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The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sleep. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn't seem to want to hold my head up with much strength.

The chemistry teacher was going on about important things that would probably be on the test. But after an hour of the mind numbing explanations that didn't make sense, and wouldn't make sense until I reviewed after class, my brain was full to it's maximum. Just a few seconds of sweet relief for my eyes, under the florescent lighting would be enough. . .

By the time my arm slumped past a certain point, I jerked awake once again to the mindless droning. The awakeness only lasted about 30 seconds before the stupor once again set in. The droning on and on in monotone was not helping. It wasn't long before I completely gave in to the sweet pull of sleep.

No one bothered to wake me when class was over. Probably to better the chance I wouldn't make it to my next class. Little did they know I didn't have another class that day.

I woke up drowsilly.

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   Through the one window it appeared dark outside. I was disoriented, wondering why my body was in such a position, then realising I was sleepingin a desk, and I had fallen asleep in class. I rubbed my eyes and checked my hair.

As I was gathering my things to leave, a familiar face walked in. It was my Chem one teacher. I'd always had a crush on him, Chem 1 was a breeze because of it. The other Chem teacher was teaching well past retirement, and did little to hold my attention in the lack of air conditioning. But this professor was tall and lean with olive skin tone, green eyes, and sand colored hair with a bit of a curl. He didn't look very old for a professor, maybe 30's or mid 30's. My friend giggled at me saying I had pretty boy taste, but I knew she had a crush on him too. I immediately felt a bit awkward thinking about his body, and non-chalantly checked the width of my hips.

Just noticing I was there, he busted into a white-toothed grin.

"Hey Becka, what brings you here?You miss being in chem 1?"

"Actually yeah, it was a lot easier than chem 2. I keep falling asleep in class. "

"Oh?I'm sorry to hear that.

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  "He went and looked through some paperwork on the teachers desk. Just then I thought of something bold, that might help with my studies. . .

"Hey uhm. . . do you tutor Chem two students?" He looked up from his search, and gave me a calculating look. I thought I saw him glance quickly at my chest and back to my eyes. I tried not to flush. . . and failed miserably as always. He blinked at me and decided to pretend nothing happened.

"Not normally no.


  Why, is my best student having trouble now?" He looked a little concerned.

I tried not to think about the compliment too hard. "Actually yes. " I admitted, feeling somewhat embarassed. The next part I said while staring at a decoration on the wall. "The way you taught your class made the material easier to understand. "I thought I saw him grin out of the corner of my eye.

"Do you have time?" He asked. I held back my excitement.

"Yes, I don't have anything to do right now. "The thought of being tutored by him personally made me feel all sheepish and I wanted to burst into a giggle. I showed him my work and notes.

"Oh you're to the part where you have to memorize formulas and apply them to graphs huh?See that point there. . .

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   that's what you want to find, the melting point. This point is the boiling point. You have to find the maximum and minimum value for the equation. "

"Oh, I get it now. " The older teacher that I had now probably said that, but it was so much more interesting coming from the proffesor's thinly made lips.

"Here's how to plug in the terms. "He reached over and got a pencil and paper from my things. I didn't protest. As he did I caught the scent of his cologne, yummy. . . He sat down next to me, a bit closer than someone normally would. He drew out the equation and solved the example problem for me so I could see it step by step.

"Wow, that's actually easier than I thought it was," I said. He turned and gave me a slight smile.

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  He had a different kind of look in his eyes that I wasn't sure how to interpret. The tension in the air was palpatable, and I was already sweating from the heat.

"Too bad I'm a professor. "he said. For once I actually got the slight hint. He was attracted to me, but he couldn't make a move because he was in a position of power. THAT's why I liked him so much, all his smiles at me while he was teaching. I was never sure if it was me he was smiling at, or the general direction. I smiled at him in that moment

"What's so bad about it?You are a very good professor. " I decided to make a move, and see if my instincts were correct. I put my hand on his knee and felt it softly. He grinned mischievously.

"Treading on forbidden grounds there," he said, touching my hair, then running his finger along my jaw line. I closed my eyes, enjoying the touch.

"So are you.

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  . . " I trailed off feeling myself blush from the boldness of it all. I opened my eyes slightly to see him leaning in slowly. I closed my eyes and kissed him too. It was soft and warm, cautious. Then the pressure of his kiss increased, the sureness and confidence. He pulled back and I looked at him feeling lust sick, panting from the passion of the kiss. He turned torwards me more and turned my chair, then continued to kiss me with such passion, that I shook with the heat of it.

"Gosh," I said suprised, when I next came up for air. His hungry lust was intense, and overwhlemingly sexy.

"I haven't been satisfied for a while," he said truthfully. "Not since you walked into my room last spring. You're just my type. Too bad you were my student.

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"Not anymore," I said. I shook as he ran his hand slowly along my bare thigh while he went back to kissing me. I liked wearing skirts, and wore a black one today with two layers. It kind of swished when I walked, but it wasn't a mini skirt. My mind wondered on this for a nanosecond before he moved his hand a little farther still.

Boldly, he touched me there. I felt the damp cloth on me, and knew what he knew. He took off his shirt and crouched down, removing my panties. Slightly nervous I looked at the halls, but the halls were dark. I didn't know what time it could be. . . As I looked around to see if someone was watching, he buried his tougue in me sending me a shock of suprise. I threw my head back in pleasure as he licked me with such ferocity, even sticking his tougue deep inside, then running it back up to the knob full of nerve endings. I couldn't even talk, just Ahh ahh ahhed, couldn't even think.

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  Then he concentrated purely on my clit licking in circles. I squirmed and even pulled back a bit, not knowing if my body would do as he seemed to want. He held my thighs open and still, stubbornly until I exploded with bliss.

"Wow," I said, dizzy. He smiled and licked his lips. He helped me up than helped me take off my shirt and bra. I blushed somewhat wondering how he could possibly like my b-cups. But the look on his face was pure enjoyment as he nibbled and played with them. It felt nice and gave me a chance to get some thought back, but this was short lived. He unzipped his pants and slid them off a little, and turned me around somewhat quickly on the desk. Before it sunk in just how big he looked, the head of his dick was attempting entrance.

"Oh gosh, I don't know if that will fit proffesor. "I bit my lip as I felt it slide in carefully. Before I knew it I felt his body against mine. He had gotten in fully without much effort.

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  I must've really wanted it. He moaned in extasy.

"You're so perfect, and wet. . . MMmmm!"At first he was steadilly lavishing in the feel, then I felt his intense hunger once again as he drove it in hard and fast. I pushed my body back to meet him to feel the whole length ramming against the back. My fingers found my clit and I rubbed it as he breathed through his teeth behind me. I brought myself to orgasm, and this turned him on and he slowed to steady pumping once more.

"You can come inside me if you want," I said, "I take birth control. "

"Mmmmm," he moaned with interest. He increased speed again, ramming it in hard until I wasn't sure if I could take anymore, then released with his hands on my hips pressing my body into his. We uncoupled after panting a bit. I smiled at him.

"Same time tommorow?"He said hopefully.

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