An Evening We Will Never Forget


An Evening We Will Never Forget


            My wife and I had always talked to each other about our fantasies and even laughed at them a few times. We got to talking one day about a threesome with me, her and another women. Of course I as the guy always would sit around jerking off thinking about watching my wife with her head down between another woman’s legs. I think she humored me just for the hell of it knowing some where inside that the chances were very remote. So one night while talking about it she asked “what about me”. I guess I never thought about that so I asked her what she would want. “I want you, me and another guy”. I thought to myself I’m not sure if I could handle watching my wife suck another man’s cock much less getting straight up fucked by some guy. It would be weird to not only watch but cheer him on to “fuck her harder”. But as time passed we got to talking more and more about making each others fantasies come true. So I looked into making hers come true first.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a guy to fuck my wife right. But hold on that’s only half of what she wants. She wants it all. Just like me wanting to see her eating some chick out she wants to watch me sucking another guy’s cock.

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   I’ve never had a gay fantasy before and even though I love it when she shoves a finger up my ass, I’m not sure how far I am willing to go. Sucking some guy off is just one aspect of it she also wants me to fuck him up the ass and bend over and take it up the ass from him. Not sure how to go about finding a nice looking, clean guy to fuck the both of us I took to the internet. I put a few ads up and talked with a hand full of guys. It got serious with a couple of them but it always seemed to fall through. Then one night we got some serious interest from this one guy. We chatted over emails for about a week and then he sent me a picture of himself, nude. Damn, is all I could think to myself. This guy was huge. His cock was at least 8 and half inches long and about 5 inches around. That’s as big as my wrist if you were wondering. I knew she would be all for it but then I thought about me. I don’t think I could put that in my mouth much less up my ass. Still not sure what I would do I went ahead and sent him pictures of both of us.

 My wife is 5’3 140lbs, with an amazing set of DD tits. She has brown hair and a fucking awesome ass. Best of all she loves to fuck and is fucking rock star when it comes to giving blow jobs. I am 6’1 about 240lbs big shoulder frame. Now I am no where near as well endowed as this guy but I do ok at about 6 ½ inches. I myself have not had any experience at sex other than my wife. But I feel I had a good teacher and have learned to do anything necessary to make my wife cum.

A day later I got another email from my big dick friend saying how amazing my wife looked and that he would be very interested in getting together. I set up a time to meet this guy for drinks one night just me and him. I really wanted to make sure he was not just some creep or weirdo. We talked for about an hour about a few different things. I felt very comfortable with him and gave him the ok that we would do this sometime very soon. I spent the next day really pampering my wife with what ever she wanted. She knew I was up to something but I kept my secret to myself till that evening.

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   I explained to her everything I had been doing and the guy and that I felt ok with it all. I didn’t tell her anything about his cock. I figured I would save that as a surprise. I wish I could have a camera to take a picture of her face when she sees it. I emailed Ron that night letting him know we were on for this weekend. He sent me back a hotel conformation where he had a suite booked for the night. My wife and I were both so turned on by the fact that it was going to happen we fucked hard that entire week.

The day came and we started getting prepared for that night. She had me shave her pussy bare making sure I didn’t miss one inch. She spent an hour shaving her legs and really pampering herself for the evening. We arrived at the hotel about an hour early to have a couple of drinks down in the bar before we went up. Finally we got up and nervously rode the elevator up to the floor. I knocked on his door. Ron answered the door wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

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   He invited us in and offered us a drink. I introduced Ron to my wife Tayna and the three of us sat down and had a drink together and just talked like old friends. Finally after a half hour of chit chat Ron broke the ice and talked about sex. He got up and suggested we take the conversation into the bedroom.

As we walked in the room Tayna was holding my hand very tight obviously nervous. Ron turned to us and took off his shirt. He started to remove his pants but suggested we undress first. I walked over to my wife and kissed her while pulling her shirt above her head. Her bra unbuckled from the front and Ron was more than happy to undo it for her. As the last clasp was undone he inhaled at the awesome sight of my wife’s tits. He leaned down to kiss and suck each one. I came up behind her and started undoing her pants and sliding them down her shapely legs. Ron took a hold of her panties by each side and slid them off while at the same time dropping to his knees. Once removed he leaned in and gave Tayna’s pussy a nice long juicy kiss.

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   Both their eyes turned toward me. Tayna came around to my back and unbuttoned my shirt removing it. She undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. I stepped out of them now standing in just my underwear she pulled them down with Ron’s help. My hard cock jumped out immediately. Ron again went to his knees and started licking my cock up and down and then slowly putting it in his mouth and sucking ever so gently on it. Tayna leaned in and kissed me hard while pinching my nipples just the way I like it. A few seconds later Ron stood up and walked over and grabbed two pillows off the bed. He threw them down of the floor in front of him. Tayna knew exactly what he wanted and quickly fell to her knees in front of him. She took my hand and guided me down to the floor. She reached up and undid his pants. He had on no underwear so as soon as she started pulling off his pants his monstrous cock came into full view. The look on her face was priceless. The look on my face was dread mixed with fear and worry over what I would have to do with this big cock.

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   She had to swallow hard to keep from drooling all over the floor. I could tell my worry was her lust.

 She took hold of the base of his cock and started stroking it. Her hand could not even go around it completely it was so big. She leaned in and started kissing the head and sucking on it. I could tell she really loved it. She pulled it out of her mouth and turned it towards me. I leaned over to it and she guided it into my mouth. My God this thing is huge. It feels my mouth completely. I tried my best to do what I thought I should on it but with no experience I’m not sure how good it felt. Tayna on the other hand is an amazing cock sucker. I swear there are days where I could be feeling like shit and her blowjob would cheer my right up. Ron grabbed the back of my head and guided it to his balls.

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   Just like his cock he had some pretty big balls as well. I started liking and sucking on them. He then pulled me around his body to the other side. He spread his legs further apart and used his hands to spread apart his ass cheeks. I went in slowly kissing his legs working my way up to his ass. He started moaning louder and saying how fucking great the blowjob he was getting was. I stuck my tongue out and started licking his asshole. For whatever reason it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like. I really got into in and was not just licking it but I was straight up tongue fucking his ass. He was really enjoying the double team that my wife and I were giving him. He asked her if it would be alright if he came to get the first one out of the way. She responded by simply sucking harder and faster. It took only another minute or so and he reached the point of no return and pulled his cock out of her mouth and started shooting ropes of thick hot white cum all over her tits and face. This was the most amount of cum I had ever seen form one person. She loved it and started scooping it up with her fingers and eating it up.

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   He quickly pulled her to her feet and started licking his own cum off her tits. Not to be left out I joined him in kissing and sucking the cum from her neck and her tits. I had never tasted cum before but found it pretty tasty, a little salty and bitter but pretty good. I worked my way up my wife’s big tits and kissed her passionately sharing his essence between us. After my wife was all cleaned up he asked if he could just watch the two of us while he recovered.        

Tayna escorted me to the bed and had me lay on my back. She stood on the bed facing Ron sitting in a chair at the end of the bed. She went to her knees and set her soaking wet pussy right in my mouth. I loved it when we sixty-nined and loved it more that Ron was watching her suck my cock. I immediately went to work on her pussy and in no time at all she was having the first of many orgasms for the evening. Tayna sucked my dick hard and God it felt so fucking good. She took me all the way into her throat till I felt her lips on my balls. Like I said she is an amazing cock sucker. Ron seemed to be enjoying what he saw and started rubbing my legs working his way up to my balls.

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   Tayna knew what I liked and started spreading my legs apart. She started spitting on my asshole lubing it up with her saliva. With out warning she started putting one finger then another up my ass. I loved it when she finger fucked my ass. I saw her head come up and she turned and looked at me. Without missing a beat my cock was still getting sucked. Ron was talented as well at the art of cock sucking and was doing one hell of a job. I think they could both tell that I was very close to blowing my load so they stopped. Ron got up and walked over to the dresser and got a bottle of lube. As he stood there shaking the bottle Tayna came up next to me and starting kissing me very passionately.   

Ron walked back with the lube and stopped to watch my wife and me kissing and fondling each other. It felt so good but it could not prepare me for what was about to happen. Suddenly I felt this warm liquid running down my ass. I looked up and Ron was standing at my legs stroking his rock hard cock.

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   I felt the head start working its way up down and around my virgin ass. My wife told me to relax so I took a deep breath and then felt that huge fucking cock enter me. Oh my fucking God is all I could think. I thought hell no there is no way this is going to work. Inch by inch ever so slowly he worked his way up my ass. It hurt so fucking bad and then he stopped. He told me it was all the way in and he wanted me to relax and get use to it. The pain slowly started going away and then he started working back out again. It felt ok this time and sure enough it really started to feel good. Ron started picking up his pace quicker and quicker every time he pulled out. After a minute or so he was fucking me really good. Not wanting Tayna to me left out he told me to roll over so he could fuck me doggy style. I turned over as fast as I could so he could keep fucking me. Tayna sat up against the headboard of the bed so I could eat her pussy. I dove my head into her pussy and started working it over.


   She was so fucking wet it was easy for me to insert two then three fingers up her pussy. She saw how much I was enjoying that dick in my ass and I knew she was thinking when it would be her turn.

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  • 5in; margin: 0in 0in 0pt" class="MsoNormal">After about five minutes of getting my ass fucked hard and deep I had to take a break. Ron pulled out and went to the bathroom to wash off his cock. When he returned he lay down on the bed and told Tayna to get on top. She stood above him and her pussy was just dripping onto his stomach. He told her he was going to ask if she needed lube but he got his answer. She went to her knees and stopped with the head of his cock teasing her pussy lips. She looked at me as if she wanted to make sure I was watching. I had never wanted anything more at the moment then to see that big fucking cock go up my wife’s pussy. She dropped her body onto his and impaled herself on his giant cock. With him fully in she stopped for a second as her body was being rocked by a powerful orgasm. She started fucking him and riding his cock up and down. It took less than a minute before she had another orgasm and then very soon after another.

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       Within a five minute period I must have watched her cum at least ten times. She was not just moaning but screaming how great it felt and it was the biggest cock she had ever had in her pussy. This was getting me so fucking horny watching her fucking another man. I got on the bed and stood next to her and she started sucking my cock. It felt so good that it only took a few seconds for me to start cumming in her mouth. She swallowed almost every drop, but the last drop I saved for Ron. I knelt down and finished cumming in his mouth. He sucked every drop from my dick and still wanted more. Tayna leaned in and started kissing him very passionately sharing my essence between the two of them. Spent and exhausted I sat in a chair to regain my composure. Ron rolled my wife over and started fucking her fast and hard. She was fucking screaming at how hard she was being fucked. I thought for a second she was hurting or not liking it but then she started telling him to fuck her harder. It was like watching her being raped by this monstrous cock and her wanting more and more.

    As Ron’s pace slowed down he looked over and saw me stroking my cock back to life. He asked if I wanted to fuck him up the ass. With no answer needed I jumped to my feet grabbed the lube and got behind him. I knelt down and starting licking his asshole again and working a finger up in him. I stood behind him and lubed his asshole really well. I slowly started pushing my cock inside his ass. I had fucked Tayna up the ass a few times so I was use to how warm and how fucking tight it was. When I was all the way in I started fucking slowly at first I quickened my pace. Tayna had gotten out from underneath him and stood next to me while I fucked Ron. She stood there trembling, no doubt still trying to recover from the massive orgasms she had. After about what seemed like forever I knew I was going to cum again so I stopped and pulled out. He rolled over onto his back obviously spent and tired. Tayna trying to keep the party going got on top of him and started sixty-nineing Ron. I knelt down getting a close up of my wife sucking this big dick. She stopped and held it out for me.

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       I wasted no time in sucking away at this beautiful cock. I could taste her pussy juices still on his cock. I looked at her just in time to catch what I know to well to be another orgasm. I just kept sucking his dick watching her come down off another incredible high.

    Tayna got up and said she had something else in mind. She turned around and once again was riding Ron. She looked at me and told me she wanted us both to fuck her at the same time. I lubed up her asshole and pushed my dick in all the up to my balls. Usually she complains and wants me to go real slow but not this time. I started fucking her up the ass faster and faster. I could feel the veins of Ron’s big dick through the walls of her tight little pussy. Ron and I got into a rhythm where one of us was inside her and the other had pulled out. This was fucking awesome, it felt so damn good. A lot of first happened tonight for my wife and I.

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       The most unexpected was she pulled off Ron with me still inside her ass and started ejaculating all over him. I had seen videos of this before and we tried a couple of time to no success. But this was intense it looked like at least a half gallon of female cum squirted out of her. I thought she would be embarrassed and stop but hell no she just stuck his dick by in her pussy and kept on fucking. I looked around her at Ron who was wiping her cum off his face. I asked him if he was ok and just smiled and gave me thumbs up.

    This was too much for Ron he started cumming deep inside my wife’s pussy. At the same time I started cumming up in her ass. All three of us collapsed on the bed dripping in sweat and cum. With my head resting on her leg I could see Ron’s cum oozing out of her swollen pussy. I could not resist myself and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. She let out a hard moan and for one final time came really hard. It was the best taste in the whole world. Eating Ron’s cum and her cum mixed with mine.

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       I laid over completely exhausted.

     I closed my eyes for a few minutes until I heard the shower going in the bathroom. Alone in the room I got up and walked toward the distinct noise of fucking. What I saw amazed me and excited me. Ron had Tayna bent over in the shower fucking her up the ass. Once again she looked like she was being assaulted by this guy but it was pure ecstasy on her face. I walked over to her and she said she couldn’t resist she had to know what it felt like. I got underneath her and started eating her pussy. Ron was fucking her so hard his balls kept slapping me in the face. I stuck my tongue out and started licking his cock and started working a finger up his ass. Within a minute or so Ron had enough, he pulled out of her ass and she immediately turned and dropped to her knees and together we sucked him off. He came hard one more time inside her mouth and was shooting straight onto my face. This guy lost nothing from the first time he came. There was so much cum we both were literally drenched in it.

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    We all finished showering and got dressed. When I came in from the other room she and Ron were kissing really long and hard. I knew this would not be just a one night stand. We all agreed to do this again some time soon.