The Mythic Island Chapter 1


But things didn’t go as planned. At the Au Bon Pain across the street from the Art Institute came out two men. They were lurking in the alleys, obviously waiting for something, or someone. The two men grabbed the girl. They were powerful, with strength that of beasts and dragged her into the depths of the alleyway. There, one of the men grabbed her from behind and restrained her by locking arms so she couldn’t move while the first man hit her over and over in the stomach with his fists of fury until she fell over and was knocked out. Chapter 1:Eventually she came to, awakened by the chilled steel floor she was laying sideways upon. She was in a cage, high above the ground in a helicopter. It was obvious from the loud humming and the annoying rattling of the surface she was on. She was bloody and where her body lay ran red. When she awoke, she felt something dull but couldn’t put her finger on it. She was in such a subconscious state that she couldn’t tell what was happening to her. The dull sensation seemed to be a hand that was massaging her behind. But it wasn’t a hard grab; it was more of a soft stroke from behind her. The hand ran up and down her young, nubile body, softly caressing all her curves. The assailant asked in a calm voice, “What’s your name?” It turned out the attacker was female from the soothing voice.

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   This person was much older however, nearly thirty. She was still a gorgeous woman, with the cutest butt that you could find. “Julie. ” Julie was obviously mortified. This unknown woman was abusing her. There was a pause. Then she cried out in shame, “What do you want from me?”“You will know in due time. But for now, let me show you what you are ’bout to see when we reach the island of Galen. My name is Liza and soon you will meet the rest of my company. ” With that Liza reached for Julie’s garments and took them off slowly, save for her panties and bra. Slowly, tears ran down Julie’s eyes. “Why are you doing this you sick freak?” She was so humiliated. She couldn’t bear being abused by some stranger. It wasn’t like there was a reason why she should be the target. “But you’re so hot…” There was a flare in Liza’s eyes.


   “I want to rock your world and show you what it truly means to be in the moment. ” Liza grabbed at Julie’s panties at the wet box and pulled on them so they came right off. Liza then covered her pussy with her hand, absorbing the heat and getting quite turned on. A morbid hunger was brewing within Liza. “Now bitch, you’re gonna do exactly as I say…you got that?” A knife was drawn to Julie’s neck. “Scream…scream cause no one is gonna hear ya!” Liza’s head went down, right into her pussy and a tongue slithered out between her teeth. It went into the forbidden zone as her lips sealed everything shut. The tongue moved in and out, producing the juices that everyone aims for. Julie cried for help, screaming and kicking and trying to move violently. Liza came prepared though, with chains, ropes and handcuffs. Within seconds Julie’s feet were bound together. They were then bended backwards under her torso, rope where then applied, tying her legs under there. The agony and pain was unbearable and terrible screams could be heard throughout the helicopter but the propellers drowned the noise from escaping. Liza drew out a long pink dildo and slapped Julie across the face with it. “Shut up BITCH!!! You’re my possession and you scream when I tell you to scream.


  ” She rammed the dildo straight down Julie’s throat. Muffled noises were emitting Julie’s mouth but Liza smacked her across the face for making too much noise. Then Liza took out an eight-foot 2x4 and placed it against the wall, roughly four feet up it. She then hit Julie in the stomach with a fire extinguisher that was on a nearby desk. This brought Julie to her knees and immobilized her. Within this golden window, Liza unbound Julie’s feet and spread them across the 2x4 and strapped them down. Julie was facing the wall with her legs spread wide open and in too much pain for anyone to handle. She then let Julie hang to the ground and bound her hands to her feet. When Liza walked up to Julie and looked down at her, she could see between her spread legs her nice wet pussy. Liza picked up a dildo and smacked the wet box really hard sending a twinge through her. Liza took her fingers and started to probe Julie, massaging the clit and forcing Julie to whimper in pleasure. Liza dropped to her knees, took the dildo that was still in Julie’s mouth and rammed it in her ass. Julie cried out in pain. “OOOOWWW…OH PLEASE NO DEAR GOD NO!” By this time tears were plenty but now Julie was crying like crazy. She couldn’t stop crying, the burning was too much for her.

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   The ease the pain, Liza got on her knees and put her face over Julie’s pussy. She stuck out her tongue and tickled the pussy. The pain was gone as her body was using up endorphins. “More…More…Give it to me harder and more!!! I WANT IT SO BAD!” The fucking continued, over and over the tongue moved in and out, in and out. “I’m coming…I’M COMING!!!” Wet juices seeped out of the pussy, running here and there, everywhere. Liza stood up and stopped her pleasing assault. She left the dildo in Julie’s ass, stuck another one in her pussy, and rammed a vibrating egg into her mouth. Liza licked her lips and whispered peacefully into Julie’s ear, “This is just a taste of what’s ’bout to happen to you. ” With that, Liza moved to the cockpit of the helicopter and left Julie hanging is my first story. . . plz comment and bash at your own will.