I thought she was sweet and innocent


Her name is Brenda, and she’s the sweet kind of girl that was brought up the ‘correct’ way by her Indian parents. She is sweet, smart, nice and has good morals. This girl has all this and yet she is simply gorgeous and sexy. Brenda is one very good looking 14 year old girl, which turns on a lot of men and boys. Brenda is about 5’3 tall with long black slightly curly hair which comes down just past her shoulders. She has a thin, in shape figure but the curves of her hips were perfect, it is a sexy thin sporty body with great hips for child bearing. Brenda doesn’t have big tits, she only wore a 10A bra, yet I think they are sexy as hell because it matches the rest of her figure. She has a very cute face and there have been times when she can look like that singer Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child. She has really dark Indian skin something like a dark mocha colour. She has a great set of legs, toned and in shape from all the soccer she plays, but the best part of Brenda is her ass. She has the ass of a goddess, her lil butt cheeks are small, they look firm and are perky. They aren’t a set fat sagging ass cheeks, but the petite and high on her legs kind of ass. If you wanted someone famous to compare her body to in terms of similarity I would have to say her body, especially her ass would be Stacy Keibler.

The worst and best part of Brenda is that she isn’t a slut or never acted like one, I think that’s why I want to see her so badly. She is the nice good girl who always only looked and talked about boys, never was the one to do anything really with them. However it always got me jealous when she used to talk about other guys in front of me.

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   There were times when a group of us friends, who ranged in age, would go out, where she was the youngest and the rest of our 5 or 6 friends were between 17 and 25 years old. And when we were all out she would break out in whisper with the older girls in the group when a hot/cute guy would walk past her, I was real jealous of this since I was really into her. But since she was only ever talk and because she didn’t want to come off as a slut from getting hit on by guys I wanted to see things happen. I wanted to watch guys hit on her because all they wanted was to use her body for a quick fuck, these thoughts really turned me on.

There was 1 situation which had me jealous and furious but at the same time I was really turned on by the sex driven ideas that came into my head. Our group of family friends decided to go down to my brother’s college campus’s sports ground to play some soccer, so this group had me and a few other guy family friends. Brenda was there and to keep her company was my cousin Desiree, she is 13 and a year younger to Brenda. So as we were kicking the ball around the soccer ground, Brenda and my cousin were trying to keep entertained cause they were the only 2 girls there with 4 boys. They really got into a good mood because as we were playing a group of older guys turned up and were kicking around to near where we were. It was a group of 5 guys who looked around 22 to 24 years old, they were playing soccer and since it was a hot day they decided to take their shirts off. This really got Brenda and Desiree going, and all they wanted to do was get a closer look at the guys. This started to get me angry because they started to purposely kick 1 of our soccer balls towards that group of guys in order to run over to have a closer look, while pretending to take their ‘miss-kicked’ ball back.

This was what got me annoyed because they never wanted to come off like the slutty girls that they bitched about who went to their schools, but here they were acting like little tarts trying to get a peep of a random guy. And they loved it that once in a while a guy would kick their ball back. Since Brenda was only ever talk and I know she’s a girl who did want to behave above those slutty girls in her school, I had a mad rush of ideas flowing through my head.

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All I wanted to see happen was Brenda to go over to pick up miss-kicked ball, and when she did 1 of those guys would start conversation with her. In my mind I could see it happen, watching her in the distance talking to 1 of the white guys. Watching the guy with the shaven head, shirtless in shape body, blue shorts and soccer boots talk to her. I could see from his body language that he was sweet talking her, he was complimenting her body and how great she looked. I also could notice her getting all shy but still lapping up the attention. Watching him shift his head from side to side as he checked out her body from toe to head and as he did I could see her pretending to act coy. This drove me wild with jealously as well as sexual lust. I could see her turn her head away shyly whenever he eyed her up and down but when she turned her head away she would stick out whatever body part he was looking at so that he could have a better view. Whether it be her legs, ass or tits. She was doing it subtly but enough to give ideas to the guy.  Watching her from where I was, seeing her in her tight little black shorts that came down only a ¼  way down her thighs, which I know she was wore because it was short enough to be sexy and get looks but just about long enough so it didn’t look slutty. She had a loose white sport top on and since she had been running around you could see her black sports bra showing from under her top.

They kept on talking and I could still see him flirting away with her, then he started to make hand signs which were easy to make out. I could see he was inviting her to join in their little kick around to which she quickly nodded yes to. So I watched her jog over and start having a kick around with this group of random guys, although some of my friends wanted to call her back.

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   However before anyone could say anything, 1 of our friends said that we should just leave her, because he assumed they were friends of hers. Of course I knew they weren’t, and the family friend who said it is a real naïve guy and a little dumb witted when it came to this kind of stuff. So none of us said any more and we got back to having our fun, while Brenda was over there playing soccer with her new friend. I would look over inconspicuously to see her running around kicking the ball, and I could see the guy was starting to get physical with her. Every time they’d run past each other I could see him touching her arm or using both his hands to hold on to her hips playfully. I could see both of them smiling and horsing around and she loved the attention she was getting from him. As it went on I could see the sexual hunger he had on his face for her every time she had her back towards him, you could see him eyeing her ass and legs and then mouthing comments to his buddies. His fooling around gradually stepped up a notch, because now whenever she had the ball at her feet I would see him run up behind her and act like he was trying to get the ball from her. What was really happening was that he was grinding his crotch to the back of her shorts, so has she tried to shield the ball away from him with her hips and back he was using the opportunity rub himself on her ass. It happened a few times but then I could tell he had got his friends to make sure it happened more often. The other guys were constantly passing the ball to her when he was around her and he’d run up behind and grind up against her while making it seem like they were playing the game.

I could see him slowly try more daring stuff with her, he started to hold her hips or after he would tackle her he’d place his hands on her ass. At first I saw her pull away and she looked shocked, but in no time she was gravitating back to where he was. She was hanging round near him when they didn’t have the soccer ball, the guy noticed this so any chance he got he was placing his hands on her lil ass. The first few times she kept pulling away and I could tell she felt awkward but she soon was stopped moving away and just allowed him to have his hand on her ass.

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   I would see him giving her ass a squeeze anytime he had his hand on it.

It all reached a hot point, when they tripped over each other and fell on the grass. They were laughing when they did so it wasn’t serious and the other guys kept playing on. Brenda landed on her hands and then rolled onto her side which meant I could see her laughing about the incident, since she was lying on her side and facing me, it was a little difficult to see the guy. Since he had fallen behind her all I could really see was Brenda, but then I saw his arm reach around from behind her. He was hugging her and I could tell they were both still giggling about it, when I saw his hand reach down and cup her left tit.  She kept on laughing and talking over her shoulder to him while he had his hand on her tit and was gently massaging it. Brenda kind of simmered down while he was behind her talking and rubbing her tits, she didn’t act out and try to make him stop but neither did she do anything to encourage his actions. Of course my group of friends was way too caught up with our game of soccer that they didn’t even realize what was happening, none of them paid any attention to Brenda simply because they assumed she was in safe hands with her ‘well known friends’.

As I looked back up to where Brenda was I could see the guy had gotten up and had his hands stretched out to help Brenda up from the grass. She got up and continued to talk but as they were, the guy started to play and adjust his dick right in front of Brenda. He was constantly rubbing and playing with the crotch area of his shorts, making it perfectly clear he had a semi hard on which was visible through his shorts. I could see Brenda trying her best to maintain eye contact with him but she couldn’t stop herself from looking down at his dick every time he adjusted himself. Brenda was always looking at his semi erect dick whenever the guy was in mid sentence making herself very obvious, even though she was trying really hard not to. The next thing I know the guy said something to her and started to walk off towards the car park area that he arrived from.

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   Brenda was confused and didn’t want to be left alone with the other guys and neither did she want her new hot friend to leave just yet, so she decides to follow him.

The guy had parked his car on the opposite side of where we were, so it meant they were walking a little further away from my sight. I watched Brenda hop in the passenger seat as he stepped into the drivers, he started his car and before I knew it he drove off with Brenda. This shocked me because I didn’t think Brenda would do such a thing or at least put up a bit of a challenge before going off with him. But then again I could tell she was really into this guy by how she had behaved earlier on.

My mind started to race on wear he might be taking her, and all I could think of was this secluded car park on the campus grounds which students used when the campus was closed during summer. I discreetly excused myself from my group, telling them I was meeting a friend of mine who lived in the campus dorms. My friends thought nothing of it and went on with their really fun and engrossing game of soccer. Once I was out of view I sprinted to the only place I could think of on where Brenda might be. And it turned out I was right, he had taken her to his desolate car park for staff, but since campus was closed there wasn’t a car or person in sight.

The only bad news was that he had parked the car facing out, meaning there was no way I could look into the car. I would be in open and plain sight if I stood in front or near the car because of the way he had parked it. The only option I had was to go sneak behind and edge my forward through the hedges behind. The tall stack of trees and hedges meant that if I could come from behind I would be able to see through their back window. My mind was racing with ideas on what they were doing, thinking Brenda must be making out with this guy already as he was feeling up.

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   I snuck around and started to move forward through the greenery to watch Brenda kissing this random guy.

Once I had gotten close enough to see, I couldn’t make out much only seeing that he had got into his back seat. I panicked because I could no longer see Brenda and her head was not above the car seats like his. All I could make out was the back of the guys head. What I saw was the back of his shaven head sitting towards the left on the back seat moving around lazily and Brenda was no where in sight. Every so often I would see him look down where his lap would have been, and then I saw Brenda suddenly pop her head up. Her head emerged when she leant back up so, so now her head was no longer below my line of sight which could only see the top of the back seat. As she popped back up she wiped the side of her mouth with her hand, it took me a second to realize what was going on but then it hit me. I realized that she was giving this random guy she just met a blow job. She was asking something and he was nodding, so I guessed she must have been asking him what she was doing felt good because once he nodded he guided her head back down to where his dick would have been. I watched him place hand on the back of her neck and gently moved her head back down so that she’d keep sucking his dick. I could tell he was enjoying her mouth because Brenda disappeared for more than 5 minutes at a time and I could see him rest his head on the top on his back seat as she bobbed down to gobbled his dick up.

For the next 10 minutes Brenda went on sucking this random guy’s dick. I could see her head pop up every so often to talk and look at her new friend and then she would dive right back down to his lap. I could tell he was really having fun with Brenda lips around his dick because soon after I noticed him moving around and when he stopped I could tell he had picked up something.

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   So as Brenda was sucking away at this guys dick, I could see something in his right hand and he was moving it around, pointing it at himself as well Brenda. When I concentrated to see what was he was holding I realized it was a cell phone. I was in joy and shock because this guy had his cell phone out and the by the looks of it, he wasn’t taking pictures of her. He was moving his phone around and there was never any flash coming from it, so I realized that he was video recording her. I could see him put the camera right in front of him so that he could see the screen and watch what he was recording. So he would have had the phone pointed down to his lap, recording Brenda sucking away on his dick as well as the groans he was making, which I could just about hear from where I was standing. He then moved his arm up and point the camera down to his lap, which I could assume would make it have a birds eye view of an Indian girl sucking a white guys dick. I could see all of this from the standing behind the car looking in through the rear window.

When Brenda popped back up again he stopped her from going down, instead he started to move around and then I could see him to pull her little sports top over her arms and head. I could just about see her black bra straps around her shoulders as he leaned forward and kissed Brenda on the lips, as he was doing that I could tell he was reaching around her back and was undoing her bra. As he pulled away from the kiss he was sliding off her bra off her shoulders, down her outstretched arms and off, but the worst part was that due to the height of his rear car seats I could not see her tits. All I could make out was her head and shoulders, the seats were too high for me to see Brenda’s tits. What I saw was that Brenda now had no top and bra on and had her hands on the guys shoulders as he faced her, I could see the side of his face and saw him giving her a wicked grin as his head dove down to her tits. His head disappeared as he lean in and down towards Brenda’s tits, sucking away on her small but sexy tits. With him so close I could see Brenda’s elbows now resting on his shoulders and her hands on his head, her eyes were closed and I could see her softly moaning.

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   I couldn’t hear her moans as I watch the top of his shaved head move around as he sucked on her tits. I was furious that she would allow a total stranger do all of this to her but I was turned on by it way too much.

I then saw him lay her back, he guided her head down as well as her back, onto the back seat. I could see her slowly leaning backwards disappearing from sight as he placed her face up on the rear seat of his car. This guy then dove back down again, presuming he was lapping up her tits in his mouth. I could see neither of them and I couldn’t move any closer without coming into their view so I had to just stand there and wait. After awhile his head appeared again, and he had a huge smile on his face as he said something to her and I could tell his hands were busy from the movement of his shoulders. It was hard to make out what he was doing as Brenda laid on the back seat, but after some quick shoulder and arm movement I saw him pull his hand up from where Brenda’s feet would have been. As his hand came into plain view I could see that in them he had her black shorts and her pink bikini panties. He smelled her panties and then threw them in the front seat. It was hard to tell exactly what he was doing from where I was, but his head and shoulders were in view, and he was facing Brenda and not kissing or sucking her tits. But then I realized that the reason why his mouth wasn’t busy was because he was looking at her as he was fingering her pussy. From the movement in his shoulders I could just tell that his finger and hands must have been busy finger fucking her pussy.

The fingered her for a whole 10 minutes and I could hear her soft moans and groans coming from his back seat as he enjoyed Brenda. Just as the show started to pick up, when Brenda sat back up and I saw him move to the middle of the back seat.

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   Once he settled in his spot I saw Brenda climb on top of him, in the ‘cow girl’ position. I knew what was coming then, my heart was breaking and I was angry as I watched all of this happen. Seeing Brenda having fun with another guy while I had to stand and watch the show, feeling betrayed even though she wasn’t my girlfriend. But my feelings for her had me in a state where I was hurt and upset. Yet I was still turned on by the idea  of seeing a random guy fucking the hell out of her, knowing that she might be doing in order to get the guy to like her. But I knew the guy just wanted her for a plain fuck.

Just as I saw Brenda mount the guy I heard voices coming from around the path. I felt devastated, from where I was standing meant that the show had come to an end, I was too far from the car allowing passerby’s to see me and if I moved out of their sight I would be too close to this guys car. I wanted to see more but didn’t want to get caught by whoever was walking around the corner, so I did the only thing I could. I stepped out of the bush and pretended to tie my shoelace, allowing me to hide the real reason of why I was there. Hoping there would walk by and I could go back to looking, but to my dismay the 2 young girls sat down on the bench near by and started talking.

I knew this was the end, I couldn’t stand there till they left because it was too obvious and I couldn’t simply go back into the bushes to watch. So I quickly walked past them and up the hill back to my friends. The hedges were too thick for them to see what was really happening on the other side and I knew they weren’t going to wander through them, so I knew the guy was going to get all his fun.

I walked off and as I looked back I could see his car rocking and shaking, knowing he was fucking the hell out of Brenda in his back seat.

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   His car battered around and I could only imagine what was going on in there. Seeing bounce, rattle and roll as I jogged back to my group, wondering what Brenda is going to tell our friends to cover her tracks on what she was doing, when she got you liked my story and want to leave comments please let me know at joeblow79@hotmail. co. uk. Let me know what you thought, ideas on what you would like to read or would want to see what happens or have any ideas of your own about this drop me a line****

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