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My name is nicolet and i'm from a small poor island in the caribbean. So they really isn't much to do then go to the beach. My house was like about 15 minutes away from the beach so everyday as soon as i came from school i would run down to the beach and i would always meet my best friend Anna there. Anna is tall, light brown with long curly black hair and i'm short, dark brown with short black hair. This story happened when i was 13. Anna and i sat down  at the beach doing our hw. both our moms had gone to work and wouldn't be back till dark but when they did get back ur hw better be done or ur in big terrible. Anna was an A student but me on the other hand was a f. School just wasn't my thing i would rather stay home all day and sleep. i put down my papers and pencil and look up and Anna. Ann lets go for a swimBut i'm not done plus i didn't bring a suitOk u came to the beach and u didn't bring a swim suiti was in a hurry okI looked at her and rolled my eyes and got upWhatever ann when ur ready came for me i going to the shop i want some candyOkI started to make my way to the shop when i heard someone talking. I walked over to where i heard the voices and there i saw Natash and Angel(Anhell). Angel and Natash were the cutest boys at our school Natash was tall with short hair and Angel was short with long hair. Natash and Angel were both hispanic Natash was 16 and Angel was 14. I had a crush on Angel for years but i never told him. i was just about to walk away when i heard Natash call my name.

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   i thought he saw me so i turned back around and was about to say hi. But then after he said my name he ask angel a question i didn't hear the question but i think he ask Angel if he had sex with nicolet yet. Ok if someone is talking about you you would want to no what there saying so i walked up to a tree and sat down and listened to them. They talked about girls who the wanted to have sex with and girls the did. Must of them were hispanic girls. Then angel ask Natash if he wanted to go swimming natash said he didn't have trunks and said he wasn't swimming nude by himself so angel said he would swim nude with him. So here i am watching to hot guy strip. As they are about to move there boxers Anna yellsNicolet what are you doing in the bushes i thought u were going to the shopBoth Angel and Natash looked in my direction. the next thing you know i am being pulled out of the bushes. What do you think your doing NicoletWhat do u think i was doing AngelI think you were peeping(that means spying) Noooooo why would i do thatAngel gave me an annoyed looked and i just smiledYou no its not far that you get to watch us strip and we don't get to see nothingAnd what your point Natash Strip or we tell everybody that you were peeping on usLilttle boy look here i could care lessWho do you think your calling little boyYou Angel you and only youThe next thing you know Angel pulls down his boxers. I just looked at his dick then rolled my eyes and snortedLike i was saying LITTLE boy Angel gave me and evil glare but Natash just smirkedNow if yours were as big as Natashs then you could talk. I looks could kill i would be died right now. Have do u know have big i amI saw you in the boys locker roomSaw this isn't your first time peekingNoSo u love peekingMaybe and i no u love peeping toWhy u say thatBecause i so u in the girls locker roomI never went in the girls locker roomSave the bullshit we all no u be going in there to fuck CandyHow u no dout thatIts a small island you can't have no secertsOk so you've seen me naked and all i've seen you in is a bra and pantie. so take everything off. I looked at Natash up and downBoy what do i look like to youCome on Nicolet show me them tits( i had big breast for my age 36c and i weighed about 104)Natash i have better this to do then strip for you ok now good bye.

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  I turned to walked away but Natash called my name so i turned back around and so Natash naked. i looked at his face and he was smirkingNicolet close your mouth before you choke on a pumpum flyFuck you NatashSaying that just made his smirk grow even widerNow nicolet time to get on your knees What! look here Natash don't fuck with me or i'll fuck ur scont hole up(Scont hole is ass hole)Just as i said that Anna walked threw the same bushes Nicolet where the hell are youAnna saw Natash and Angel naked and she just looked at there dicks i looked at her and smirk. Why? Because she was a goody goody to shoes. She would never watch porn our even read anything that has any to do with sex. Angel and Natash just watched her she was bright red. Hi Anna long time no seeShe didn't say a thing see just watched their dicks. I just started to laugh now all eyes were on me. Angel was still giving me and evil look and now Anna was giving me one to. Nicolet can i talk to uWe both walked away form the boysWhy is natash and angel nakedAngel to prove that he is big and natash for funOhNicolet do you think they'll let me suck themWHAT Do you think they will let me suck themYea they will but y would u want to suck themI'm bored plus i'm tired of being miss goody to shoesChild you crazyAre you going to suck them toYea why notGood i want angelNo i want angelTo bad i called for him firstThats not far Anna u no i like angelTo bad cuz i like him to and if you want we could take turns okFineAnna and i walked up to the boysI just pushed natash on the sand and started to take off my clothes. when i was done i got in the 69 position and started to suck his cock a couple of seconds later he started to eat me out and god that shit felt good. Anna just looked at natash and i. Angel went behind anna and grabbed her breast anna had big brest just like be but mine were biggerCan i suck on them titsYeaNext time it will have more sex less talking.