The 5 Freshman Girls


beeped as I drove by their carwash, figuring it was the nice thing to do.   However, all it did was call attention to me as the light turned red.   A group of about 10 freshman girls scurried over to where I was stopped.   “Hey girls,” I managed to spurt out in their frenzy.   They all replied with broken hello’s and I am a senior at my high school, and not to sound cocky, but I am more like the senior: captain of the football team and basketball team, president of my class, and I am pretty smart too.  Girls always tell me that they go crazy for my body too; I am about 6 feet tall, 17 years old, and I weigh 170 pounds, with a very athletic build.   It was the beginning of my senior year, and I was ready to go crazy and do all the things seniors do in the cliché movies. A couple of these girls are real lookers, down right gorgeous actually.   Julia is pretty tall for her age, 5’ 7” I would say, and just a natural beauty.   Her tits were also large for her age, probably a large b cup.   Then there was Melissa, she wasn’t as pretty, but she was sexy as hell.   She had similar size boobs (a little bigger and probably a c cup), and her red hair was also a turn on.   I had always wondered if she was a natural red head, and hoped I would be able to see that killer body one day and find out.   Jill was one of the prettiest girls in her grade.   She had a darker skin tone, long wavy hair, amazing legs, and some good size b cup boobs.   Sarah was really tiny and probably had a cup boobs, but something about her made me just want to fuck.

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    And the best for the last, Katie was the most gorgeous girl in our school.   Even though she was a freshman, she had all the guys after her.   Apart from her beautiful face, she had a petite body with moderate b cup boobs, and an amazing ass.   Although, I had heard that she was very Julia stepped forward from the crowd and asked me, “Are you going to get your car washed Timmy?”  I double took because only my close friends call me Timmy and not “Whoa, I see we’re on a nickname basis now, Julz. ”  I She giggled and replied, “I guess so. ”  I stared at all of them in their bikinis and with their dripping wet bodies, with little droplets forming all over their sensitive skin, and how could I I pulled in to the parking lot where the car wash was and got out of my car as a bunch of other freshmen began to wet down my car.   Some of the group of girls began to help with the car, but the five that I wanted stayed.   “We’ll keep you company,” Katie said.   She had never really talked to me before, I took her for the shy type.   We began to talk and flirt a little, when Melissa walked over to one of the open hoses and began to spray me from afar.   I was now soaking wet and grabbed a soapy bucket to dump all over her.   Quickly, I ran to her and poured it right down the front of het.   For a split second she looked absolutely amazing with that water sliding down her, and then I noticed her nipples were poking out.   It could have been the cold water, or could it have been me?  I knew that this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss, and my hormones began to get the best of We all went back to talking for a little while, as playful touches were exchanged with all.   They then informed me my car was clean and ready, and I paid my five dollars.

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    In a daring move I asked the girls, “So when are you guys done with this car “Well it’s 4 o’clock now, so we are done with our shift. ”  Sarah “Do you girls want a ride to where you are going? Because I have nothing to Julia replied, “That would be so awesome.   We are going to Katie’s house right down the street, and we were going to watch a movie in her basement.   You’re welcome to join us. ”  That was all I needed.   We all got into my car as I raced them to it across the parking lot.   More flirtatious conversation followed during the car ride, except for Katie; she seemed quiet in the back seat.   Once we were in her house, we got some popcorn and drinks and headed downstairs.   They had already picked out a scary movie for the day, which meant they might be clingy and jumpy.   Not a bad movie pick in my “Are you girls just going to stay in your bathing suits?” I “Yeah, why not?”  Melissa “Trust me, fine by me,” I declared as they all giggled.   We were only 15 minutes into the movie when Jill suggested a game of truth or dare.   At this point, they were all hanging onto me because they were “scared for their lives. ”  The funny part was that nothing scary had happened yet.   Everyone agreed with her suggestion and we began the game while the lights were still off and the movie was still on.   The dares started out pretty basic, like chugging a soda.


    Then it was my turn and I decided to step it up a little.   I picked Julia, and she of course chose dare.   So I said, “Julia, I dare you to make out with Jill. ”  They were all kind of shocked, and I could tell that none of them had really made out with anyone before by the looks on their faces.   Then a smile broke out on Julia’s face and she leaned in toward Jill, and a moment that will forever remain in my mind occurred.   Julia and Jill held their kiss for a good 10 seconds and a lot of tongue was involved.   Now I was so turned on I didn’t care what happened.   Julia turned to me and asked, “How was “Not “Alright, my turn now,” Julia said.   “Katie, truth or “Truth. ” Katie “Come on, live a little Kate,” I told her as I playfully nudged She gave a cute smile back and said, “Alright… “I dare you to take your bikini top off and then kiss Timmy. ” Julia dared.   Katie’s face went pale, and then I realized why she had been so quiet around me; she had a crush on me.   “A dare is a dare Katie,” coaxed Julia.   Katie slowly stood up, she looked so embarrassed that she was going to “Wait, I don’t think she wants to be the only one in the room with her top off.   You don’t have to do it.

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  ”  I said, trying to be “We’ll all take our tops off then,” Melissa shot from across the way.   I was shocked at this notion.   Suddenly, all of the girls smiled and stood up with Katie.   Slowly, they began to untangle the last semblance of innocence that lie on their teenage chests.   Time went by so slow in this instant, while I got giddy with the excitement of seeing a fantasy fall before me, along with their tops.   As if by synchronization, all or their polka dotted tops fell together, and I could no longer hide the boner that emulated my excitement.   Julia had the best boobs of them all, perfectly shaped with tiny, perky nipples.   Melissa’s were the largest, Jill’s matched her skin tone perfectly (with darker tinted nipples), Sarah’s were almost nonexistent, and anything that accompanied Katie at that moment could not be more perfect to me.   Katie’s were also very perky and well Katie moved in to give me a kiss, and I got more than I could have dreamed.   She began to kiss me and then our tongues got involved.   I made a bold move and began to massage her tits.   She loved it, but I could tell she was nervous.   As she moved away, my embarrassment surfaced as she felt my hard on through my pants.   She smiled, and just as I was about to blush she said, “I have never seen one before, could you… show us?”  In a blur, I reached for my belt buckle, but Julia and Jill (the duo, as I now called them) grabbed my hands and stopped “Let us,” Jill said in her stunning voice.   I took one look at their amazing, round tits and how could I say no.

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    As they started to undo my pants I rubbed their boobs, and had to take the gamble of sucking on Julia’s nipples.   She let out a soft moan as they continued with my pants.   Before I knew it, they had unveiled my unbelievable hard dick.   I looked at Julia and she asked me, “Can I touch it? Please. ”   I knew she was horny as hell by the look on her face and the small wet spot that was developing on her bikini “Only if…” I said as I stared down and motioned towards her bottoms.   Nervously, she began to untie the side ties and drop them to the floor from the position she was in on her knees.   I stared at her precious pussy lips that were her last hidden treasure, and she had offered them to me.   “Beautiful,” I sensually whispered in her ear.   She loved it and began to play with the springiness of my dick.   As I looked around, without being asked, all of the girls began to drop their bottoms.   This was heaven to me; five virgins unveiling themselves to me, and just waiting to be deflowered.   I stared at each shave pussy as if it were the first I had ever seen.   All of them were perfect and tight as hell, but for some reason, like always, Katie’s just called to Little hands began to do work on my cock as I felt a sudden rush of pleasure.   I looked down to se Julia experimenting with her first hand job.   Then, I felt moistness around my dick and it felt unbelievably good.

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    She had moved on to a blow job, and felt like a pro. Her ass and pussy her facing me as she straddled over my body.   I took my opportunity once again, and began to kiss those sweet, tender pussy lips.   It felt so good, that she stopped sucking my dick so that she could moan.   All the girls watched with awe.   Julia began to spasm and gyrate as her juices spilled out.   She collapsed in pleasure as I asked, “Does anybody else want to try?”  They all bounced with excitement as their titties did as I knew who I was going to choose from the start.   “Katie, how about you. ”  She crawled over with that innocent, model-like face.   I whispered in her ear and asked, “What do you want to do?”  She just looked at me and nodded as she climbed up on my cock and began to lower herself on to it.   First, I prodded her pussy just to touch glory, as if her basement were the Sistine Chapel.   She was dripping wet and it made me think of how all this had started.   I began to massage her tits as she playfully teased the underside of my shaft with her tight pussy lips.   Then she lowered herself onto me.   It was tighter than I had imagined, but I pushed through her hymen with just the thought of fucking this unbelievable girl.

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    She bounced and screamed in ecstasy as the other girls still watched.   ‘Till this day, she was the best I ever had.   In the course of the action, I motioned Marissa and Jill over and used each of my hands to finger their virgin As we neared our climaxes, I looked into her beautiful, bright blue eyes and told her, “Your absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t believe this is happening. ”  She leaned in and kissed me as she came.   Her pussy clenched so tight that I soon followed.   She collapsed into my arms as her amazing tits lay on my chest.   How could I lose my boner while I was still inside this perfect 15 year old girl?  Jill then began to kiss me and as she move away said, “Your days not over yet…”

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