Alone with Jessica


  Jessica was my mother’s friend’s daughter. She was eleven years old at that time and I was just turning seventeen. One evening as I returned home from school,I saw Karen’s mom’s friend, car in the garage. As I entered the house I saw that my mom and Karen were all dressed up. They were going to meet my dad and Barry,Karen’s husband,for some gala affair. I asked if Jessica and I were going but they said that such an affair would bore a couple of kids like us. I immediately took offence by the remark,but Jessica was even more offended,maybe because she didn’t get a chance to wear her pretty dresses and mild make up. Intead I was supposed to baby sit Jessica while they were away,because they didn’t know what time they would be back.
   As the car pulled out of the drive way,I went back inside to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. Jessica was in the refridgerator taking out all the stuff. Even though she was just eleven,Jessica and I were good friends ever since she was a baby,each knowing what the other were about to do or think,so I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see her preparing to make us sandwiches. A slice of bread fell to the floor. Groaning her annoyed groan she bent to pick it up,and even thoug I knew she was a kid,My dick was asking where did she get that ass from!Her butt was medium sized and plump and round,it had a very nice shape. As she straightened my attention went to her frame,her body was well proportioned.
    She then turned to me and asked if Rex,my dog,will eat the bread. As I went to take the bread from her,I looked at her chest.

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  There was definitely some breasts coming out of there,and from the looks of it they would be all out soon too. As she smiled and walked back to the counter,her long shapely legs moved her ass in an alluring dance.
   Dinner went by with us teasing each other and talking bad things about our parents for not letting us go with them. It was getting late so Jessica and I sat on the couch looking at television. We were looking at some childish show that she liked but I wanted to look at something else,so I switched the channel. She got angry and fought for the remote ,which she knocked out of my hand and then fell away near the TV. We both went after it ,resulting in a wrestling match. I tried to grab it but she put all her weight on my back and then I turned over,then she sat on my belly. As I pushed her her ass then slid on my groin above my dick. I tried to move again but she just sat there with a grin. She  was strong for eleven,but I then raised my hips and this ccaused her to lose balance and she fell onto my chest. As her head hit my chest we were still grinning but as she pulled herself up so that she can face me, she shrieked her arms were weakened but I caught her just in time to prevent our heads from crashing,but not in enough time for her lips to touch mine. The weight of her head was just enough to make her lips melt into mine. We remained like this for two seconds until she remembered to pull herself up. We looked at each other and then I mumbled an apology and went into my room.

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  I lay on my bed feeling sort of scared and then I dozed off.
  I woke up with Jessica lying in bed with me. I didn’t even know what time it was,but I was under the covers with her. She told me that our parents were on a party boat belonging to our fathers’ boss and they wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. She added that she locked up the house for me. What a good babysitter she was,I thought. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss my neck. I was still drowsy so I was not resisting. Suddenly it occurred to me that she was so warm,because my hands found their way to her petite body. She was naked!She was now on top of me and was trying to make her way back to my lips. I stopped her and told her that it was wrong,but she told me that she loved me and wanted to do this so long now,and if I had done this so long ago she wouldn’t have had sex with a boy that was her age in her school. Shocked,I listened to her tell me about Aaron,her ‘boyfriend’ at school,who agreed to have sex with her at his house,but after his small penis did nothing but remain at her entrance without enough penetration,she was fustrated from then on. When we were wrestling she felt my boner got hard,so she wanted me to fuck her right there,but she didn’t think that I would run away.
   She said that if we did have sex, she wouldn’t tell,plus she knew that I wanted her,because she looked mature. I took her closer to me in my arms and put my mouth into hers and kissed her softly.

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  Using my tongue I parted her mouth open and tasted the sweet warmth in her mouth. Her tongue went into mine and I sucked on it,which made her go wild as she pulled my hard penis out. She looked at it and was pleased,even though it was seven inches then. Putting her mouth over it,she becan to suck its head ,using her tongue to tease the sides,which made it grow bigger,but she managed to put the whole thing down her throat. Turning her around,I began to inspect her pussy. Her vagina was showing some small hairs coming out,but it was still bald enough to be eleven. I placed the tip of my tongue along the slit,which made her hips jerk. Slowly I began to lick around the bald parts and then I placed the tip at the entrance of her partial – virgin pussy. Aaron was no fucking help at all,it was still tight. Slowly I worked on pumping my tongue into her pussy,Her hips pushing her sweet vagina towards my face.
  My tongue went right inside and I was tasting all of her sweet juices. Suddenly she began to buck wildly as as make such a sexy groan to announce her first orgasm. As she bucked my tongue accidently slipped out and touched her anus,but I didn’t move it. I began to lick its tangy pink exterior and she was loving it. She was still working on my dick but then she stopped and said that she wanted it in her pussy now.

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  I arranged our bodies and I spread her legs open. I knew that this was wrong but what the fuck ever. I placed the head of my prick against her inflamed lips of her pussy. Slowly I got the head inside with no obstruction. As I inched in further it began to get tight. With the look on her face I bent over and put my mouth over hers and got her to accept my tongue. As she sucked I eased the rest of my penis into her with her cries muffled by my mouth,which soon became cries of pleasure as we fucked each other missionary position until I began to feel myself cum. I erupted all inside her pussy by what felt like bucket loads as my cum kept gushing into her. When we were done we cleaned up all the evidence and we went to wash up,resulting in us fucking in the bathroom. Ten years have passed and we plan to marry some day,but we’re no longer mad that our parents left us home .