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Hey Gang, It has been really busy around here of late. I wrote while back about my friends from India that have a convenience store over in Carolina and the fun we had including their niece that they wanted to open up. Well, Rahnee, the wife of Suren called me Thursday afternoon and asked if I was busy for the weekend. I checked and was not occupied with anything that could not be canceled or moved. "Good, please come to visit us, we have some special fun for you. " she said and I said "Sounds good. " I got to the store about 9 in the evening and Suren greeted me and I said Hello and then he said, "Rahnee and my niece have been waiting for you. " and he showed me to a new addition on the back of the store. I opened the door and there was a full sized living room and then a door to a very nice bedroom. Rahnee greeted me fully naked and kissed me deep. "Take off those clothes please, they will just be in the way. " she said laughing. I did as she said and was hard as a rock thinking of the last time I had been in bed with her. She took my hand and led me to the bed room. On the bed was a very lovely light caramel skinned young girl. She was smiling and got up and kissed me too.

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Rahnee took us to the bed and laid the girl in the middle and me on one side and then she got on the other side. They spoke in Punjabi and the girl turned to me, "You will give me a baby. " she said and it was very broken English. " Rahnee looked at me, "she is ready to conceive now and so we would like you to help us give her a baby, is that okay?" she said. "Sure. " I said and the girl, Rahnee called her Jade and she answered to Jade so what the Hell. She turned to Rahnee and they began kissing. Soon Jade was sucking Rahnee's tits and they were playing and getting very hot and so was I watching these two beautiful Indian women in the bed with me. Rahnee moved her to me, "We have made sure that she is not virgin, I used a dildo to make her ready for you. That was a month ago and she should be ready now. " she said and Jade began kissing me and pulling me to her. She had a nice body, stil a little plump since she was young and that I never found out her age was good I suppose. Rahnee said that she was ready. Jade had only been in bed with Rahnee and had never been with a man and I was her first. She had just a little fuzz between her legs and I was kissing her nipples (that is all she had) and they were nice and erect and she was moaning and said something to Rahnee, "She wants to have you eat her.

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  " she said and I told her that was exactly what I was going to do. Her legs came apart and my tongue was licking her as softly as I could and she moved against my face and was pulling my head into her pussy.

Soon she gave a nice little squeal and her pussy got soaking wet leaking her orgasm into my mouth. I licked her again and soon another orgasm leaked out. I moved up her body and kissed her with my soaking wet face and she said that she loved tasting pussy juices especially Rahnee. Rahnee moved to our hips and moved her hand to my cock and put it at the entrance of the sweet pussy I had just eaten. Jade was talking fast and her eyes were closed and she had her arms around my neck. "She wants you to push in hard and do it fast. " Rahnee told me. I looked into her eyes and she smiled and suddenly I rammed into her pussy. She cried out and held me to her and began moving against my cock and it slipped in and out of her still tight pussy. It grabbed my cock with an orgasm that was intense and she was moving against me wanting me to ram her deep and hard and so I did. She was moaning and meeting each stroke with her hips pushing up onto my cock. Another orgasm held me cock tight and then I felt mine getting ready to explode. She moved her legs up over my shoulders and behind her head so that her pussy and ass was straight up in the air and I was pounding deep into her pussy.

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   I filled her with my load and she had another orgasm and somehow she made sure I never stopped and was pile driving her pussy. It took a while but another load filled her pussy and she smiled and spoke to Rahnee. "This is going to be a wonderful weekend. " she had said. Rahnee helped her to keep her pussy up so that the cum would swim into her pussy and hopefully make a baby. I laid there watching them kiss and then after a while Rahnee came to me and began sucking my cock. We ended by her sitting over my face and soaking my face and head and pillow with an orgasm that sprayed all over.

We slept and it was daylight when I heard Jade moving and Rahnee saying "Time for some breakfast you two. " and we got up and she had set up a table. We all stayed naked and she served us. Jade laughed and said "My pussy is leaking his cum, I need to fill it back up again tonight. " and Rahnee said that we would. I just got home a couple hours ago and I don't think I can get hard for a couple days now. Jade drained my balls and they are totally empty now. Rahnee told me she was sure that we had made a baby for Jade and that he would look like me.

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   I don't know how but I do know that it was great and I need to go to bed and rest. They did say the other girl that they had been with me was pregnant and that they hoped to have another cousin or niece soon. All I know is that I am getting addicted to fucking India women. They taste great and love to be fucked hard and deep. See ya later all. .