Friday Night


It was Friday night, finally the weekend started.
After saying goodnight to my mum (since my parents split up, I lived with my mum) when she went to bed, I went back to my room. I turned on the TV and started watching soft-porn, getting aroused, I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started jerking off.
When I came close to cumming, my door opened and mum walked in.
Shame on you, she said, you shouldn’t be watching porn, so she turned the TV off.
Then her expression changed from anger to delight as she saw my rock hard cock.
She said it was good I had finally discovered the way to pleasure myself, but, she told me, it was even better to do it with someone you loved.
You are the only one I love, I said.
She walked over, and next to me on the bed, taking my boner in her hand. I started moaning and breathing faster, so she started jerking faster, until I almost came. She stopped jerking and took my pride in her mouth and sucked me dry.
You liked it, she asked? Hell yeah! I replied.
The day after, we both didn’t mention what had happened, but I felt I couldn’t resist coming in to her bedroom that night.
She was expecting me, and took my pajama’s off and motioned for me to lay down beside her. She steered my face towards her still pretty, but experienced pussy, and I started licking her clit and thrusted my tongue inside her, while stroking every other part of her forbidden fruit with my fingers.
When she came, she lay trembling in my hands.

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Later that night she asked how I felt about this whole situation, I replied I was feeling kind of uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with my mum. She told me that as long as we both wanted it, that was the only thing that mattered, because you should always do things you love, with people you love most. There’s only thing, she said, we should be careful not to get her pregnant because of the possible bad outcome.
So she held up a condom and dressed my manliness in rubber. Then I pushed myself into her, but she noticed from my clumsiness that she was taking my virginity so she turned herself on top of me. She started increasing the speed of our motions until I came and filled the latex protection.
The next morning I went to school and when I came home, mum was waiting in my room, wearing nothing. I immediately popped out my dick and surprised her with my newfound confidence, but she eagerly took my dick in and sucked me ‘till I almost.

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