nightie and matching panties and tossed me something similar, that was a match of the robe I was wearing, for me to wear to bed. I told her I like sleeping in the nude, but she said, please, for me. I’d love to cuddle against you wearing this tonight. For me?? No one will see but me. How could I say no. I slipped the silky panties on first, pulling them over my hips and into place then I slipped the nightie over my head and let it fall over my body. We crawled into bed and kissed and caressed each other’s bodies, she was squeezing my satin covered pantied cock saying she really enjoys this feeling and all I could say is I agree.

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   We fell asleep and awoke in the same position with her spooned behind me with my cock in her hand. It took me a minute to get my bearings of where I was and realized what I was wearing and became very embarrassed by things. I had to pee and when I returned she was awake and said, that I looked so sexy in the nightie, which made me blush and try to cover up. She got up and hugged and kissed me passionately and told me it takes a man that is secure in his masculinity to wear something like this and if it just us that knows, what can it hurt, besides we both love the effects it has on us. With that said, she tossed me the robe and told me to go fix some coffee for us and she will come and make breakfast. We had a great morning together lounging on the patio in our satin lingerie eating breakfast and talking. She made many comments on how sexy I looked in blue satin and how much it was turning her on seeing my hard on in her panties. She dropped her hands over my crotch, thru the robe, baby doll and panties and stroked me till I was near orgasm. She then lifted her nightie, pulled my cock out thru the top of the panties, pushed the crotch of her panties aside and sat on my hard throbbing cock and we kissed ever so softly and made love on the patio with her grinding her crotch into mine and us hugging our satin clad bodies together ever so tightly and we had a wonderful orgasm. We stayed like this for a long while then she stood up and re-arranged our clothes and left me reading the paper to go shower and dress for the day. When she was done she told me to get in the shower, and after I got out, I went to put on my clothes from the previous night when she told me that I can’t put that back on, they are dirty. I said that I am just going to go home and get dressed anyway, what does it matter. She said that “ you just showered and you can’t put on dirty clothes’. With that said, she tossed me a pair of shiny ivory nylon and lace trim hi cut panties and ask me to please wear these for her, it would mean a lot to her if I would. I started to protest when she kissed me and said, Please.

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   I was putty in her hands. So, I pulled them up and over my hip, feeling the thin nylon material encase my cock so softly. It was a major turn on for both of us. I pulled my slacks on, and went to my place and changed into some casual clothes and still wearing her panties and then started back to Natalie’s place where she had more surprises in store for me. While I was at my place she went to the mall and picked out some of “my own things” that fit better and were more to her liking. While I was home changing, I thought about Natalie and how she wanted me to wear lingerie and how it made me feel. I must say that I experienced something I have always wanted to in wearing panties and the satin nightie she had me wear. It is something I have always wanted to wear, but was afraid what a lady would say or think. But Natalie eased all my fears and allowed me to feel something so wonderful against my body. I have always been fascinated by women’s lingerie ever since seeing my mom in her nylon bra and panties, stockings and slip walking around the house, seeing how soft and light the materials were and how you could see her panties thru her slip. I use to open her lingerie drawers to feel the soft nylon panties and slips in all their different colors. All these memories came flooding back to me when I put on the pair of panties she gave me and the baby doll nightie to sleep in. I feared showing too much excitement in wearing her lingerie thinking she may not want to be with me anymore or her thinking I was gay or something, which I am totally not. When I returned home, I changed out of my slacks and into a pair of khaki shorts and nice polo shirt keeping the panties on as she requested. I was enjoying the feeling of the thin satin material against my cock and balls.

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   I loved the way they formed against my body and found them to be more comfortable than any other boxer or briefs I ever wore. When I checked my messages, Natalie had left me a message after I left her place telling me to pack an bag with enough clothes for Saturday and Sunday then meet her back at her place in a couple of hours. I did as I was told and packed a couple casual shirts, shorts, a pair of slacks and dressier shirt for the evenings along with my toiletries and shoes, socks, etc. and was at her place around noon. She opened the door and fell into my arms kissing me deeply pressing her body into mine and we became one for a brief minute. Our hands roaming over each other’s body. Her hands went to my ass and she felt for MY panty lines and traced them around my ass then she reached under and thru my shorts and stroked my satin covered balls. I in return did the same to her, but I reached up and under her short dress she was wearing and massaged her satin covered ass while we kissed. I could feel her wetness as I brushed over her crotch, which made her shudder. Natalie broke away and told me to calm down; we need to save the passion for later. With that, she led me upstairs so she could finish getting ready. She asked me what kind of clothes I brought and I told her and she said everything sounded perfect, but doubted I would need all I brought, but better safe than sorry she said with a grin. She led me to her room where I noticed many bags on her bed. She told me that she went and bought US some things for US to wear when we are together and when we are not. She told me that my willingness to allow her to dress me in her lingerie was a great turn on and explained to me her fantasy was have a man to feminize to a point to satisfy her lesbian tendencies but not actually be with a woman.

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   She loved how oral I was and soft and gentle I was in bed and wanted that person to be me. She wanted to have me wear matching lingerie to what she was wearing and have me wear it all the times we were together and also when we weren’t together knowing that when she thought of me, she would know what I was wearing was the same as she was wearing. She led me to the bed and started opening up the bags on the bed from Victoria’s Secret, Dillard’s, Foleys, and Mervyns. She opened the bag from Dillard’s and pulled out a long lavender nightgown, a mid-length red nightgown and 2 baby doll nighties with matching panties, one in pink and the other in white. My eyes fell to the floor and she noticed. She told me that’s just the beginning. In the VS bag she pulled out 4 bras and panty sets with garter belts; 2 second skin satin sets in taupe and white and the lace miracle bra set in black and lavender. She also bought 3 pair of lace top sheer stockings in nude, black and white. In the Mervyn’s bag she pulled out a 2 camisole and half slip sets, in white and beige a full slip in black; and she bought me 7 pair of Vanity Fair panties in various colors of the rainbow. I have never seen so much satin and lace and nylon in a pile before and when she said most all of what I see matches what she already has, I felt very special and very connected to her, it was very humbling. She said all I see is mine to wear and enjoy and I owed her nothing but my devotion and trust that she would never do anything to affect my spotless reputation and never humiliate me in public. What I see and what I wear stays between the two of us and no one else will know. With that said, she came into my arms and kissed me gently, hugging me into her body, grinding her crotch into mine as we fell onto her bed on top of satin and lace pile of MY lingerie. Natalie’s hands went to unbutton my shorts to have access to my panty clad satin cock and she felt me harder than I have been in a long time. She asked me if I approve of what she bought me.

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   I told her more than she will know and I thanked her and kissed her lips softly. She broke our kiss and aggressively took my shirt off and pulled my shorts off and kissed her way up my legs and started licking sucking my cock thru my panties, while her hands caressed my balls and ass thru the soft, thin satin material. I laid back and enjoyed the oral pleasures she was giving me; I had never felt anything like it. Her passion was incredible. I was quickly approaching orgasm and told her and she pulled my cock out the top of my panties and sucked me all the way down her throat and massaged my balls making me cum with great force. She swallowed every drop and I nearly passed out from the orgasm coming to my senses as she kissed my lips and face, tasting a bit of my cum on her tongue as we kissed. She pulled my panties back into place and sat up and found the matching beige camisole and half slip and asked me if I wanted help putting these things on. I told her please and she held the satin camisole up and I lifted my arms up and she let the soft, light fabric fall over my chest and into place smoothing the camisole into place with her hands. Feeling her hands thru the material over my chest was electrifying and she held the half-slip open for me to step into and she pulled it up my torso and let it snap into place against my stomach. She then got up and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing the identical match to what I was wearing down to the panties. She asked how I liked what she was wearing? All I could say was wow knowing we were wearing the exact same things. I went to her and took her into my arms and it was my turn to show her my appreciation of her. Kissing her and lying her down on the bed, kissing my way up her body till finding her panty clad pussy and I licked and sucked her thru her panties and she orgasmed quickly as she moaned in ecstasy. We collected ourselves and straightened out the lingerie on our bodies and went into her kitchen for something to eat. She told me we need to shave my legs and “bikini area” and get rid of all unwanted hair. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   She told me I will really love the feeling of the nylons against my legs when I do. After we grabbed a quick lunch, Natalie had me follow her back to her room to gather our clothes, telling me to change out of those sexed up panties and gave me the matching hi cut panty that goes with the camisole and slip I was wearing. She tossed me my shorts and a short sleeved dark print silk shirt and told me to get dressed. I said the camisole will show thru my shirt and the slip will fall below my shorts. Natalie said no they won’t and she pulled the short half slip further up my hips and pulled my shorts up tucking the slip in my shorts and massaged my satin covered cock with the nylon slip; what a wonderful feeling the 2 materials were against my sensitive member. I buttoned the shirt and was surprised that the camisole showed no lines or lace thru my shirt. She said I looked perfectly normal the way I was dressed and no one will be able to tell of the silky treasures I was wearing underneath. I admitted that feeling the camisole under my clothes was very sensual and naughty at the same time and feeling the slip and panties under my loose fitting shorts was electrifying. I put my shoes on and watched her slip on a pastel colored floral silk dress turning to me so I could zip her up watching her pretty lingerie disappear under her dress. She told me we need to go do a little shopping for some things she forgot she took me in her arms kissing me and feeling me up and under her breath between kisses told me that I am turning her on knowing her man was wearing lingerie and loving it. I told her I am loving every minute and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me. So then we jumped into her car and we stopped first at Eckerd’s for some hair removal and then to Ross where Natalie wanted to buy me something else. As we browsed the racks, she found a casual dress just like what she was wearing, a cotton pullover cover-up type dress, a black knee length broomstick skirt and a white silk blouse, a pair of black pumps and a few other packages of some type of pantyhose. I asked her why all these things and she said I will see in due time. As we walked in the stores I was constantly reminded of what I was wearing from the camisole pulling across my chest and shoulders as I moved to the hem of the slip caressing my thighs keeping me aroused for most of the time we were out along with the thought of the pretty lady buying these feminine things for me to wear.

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   She told me not to worry about anyone besides her seeing me dressed in anything we buy, it’s just for her and I to enjoy and experiment with. She also told me I am making all her fantasies come true in buying and doing what we are doing and she kissed me as she slipped a finger thru the gap in my shirt and stroked my harden nipple thru my camisole as the sales lady watched and I think caught a glimpse of my satin camisole. I didn’t care and we paid for the things and got back in the car. It was getting dark outside and Natalie thought it would be fun if we drove home wearing just our lingerie and I asked what if someone saw us and especially me. She told me I worry too much and the tint on the windows will block most of the finer details as far as our clothing is concerned. She turned her back to me and I unzipped her dress and she told me to take my shirt and shorts off which I did and before I knew it, we were driving in our underwear. I was loving the feeling of being exposed to whom ever wanted to see me and I reached for and began stroking the underside of Natalie’s camisole and bra covered breasts and watching her gasp with pleasure as I massaged and lightly pinched her nipples. I moved my hand down her chest and to her slip covered crotch and traced the outline of her panties under her slip and found her wet with anticipation when I reached her crotch. I fingered her wetness as her breathing became quicker and she pulled over in a remote rest area near home and she hungrily kissed me and began ravishing my satin covered body with kisses and stroking my cock thru all the fine layers of my lingerie. She told me to open the door and get out where she followed me out and she leaned over her car and grabbed my cock and pulled it free thru the leg opening and I slid her panties to the side and entered her right there for anyone that drove by to see. It took about 2 minutes and we were both having earth-shattering orgasms as we both screamed out in ecstasy. We finished up and got back into the car and drove back to Natalie’s, pulled into her garage and went in. What an adventure. As I took the sacks to her room, Natalie phoned in some Chinese food for dinner and met me as I was coming out of her room and led me to the restroom and told me to strip and stand in the bath. I did as I was told and she applied the hair removal lotion all over my legs and bikini area and she told me not to move for 5 minutes while it did its thing.

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   She liked the fact that I was not very hairy in the chest and she shaved what little hair I had on my chest and underarms. By the time she was done with that, she wiped the hair remover off my legs and rinsed them off and then proceeded to shave my balls with utmost precision being every so careful. When she was done, all was left was a little triangle over my cock and nothing else. The doorbell rang and Natalie handed me some lotion to apply on my body, put on what she has left for me on her bed and join her in the kitchen for dinner. After applying the lotion, I went to her room and laid out for me was the matching pink satin bra, hi-cut panty and garter belt set with nude stockings, and the white camisole and half slip. She also had laid out the blue satin robe from the night before. All this kind of overwhelmed me and I found myself standing there admiring all the lingerie as Natalie called out for me and asked if I needed any help. She did come in as I was pulling my panties up and in place, she took the bra and helped hook me and wrapped the garter around my waist and pulled the straps thru my panties telling me that way I can pull my panties down to pee or take them off without undoing everything. She rolled the stockings up my legs and without any hair on my legs, the sensation was unbelievable. I was sporting a large hard on what didn't go unnoticed, but Natalie wanted to eat first. I finished up by putting my camisole and slip on then covering up all my wonderful lingerie with the thin satin robe and slipped my stockinged feet into a pair of slippers Natalie got for me so I don't put a run in my stockings. As I walked to the kitchen to eat, I couldn't help but notice how the garters pulled on my stockings as I moved and feeling the tightness of my bra around my chest and the way the lace on my slip caressed my stockinged legs. What a wonderful feeling. The big thing was how my hairless body tingled at all the satin and lace adoring my body. TO BE CONTINUED.