Training to be as good as mum


I never had a mum until I was 12 as my real mum had dumped me with my dad and when I was a new born and had dissappeared for ever. My dad and I are very close and when he got married to Steph I couldnt have been happier for him. I was even one of the grooms men in the wedding. Steph was great for dad, she wsa lots of fun, had a great sense of humour andshe was one of the hottest 38 year olds in our town. Steph was also a mad triathalete and as dad and i had gotten into tri's together (thats how dad and steph met) we made a kickass family.
When I was about 16 was the time when steph became so much more than my mum. By this stage dad had hung up his swimmers and was now conserntrating on coaching me and mum in tri's and I was fit enough to keep up with my mum who was now a state representative and fighting for the national crown. We would train together all the time running, riding and swimming together nearly daily. It was also about this time that I really started to get obsessed with the female form and hanging out with my mum ment that alot of the time I was checking her out.
It all went to the next level when one day after swimming down in the ocean at a place we hadnt been before, it was time to get changed and go home and I was in the mens side of the change rooms showering when I hear mum say that her showers wernt working and if I minded if she share mine. I of course obliged and told her that none but my self was in there and with in a couple of seconds she was naked next to me showering. I couldnt take my eyes off her, her figure as you could imagine was amazingly tonned and her perki tits had perfect bullet like nipples. My eyes quickly scanned down to her pussy which was shaven bare and instantly I felt my self getting hard. I paniced and turned around so my back was facing her. I heard her giggle but i chose to ignore it and continued washing myself with my cock standing to full attention.
Steph then asked the question that would change everything.

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   "Can you pass me my shampoo babe" not the most exciting question I know but it meant i had to walk over to the bench in the change room and then back to the showers with my boner in clear view. I mumbled yes and walked quikly over to the bench grabbing the shampoo then trying my hardest to walk side way back to her to give her the shampoo. It was no use and when i looked to her to pass her the shampoo her eyes were locked on my cock and she was smiling from ear to ear.
"You have grown up havnt you?" she said in a cheeky whisper. I said nothing but my face went red with embarrasment. She told me not to be embarassed but then asked was her naked body that got me hard, all the time whispering in the most seductive way. I nodded still not speaking. Will yo masterbate about seeing me naked tonight in your bed. she asked only turning me on even more and embarrassing me even further. I nodded again. "Then why dont you do it now while you can see I promse I wont tellanyone". I stood frozen still my back to her. "Look I'llmake it easy for you . . .

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  . OOoopps i dropped the soap I better pick it up" she whispered. I looked over my shouder to see her bent over straight legged with her pussy and ass high in the air.
I instantly grabbed my cock and started pumping, she stayed on that position then started washing up her legs. As she got to the top of her thigh she would run her hand over her pussy. I was stroking hard as she stared up from between her legs. "come closer babe" she said and i waddled over until she was only centermeters from me. She kept playing with her self with one hand then with the other she grabbed my cock and started stroking for me. I nealry lost it right there but just controlled my self but it wasnt gonna be for long. She pulled at my cock and i took a step forward and then bang she guided me right into her. I let out a loud moan and instantly started cumming she moaned and then I heard "Are you guys ready yet. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . " It was my Dad. . . . .

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