I Belong To James - Final Chapter (6)


Pete and I went back into the living room and turned on the Padres pre-game show on TV. I was fidgeting in my seat, uncomfortable in my outfit. Pete noticed and asked me if my hot pants were too tight.
“Not really,” I replied. “I just feel ridiculous dressed this way and I still don’t know exactly how I’m supposed to act. I feel like I’m playing a role with no script. ”
Pete gave me a look of stern exasperation. “Did you feel like you were playing a role when you were laying on your back with James on top of you?
“Well, uh…” I stammered
“Did you feel like you were playing a role when he was sucking your nipples, or kissing your neck?” Pete continued. “And did you feel like you were playing a role when he slipped his throbbing cock into you or brought you to orgasm? Did you feel…
“Well, no!” I interrupted. “I just lay back and imagined myself as the female. I was even envious of my ex-girlfriends who could just lay back and enjoy”
“Stop right there!” Pete hollered. “Listen to yourself. The only reason you feel uncomfortable is because you have to give back. How many times have you spent half an hour on foreplay with some broad just for the opportunity to stick your dick in her for three minutes? And then she makes you feel like she did you a favor by giving you some pussy. Is that what you want to be?”
Pete was making sense. I remember many times being angry at my ex-girlfriends lack of participation.

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   Even James had made reference to women dishing out sex as if it were a treat or reward at breakfast this morning.
Pete wasn’t done with me yet. “If you think spreading your legs for James is all you need to do to make him happy, you’re wrong. A good looking guy like James could get all the pussy he wanted if he wanted to put up with that attitude. Jeff has a saying, “go with what you know. ” That means that a man knows what a man wants. Treat your man the way you would want a woman to treat you. ”
Pete finally shut up and let me mull over what he had said. I never considered myself naïve, but in this case I had missed the whole point. Pete was right. I was willing to assume the role as long as it benefited me. I had become the selfish lover that I had hated in all my ex-girlfriends.
I looked at Pete and thanked him sincerely. “You’re right,” I said. I need to give James a whole lot more than I have, which to this point, has been nothing.

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Pete smiled back. “He’s a great guy Dave. Just show him that you appreciate him. ” With that, he dropped the subject.
We heard some commotion at the door, a set of keys fall to the ground, and then laughter. Pete smiled, “Our guys are back,” and went to the door to let them in. Jeff was leaning against the door and almost fell inside when Pete opened it. He had a bag in each hand and Pete reached into one of them and grabbed a beer, at the same time giving Jeff a kiss. I rose from the sofa and headed toward the front door as James came in. He looked at me and beamed from ear to ear.
“Does this mean that you…” James started to say.
“Yeah, you owe me big time fella,” Pete yelled from the kitchen. “Let’s play cards. ”
I walked up to James and wrapped my arms around his waist, grinding my hips into his. I kissed him long and passionately.

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   “I’m going to try and make you as happy as you’ve made me. ” I said sincerely. “Let’s go, our company is waiting for us. ”
James and I put the beer in the fridge while Pete and Jeff arranged the chairs around the kitchen table. They had also bought a pint of tequila so I found some shot glasses and settled at the table. We played three games of Spades, rotating partners after each game. I played the hostess keeping everybody’s drinks fresh. James couldn’t keep his eyes, or his hands off of me the entire time. Every time I got him a fresh beer, one of his hands would find it’s way up my shorts. I had a perpetual hard-on for the duration of the card game.
When we finished playing cards we retired to the living room to watch preseason football. The Chargers were playing the Steelers. I hadn’t been in San Diego long enough to warm up to the Chargers, but being from northern Ohio, and a big Browns fan, I had no problem rooting against the Steelers.
By halftime the game was already out of reach for the Chargers and it appeared that Pete and Jeff had gotten bored with it. Jeff was sitting in the oversized recliner and Pete was sitting across his lap, shirt off, stroking Jeff’s cock through his shorts while they necked.

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   James pretended to ignore them. He was sitting next to me on the sofa and had been rubbing my upper thigh throughout the game, every now and then stroking my hard-on through my shorts. I could see he was holding back, afraid of pushing me too far in front of Pete and Jeff, so it was up to me to make a move.
I threw my leg over his and spun myself on top of him so I was sitting in his lap facing him. His look of surprise was cut short by me covering his lips with mine while running my fingers through his hair. I could feel his erection through our shorts, nestled in the crack of my ass, and I thrust my hips slowly back and forth to create friction. A moan escaped from his mouth and I felt his hands go to the waistband of my hot pants. I reached down and grabbed his wrists pulling them away from my waist. “No baby,” I whispered in his face as I interrupted our kiss, “this one’s for you. ” I pulled his shoulders forward and removed his shirt. I kissed him again while I massaged his shoulders and then moved to his neck, sucking and kissing in all the spots that I myself would love, while continuing to stroke his throbbing cock in the crack of my ass. I was horny as hell and wanted his cock up my ass but I was determined to make this about him. I made my way down to his nipples and sucked them to erection, alternating between the two. I worked my way from his chest down his stomach kissing and sucking every square inch of his body between his chest and his waistband. I felt him shudder and a desperate moan escaped his lips.

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It was too awkward to go any further while he was sitting on the couch so I grabbed his hand and led him to the middle of the living room and motioned him to lay on the floor. He laid down and I grabbed the waistband of his shorts. He lifted his ass off the floor so I could remove them. As his waistband slid over his crotch, his rock hard cock sprang up, swinging momentarily back and forth while staring at me with it’s one glistening eye.
I removed my own clothes and went to the couch for some throw pillows to put under James’ head. I noticed that Jeff and Pete were also naked and Pete was sitting in the recliner with one leg over each arm and Jeff kneeling on the floor sucking his tits. Pete’s eyes were closed but he opened them momentarily, winked at me with a smile on his face, and closed them again.
I returned to James and put two pillows under his head so he could watch what came next. I kissed him again and then kneeled between his spread legs. I had never had a cock in my mouth before, let alone given a blowjob, but I was determined to make this experience memorable for the both of us. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and felt it throb in my hand. I licked the pre-cum from the tip preparing myself for what was sure to follow. It was warm and salty and not at all bad tasting. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and worked my way down the shaft to the base. As I worked my way back up his shaft I used my tongue to lick the length of it’s underside.

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   I took a few seconds to suck and lick the knob before going down on him again.
As I suck and licked his cock, James was writhing on the floor and moaning loudly. From behind me I heard Pete laughingly ask, “Jeez James, do I have to stick something in your mouth to shut you up?”
“Go ahead Pete,” James replied. “I owe you one anyway. ”
I saw Pete walk passed me out of the corner of my eye, and to my amazement, straddle James’ head. James repositioned the pillows under his head and opened his mouth to let Pete fuck it. Getting caught up in the moment, I took James’ cock out of my mouth and asked, “What about Jeff, don’t you owe him one too?”
James answered, “Your other end isn’t busy. He’s more than welcome if it’s okay with you. ”
Jeff had been sitting on the recliner stroking himself and watching, but he was up like a shot after hearing James’ offer. I watched him walk passed and go into the bedroom as I continued working on James’ cock. He emerged seconds later with a small jar of K Y jelly in his hand. I felt his fingers applying a liberal dollop to my asshole. My ass had been resting on my heels but I raised it and spread my legs to allow Jeff easy access. I felt Jeff situate himself behind me and felt the head of his cock pressing against my asshole. Jeff’s cock wasn’t as long as James’, but it was much thicker.

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   I took my mouth off of James’ cock so as not to accidentally bite him while Jeff was trying to penetrate. I felt some pain as the bulbous head made it’s way passed my sphincter and he stopped to let my asshole adjust. Jeff slowly fed his dick into my ass inch by inch until he bottomed out and then rested again to let me get used to it. After a few moments, he started slowly pumping in and out. The pain subsided and was replaced with pure pleasure.
I went back to sucking James’ cock paying special attention to the sensitive head. I was teasingly licking it and watching his body spasm. I started bobbing my head faster up and down his shaft and he started bucking his hips indicating he was close. I stopped for a few seconds just holding his throbbing dick in my mouth, delaying his orgasm for a few moments while I enjoyed the pounding Jeff was giving me at the other end. I was wanting both Jeff and James to come at the same time and when Jeff picked up speed, I started sucking James’ cock for all I was worth. I heard a high pitched moan and assumed that Pete had cum. I looked up to see him getting off of James’ face. My eyes met James’. The pleasure in his eyes warmed me and I smiled at him around a mouthful of cock.
James’ hips started bucking again and I could tell he was close.

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   I picked up speed and then heard a groan from behind as Jeff came deep inside me. I could feel the bulbous head of his dick throbbing as spurt after spurt of his hot cum flowed into me. I absent mindedly wondered whether women felt cum flowing into their pussies, when the first load shot from James’ dick. I went deep on his dick and continued bobbing my head in short, slow strokes near the base the way I like it when I’m getting head. The second and third shots hit the back of my throat and I swallowed frantically wondering if he’d ever stop. The cum finally ebbed to a slow flow and I swallowed it as I continued working his shaft in my mouth. I held his dick in my mouth until it stopped throbbing and began to go flaccid. I felt Jeff pull his cock from my ass and I took James’ cock from my mouth and licked the tip clean causing his body to jerk. The tip still sensitive.
I looked up at James and smiled and he reached down and pulled me up on top of him. He kissed me passionately and thanked me. Pete piped up that I still had a hard on and hadn’t cum yet. He asked James if he could do the honors and was on me as soon as James nodded his head.
“This shouldn’t take long. ” Pete cracked as he devoured my wanting erection.

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   He was right. After bobbing his head on my cock for a few seconds while squeezing my nuts, I exploded in his mouth, my hips bucking wildly. As Pete pulled my dick from his mouth and licked the slit for good measure, I said, “I thought us girls weren’t supposed to do that. ”
Pete replied, “I never said there was anything wrong with a little oral between girlfriends. ”
We all drank another beer and after about fifteen minutes, it was obvious that none of us were ready to call it an evening. Pete and Jeff decided to stay the night and James pulled a large sleeping bag out of the hall closet for them to sleep on. As they spread the sleeping bag on the living room floor, James and I retired to the bedroom.
As we lay in bed caressing each others bodies, James asked, “Why the sudden change? What did you and Pete talk about?”
He made a move to get on top of me but I pushed him back and jumped on top of him, straddling his waist. I raised my ass in the air and positioned his erect cock at my asshole. I slowly settled on top of him, his cock deep inside me.
“We talked about give and take” I said, looking into his eyes. I leaned down and kissed him passionately, probing his mouth with my tongue. I lay on his chest and continued raising and lowering my ass, giving my man what he needed.
James reached over to the nightstand and turned off the light.

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