Across the Hall (Part 1 of 3)


Sarah turned the TV off and sighed. Reaching over the side of the bed, her hand brushed carpet until it found her cellphone. Pulling it up to her face, she hit a random button and the dark screen came to life.


"Unbelievable," she muttered to herself. Not only had she been stood up by Eric-the-asshole, but now she couldn't sleep.

If it hadn't been for the fact that Blake had their kids this weekend, she would have just gone home. Her lying douche-bag of an ex-boyfriend had taken her house and had forced her into living with her parents. Which left going back home out of the picture.

Sarah hadn't expected to be asking her new best friend to crash at her place tonight. She was suppose to have been on a date with Kyle. . . their third date.

She looked up at the popcorn ceiling and clenched her teeth. It had been far too long since she had any sex.

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   Last time she'd had gotten any was 9 months before her youngest son had been born. She loved both of her children, dearly, but her youngest son was five now and mommy needed something.

Closing her eyes, she silently shook her head and felt a little ashamed. It wasn't just sex. It was the fact that she had taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up here. "Here" being a single mother of two, living with her parents, and paying her ex-boyfriend's mortgage.

Sarah's chest trembled and she bit her lip. She wouldn't cry.

"Shhhh. Not so loud!" a hushed voice, broken by giggles, came from behind Sarah's door.

She blinked away a tear, and found herself sitting up out of reflex. Straining her ears, she heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

"Don't shush me woman!" This time, Sarah caught the distinctive male voice of John. Katie, her best friend, had recently gotten hitched by John. In fact, they'd just gotten back from their honeymoon--just another reason why she felt like crap for imposing on them.

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"John. . . What are you. . . Here?!" Katie gasped. Sarah could hear the smile in her voice.

"Hmmm," came the response.

Sarah heard the bathroom door, just across the hall, creak open. "What if she's awake?"

She froze, realizing her body had already moved toward the half opened door.

"Let her watch for all I care," John breathed.

As Sarah reached the dark threshold, she tried to justify her intrusion with curious ignorance but even that sounded like denial.

The moonlight from the bathroom's skylight illuminated two bodies. Katie, wearing only a tight t-shirt and a thong, was lifted up onto the bathroom's counter-top by her husband.

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   Hard nipples attempted to break free from the shirt until John peeled it away. For the first time, Sarah got a glimpse of her best friend topless.

She'd never fantasized about another woman before, but the sight made Sarah's mouth dry.

"What is going on with me? I shouldn't be watching this," Sarah thought to herself.

Just as she turned her head back toward her room, John's voice answered like the little devil on her shoulder, "Let her watch for all I care. "

Sarah turned her focus on John to discover the skinny man was actually just really lean. While he wore pajama pants, that sported a nice looking tent, his shirt was off and showed a lick-able body. And then something unexpected happened.

She was wet.

"Oh god," Katie said, giving voice to Sarah's thoughts.

While she couldn't see what John was doing to her, there was enough light for Sarah's imagination. He'd pushed her thong to the side and was fingering her.

Slowly, as if afraid to wake up, Sarah moved her hands to her shorts. When her fingers found the elastic band, they started trembling--but it wasn't enough to stop her. As she slowly dropped her shorts, she smelled her own arousal.

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   Soft carpet caressed her knees as she rested her head against the door frame and slid her index finger along her wet slit.

John's mouth had found Katie's and she started to moan. His lips made their way down to her erect nipples and Sarah saw his tongue flick out like a snake.

"Oh God!" Katie whispered a little louder. He switched to sucking and she immediately came out with another moan.

Meanwhile, Sarah started tweaking her right nipple as she continued her slow rub.

"Oh my God I'm so wet," Sarah thought.

"Damn it John, put it in me. "

Katie's hand had disappeared into John's pants and he grunted. Pushing away from her, he pulled his pajama bottoms down and exposed one of the larger cocks Sarah had seen.

"No wonder she loves him," Sarah thought, bewildered. "Who would have known he'd have a deadly weapon?"

"It's not like Katie ever talked about her sex life," replied her little devil.

Katie tried to pull her own thong off but John swatted her hand away. She made an annoyed sound but her hands stayed still as he took a knee and slide her thong off.

Sarah's hand had progressively increased it's rubbing, occasionally bumping into her now engorged clit.

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   Seeing Katie's glistening love hole gave her another unexpected but naughty feeling--and she had to stifle a moan. Aside from her own, she'd never seen another woman's aroused pussy. She hadn't ever experiment in college like some of her girlfriends. Sarah licked her lips.

John didn't get up though and started kissing her thigh.

"Baby. . . " Katie giggled, shying away from his lips. "You know that beard of your's tickles. "

John took a long whiff from his wife's wet hole and made his own sound of announce. When he stood up, Katie immediately grabbed his meat.

Sarah stifled another moan when an unexpected thought crossed her mind. She'd imagined their roles being reversed. That she was the one grabbing his cock and Katie was.

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  . . watching her.

Katie guided him until his head slowly penetrated her wet pussy. Sarah slid her index finger in at the same time.

"Baby, you're big," Katie complained, and then bit her lower lip like a porn star.

Sarah watched John's ass move back and forward. Her finger mimicked his motions and she added her middle finger. Leaning back on the carpet, she sat down and got a bit more comfortable. The smell of pussy filled her nose.

Katie grunted like a bitch in heat as her husband slowly filled her up, inch by inch.

"Not so deep baby," Katie gasped as he grabbed her hips.

He pushed her into the mirror behind her and tilted her hips up as he slowly fucked her. It was a steady rhythm, one which Sarah easily kept up. From the look on her face, he was doing a fantastic job.

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""Ri--Right there," Katie whimpered, her eyes closed. "Ah!"

Now her heels were digging into his lower back. She was fucking him back.

"Deeper," she panted, "Deeper. "

Sarah was soaking wet. She couldn't believe what she was doing--couldn't believe she wanted to be fucked like that.

John, sensing some timer going off, grabbed her ass and impaled her. Katie gasped as she rocked her hips against him, fucking his cock for him. And then her primal grunts were elongated by what Sarah could clearly see as an orgasm. Having never experienced one during intercourse, Sarah paused her finger-fucking and watched on in amazement. As soon as his wife stopped bucking against him, John resumed his thrusting and she she had to bite down onto his shoulder as another orgasm followed the first. She was trying to stifle a scream.

Her heels slowly loosened against his hips and then it was John having his way with her. His knees started to bang into the cabinets and his ragged breaths easily reaching Sarah's ears. He was close.

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"Baby, cum!" Katie whimpered.

"Let me cum in your mouth," he grunted.

Sarah's hand resumed.

"Does he want to fill her mouth, or does he want her to taste her our pussy?" Sarah wondered.

Regardless of the intention behind the request, Sarah wanted to tell him yes.

"No," Katie whispered. "You know I don't like that. "

She grabbed his hand though and started sucking on his finger. John moaned in delight. It was clearly one of his favorites.

Having gotten over her orgasms, Katie started fucking him back with a vengeance.

Sarah moaned at the exquisite scene and closed her eyes. Adding her ring finger into her almost animalistic masturbation session, she started flicking her clit with her thumb. She wanted to cum with John.


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  " The sound opened Sarah's eyes and she found that Katie had pushed him away from her.

For a split gut-wrenching second, she thought she'd been found. While the newlyweds were busy fucking, her door had slowly opened a bit further and she was spread eagle to them.

The sinking feeling instantly disappeared, however, when John was pushed back against the wall and Katie went to her knees.

She grabbed his wet hard cock and opened her mouth. He groaned as his wife's lips slid down his dick until she was deep-throating him. Sarah couldn't believe the woman didn't gag. And then her head began to bob.

"Jesus, woman. What's gotten into--" John's words quickly died in his mouth as it was overtaken by a loud moan.
He grabbed her head and Katie's hands loosened against his thighs as he took over and started fucking her mouth.

Sarah, wet and horny, watched her naked best friend get mouth-fucked by her husband's cock. She'd never, in her life, had fantasied about voyeurism, but she knew after tonight she would. John's knees buckled and Katie willingly followed him down to the floor. He was cumming in her mouth.

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   Sarah felt her orgasm nearing.

John, panting, leaned his head back against the wall as his wife continue to suck him off, milking every ounce of him. His hand finally came up and he pushed her gently away.

"So close," Sarah muttered to herself.

Just when Sarah's was on the brink of ecstasy, her brain kicked in. The only sound in the house was their loud breathing and her wet pussy squishing. In a state halfway between fuck-me-now and what-have-I-done, it was a wonder the latter part of her mind won. Begrudgingly, she stopped her soaked hand's ministrations. Even after all that, she still hadn't came. The sexual frustration was almost unbearable.

Gasping, John whispered, "You are by far the best wife a man can have. "

Lifting himself up, he offered his hand to her but she just smiled and shook her head.

His eyes alighted in understanding and he picked up their clothes. "I'll be in bed and probably asleep before you have time to flush. Love you honey.



Katie smiled at her lover, and Sarah could see she really did love him with all her heart. Both Katie and Sarah watched John's sweat covered backside disappear into their bedroom before the door closed.

Sarah, still frozen in her doorway, debated on what to do next but it was quickly decided for her.

Katie looked right at her.


A note to the readers:

I'm a long time fan of this site, but I've never tried to write a story before--and I decided to write one about 3 hours ago so this is a rough draft (read: so be gentle |o. O|). The story and the characters are completely fictional. This is part 1 of 3. I already have an idea of what the the other installments will have, but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts first. Comment away while I get some sleep.