Babysittin turn to sex time


that day finally came, i went over to babysit my neighbour's daughter, she was watching TV and was playing with her barbie doll, i brought over some chocolates for her to eat....i knew she was a messy kid, so by the time she had enough of the chocolates, her whole shirt was stained with chocolates, i told her to get to the bathroom and i will clean her up, i took this chance and told her to take off her clothes she took it off and she look dam fine( even though she had just starting to go trough Puberty and her boobs were not fully developed yet) i still liked it, when i tried to take her pants off, she moved back a bit, and i told her it was neccesary as i need to clean her pants as well, finally, she obliged, i took it off and she was now just in pink 'powerpuff girls' panties, she said she was thirsty and i went out to pour her some water and i spiked it, i gave her to drink and after a while she collapsed on the floor,  i carried her to her room and i took off my shirt and my jeans and all that is left was my boxers, i started at her and my dig start hardening and growing and i start feeling horny, i pulled down her panty and i saw her pussy, she had a bit of hair on it  but i didnt care, i shoved my dick deep into his vagina, she groaned, after a while of some wild sex, i carried her to the bathroom and start fucking her in the tub of water again but this time, i felt that i about to ejaculate , i quickly pulled my dick out of her pussy and aim it at her face, i masturbate a bit and the cum shot out and ended up in her face, realising her parents and my parents are coming back, i quickly dressed her (i did some oral sex and some fingering on her before dressing her up) and then i put her in bed as though she was sleeping...and i babysitted a few times more after this time and i fucked her hard every time except that this time she was the way the girl is asian..
this story is purely fictional