A Teenager and his Girlfriend: Part 1


My name is Jacob. I am a 17 year old senior. I am about 5’9, 150 lbs with a brown hair and a 5 inch penis. My girlfriend is Emma an 18 year old college freshman. She is a few inches shorter with long brownish red hair. She is slightly chubby but not fat. She has huge D cup boobs. We have sex quite often.

One day when we were in my room making out when my parents were on vacation, I started to rub her pussy through her sweat pants. She was so warm and wet. I had begun taking her bra off through her shirt when there was a knock on the door. It was my friend Chris. He had just come over to hang out. So me and Emma stopped what we were doing and hung out with him.

Chris and was as tall as me with black hair. He had a much better body though.

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   He was ripped. He was Emma’s age. He and I used to masturbate together when we were younger while watching dirty movies. But we were underneath the covers so I never saw his Dick. But I assumed it was bigger than mine.

As the night went on, we began to watch a movie. We all laid in my bed. I thought it would be fun if I started to rub Emma’s pussy under the blanket. She was closing her eyes and enjoying it. So I got Chris’s attention and he saw what I was doing. I think Emma started to catch on but she was in too much pleasure to care that Chris saw.
I began to make out with Emma while rubbing her pussy through her sweat pants again. Next I took her top off. “Chris help me suck her huge titties,” I said. We ripped her bra off and went to town.



I had always wanted to watch my girl get fucked by another man. And tonight we were going to gangbang my sweet girlfriend Emma. I had just taken her pants off leaving her in her panties when Chris and I got naked. She took a cock in each hand. Chris was about 7 inches so I felt kind of embarrassed. Plus, I knew that Emma thought he was hot and had a very sexy body. But I didn’t care. I went to take her panties off and her arched her hips to allow them to slide down her silky legs easier. She had a beautiful shaved pussy, as always. I couldn’t help but to eat her out.

She had taken Chris’s huge dick in her  mouth now. After about 5 minutes she said she wanted someone inside her. So I went first. As I put my small cock near her pussy, Chris got beside us to suck her titties. I was excited and as soon as I got in her, I pumped twice, and then came.

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   I was embarrassed. “This happens every time,” Emma sighed. “Chris show him how a man does it. Make me cum harder than Jacob ever could. ” He entered her and I watched them make love for over 15 minutes. I wished I could last that long. “Chris! Fuck me harder! I‘m Cumming! She screamed. ” “Me too baby,” yelled Chris. “Cum inside me!” And that is what he did. She never let me cum inside her. And she never swallows when she sucks my dick like she did for him. But I didn’t care.

To be continued…. .