16 yr old son has fun with mum


Hi let me tell you a bit about my self, im a 16-year-old boy and live at home with my mum.
I often fantasize and wank over my mum, she is 47 and there is just something about her that turns me on. I often peak into the bathroom when she’s in the shower just to get a glimpse of her body. I sometimes leave my cock hanging out and pretend to be asleep to see her reaction, she usually looks at it for quite a while id love to know what she’s thinking.
One day when I heard her getting in the shower I got out of bed and peaked into the bathroom. I could see her undressing and I could see her slightly hairy pussy it made me instantly rock hard. She got into the shower and started rubbing soap all over her body. And then to my surprise she started rubbing her pussy this made me so horny I just had to start wanking, she eventually made her self cum and that made me blow to.
I quickly ran into my room where I thought about what id just done and what id seen.
The next day I heard mum getting out of the shower and I decided id pull my cock out in full view of my mum. Mum walked past and had a good look I saw her out of the corner of my eyes.
Later that morning I went out for breakfast she was in the kitchen with Undies and just a top on, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful legs and thighs, I think she knew I was watching because she kept bending over giving me a nice view of her arse and shape of her pussy.
That night I went out with my friends and came home drunk. My mum helped me inside and took me to my room. She started to take my shirt off to put me in bed; I started to go along with it even though I wasn’t that drunk. She proceeded to take my pants off, but she didn’t know that I wasn’t wearing any underwear so when my cock dropped out she got the fright of her life, she wasn’t sure what to do and she just looked at me.

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   She got me a new pair of Undies she pulled them up and as she did my dick was right in her face. She grabbed it and pushed it into my Undies, having my mum’s hand wrapped around my cock made me so hard even though it was only for a few seconds.
The next day nothing was said about the whole cock incident. Later that night mum waned to watch a movie I said ok and sat down. Mum was wearing her usual Undies and top with no bra. Mum fell asleep during the movie so at the end I picked her up and carried her into her room and put her on her bed and looked at her body, I could see her nipples through her shirt it made me hard I pulled her sheets back and as I did she woke up she sat up and asked me if I could go and get her a drink of water before she went to bed I said yes, and as I came into the room my mum had her back to me and was undressing she covered her breasts and quickly looked at me and said gee you were quick.
I looked at her barely covered body and said mum just let me see you I know you have seen me she blushed when she realized I knew she had seen my cock and I said don’t worry mum no one has to know she looked at me I knew she was thinking about it. She moved her hands and her beautiful breasts were in full view. She then to my surprise pulled her Undies right off leaving her standing completely naked in front of me. She then said it’s your turn so I pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out mum walked over to me and reached out and grabbed my cock and started pulling it, I instantly went rock hard and mum was very pleased with the size of my cock. She laid me on the bed and started sucking on my cock she sucked it so good I blew straight down her throat. Then she grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy she was so wet I started sliding two fingers in her and she leant back and moaned I knew she liked what I was doing.
I lowered my tongue to her clit and slowly circled it; I then slid my tongue right in her pussy she started screaming my name I kept licking in her hole and she started bucking and then she came in my mouth.
My mum told me never to bring it up again and that we can never do it again. So now I have a secret cam in my mums room and I often wank over her.

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