The Massage - Chapter 2 - The Fantasy


There is no need to mention how excited I was about my next “massage”.   Alisha showed up at the door wearing an overcoat.   All I could see at this point was that she was wearing knee high shiny black boots and fishnet stockings.   She ordered me to strip naked and stand waiting for her to set up the massage table.   I immediately complied, and of course was rock hard already.   She prepared the table, leaving her overcoat on.   I was so impatient to see the outfit she had on beneath her coat.   Once she had finished setting up the table, she ordered me to lie down on it, on my back.   My rigid prick stood straight up at attention, pulsing slightly with my anticipation.   The she stood in front of me an unbuttoned her coat, letting it fall to the floor.   I gasped at what I saw.   She was wearing a top that covered her completely, except there were openings for her breasts, which swelled out from the tight latex.   Her nipples were like little red pebbles, growing even harder as they were exposed to the open air.   Around her waist was a complicated shiny leather belt with many buckles.   There were no belt loops in her outfit, and it was being held up only by her curvy waistline.

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    Her bottom was covered (barely) by a black, shiny micro-mini skirt, which hardly went below her pubic mound.   In fact, I could see the bottom of her pussy lips.   She wore no underwear.   Covering her hands were black, shiny latex gloves.   With one of these hands she grabbed my cock and begin to stroke it.   With the other hand she grabbed my nipple, and bent her head down to suck my other nipple between her lips.

“Oh MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD!”  This was all that I could say between gasping for air and thrusting my hips up and down in timing with her strokes.   I was in absolute heaven.   But again I was getting ready to cum to fast, and I didn’t want to cum this way.   I wanted to cum inside her while she rode me on the table.

“Alisha baby!  You’ve gotta stop!  I don’t want to cum yet!  I want you to ride me!  I’m gonna cum Alisha!  Please stop!”

But she didn’t stop.   In fact, she picked up the pace, and said, “Don’t worry sweety.


    When you see what I have in store for you, you will have plenty of energy and cum left over.   I’m going to make you cum now so you will last a long time through the next thing we do.   I intend to enjoy this next thing just as much as you, and I want to make sure it will last, and be very erotic for all of us!”

All of us?  Did she say all of us?  “Did you say all of us?  You mean you and me, right?”

“Just wait and see honey!  You’ll be VERY pleased!  For now, just lie back, relax, and cum all over Alisha’s shiny black latex hand that’s stroking your hard, meaty, thick cock.   Oh, hold my nipples while you cum baby.

  Squeeze them while I squeeze the juices out of your shaft. ”

I didn’t need any further motivation.   I reached up and held her breasts in my hands and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs as she stroked, and sucked, and pinched.

“That’s it Larry!  You know how to touch your Alisha!  Keep doing that!  I’m gonna cum right now, on your floor!”  With that, her body began to shake.   It seemed like the only functions she still had control over were her stroking and sucking and pinching.   The rest of her body went into a violent convulsion, as gutteral sounds came out of her mouth.

I could no longer hold back.   We began to chant together, “I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!”, as I shot load after load on her black latex hand and arm.   Here pussy was dripping on my floor, and my cum was dripping down her arm.   After several convulsions, she lay her head on my chest, still holding my now shrinking penis in her dripping hand.   We fell asleep for what seemed like an eternity, but turned out to only be about 5 minutes.