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Topic: have you ever found a pair of fishnetsok. . . so one day i was doing laundry when i found a pair of my moms fish nets, i got curious and went into my room to try thelm on, omg i loved the feeling of the breeze, and how they were the crochless ones! i heard my door open and i jumped under the covers, it was my dad. . . . he asked me what i was doing and i said "im tired" and he said wtf are you wearing, when he saw my foot poking out from under the covers, and Demanded i stand up and show him. . . . i was rilly scared and i had knots in my stomach and was prepairing to get grounded and bitched out. . . . .

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   so i closed my eyes, and stood up, letting the cover fall to the floor, he asked me to turn completely around, and said i looked rilly good in them, i hadnt exspected this anwser. . . but it got me curious as to what would come next.
he told me to bend over the bed when i did he asked me if i was ever going to wear girls clothes again, i said "NO SIR" and he said rong anwser and smacked my ass 3 or 4 times(HARD) till i started crying YESS SIR, YES SIR, then he said good, now get on your knees and show me what a little slut you are. . . . i knew what he wanted so i gave it to him. . . i started licking on the head of his dick, then slowly moving my way down to the shaft, he screamed "DEEP THROAT ME YOU WHORE" so i slowly tried to force his 8in dick down my throat. . . i felt my throat streach, i thaught i was gonna gag, when i finaly felt his balls on my chin i paused for a second to let my throat ajust to his massave dick.

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  . . . i felt his hand on the back of my head. . . he pushed my face on his dick as i strugled to get off it for air, i thaught he was going to kill me by choaking me on his dick, when i thaught i was gonna faint and i started turning purple, he pulled my head off his dick by my hair. . . . then after i had gotten half a breath he ramed it back in, face fucking my throat untill he finaly stoped half way in my mouth and shot a load of hot juicy cum in my mouth, causing my cheeks to puff out and some excess which i couldnt handel ozzed from the side of my mouth and ran back down his dick, he said " swallow it all you little whore" and i got about half of it down when he grabbed me by my hair, braught me up to his lips and passionatly kissed me, some of his cum went into his mout, as soon as he tasted it he pulled my neck back causing my face to point upwards with my head tilted back, he spit the cumm back in my mouth. . . . then he spit a gob of spin in there just for kicks.

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  . . . i loved it : )
he said. . . wow that was amazing. . . my throat was so sore i thaught i was gonna cry. . . he pulled me to my feet by my hair and said "now were gonna see how much of a fagget you rilly are" he bend me over the bed and slaped my ass a couple more times, causing it to get little red blood grouping marks. . .

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   it was gonna bruse. . . then he told me to stay there and he went and got some ky and 3 ropes. . . . since i was at the foot of the bed, he tied one ancel to  each let of the bed, then he tied my hands behind my back, and put a flat 100 pound weight from the weight bench, and placed it between my arms and my back, so i was pinned
he squirted some ky just bairly in my rim. . . then he said "i hope you like it roughf(which i do) and rammed his 8in dick completely in my cherry hole, i screamed from the pain, he held it their for about 10 secs before he started to slowly slide in and out my tiny hole, (it hurt, but i still enjoyed being his little bitch) he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back from out of the pillows, streaching my neck back, which i think rilly turned him on. . . . so did the fish nets WHICH I WAS STILL WEARING! and he started ramming my ass faster each minuit for about 10 minuits untill he was going as fast and as hard as he could, he went 10 more minuits like this before he blew a huge load of cumm in my ass, i loved the feeling of the warm juice ozzing out my streached out hole and running down my leg, then he said.

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  . . . . wow i got alot of cumm on your moms fish nets. . . re wash thelm and we can dirty them um tomarow you little whore. . . . . . . i still had tears in my eyes from the pain, but i still loved the treatment, this happened 3 months ago.

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  . . im 15,. . . . and lucky for me its still happening . . . . . . YAY. . .

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ps: if you see this. . . . I LOVE YOU DADDY

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