Freedom Denied chapter 04


Freedom Denied 04

The van continued its journey for over thirty minutes, with Mandi jostled around in the back of the van at every turn, Eventually the whine of the engine changed so she assumed she was now on a motorway. Fifty minutes later she heard the engine drop some revs, as it was obvious she was now back on non-motorway roads.

Shortly after that she felt the van lurch to a stop, thinking she had arrived she tensed herself waiting for the guys to man handle her out of the van; five minutes passed then another ten, still nothing, another ten minutes; still no sign of her being unloaded and now she was becoming really scared that they were going to leave her permanently like this and she may die of starvation waiting to be rescued. A further 20 minutes lapsed when she heard the door of the van open, the breeze across her ankles told her it was the back door, Suddenly she felt herself being prodded with some sort of stick.

She tried to lay very still thinking that if she appeared dead they would just dump her body and she would eventually attract attention to be released and rescued. No such luck all that happened was she felt the electric shocks from the corset again and she screamed with the pain, the scream through the gag was muffled but enough for the guy to know she was still alive and with them.

Thirty-five minutes more of driving and this time she was dragged out the back of the van and frog marched away. Slowly she felt the canvas bag being removed from over her head and she felt the bandages being loosened and then removed. The light hurt her eyes when her face was finally exposed. Although she tried to look around she found that the bright daylight was too much and all she could actually see and recognise was the green grass by her feet.

Now her hands were fastened behind her back and the corset was loosened and removed. Only to be replaced by a stiffer corset but without the electric wires. She was then led away to a large what appeared to be a stable area, with some 20 separate stalls but the stalls were more like cages. In some of the Cages were women but they had bushy hair extensions which gave the appearance of being similar to a horses mane and all the women looked really strange as they had obviously something stuck out of their arses with bushy artificial hair hanging from it, this created the appearance of a horse's tail. Mandi now realised she was at a Pony girl training school.

Did they really intend to train her to perform like one of these fetish bitches; She had seen pictures of the girls pulling various carts but mainly two wheeler buggy type carts.

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   The photo's she recalled seeing showed the girls doing obscenely high stepping trots or being whipped to go faster. Her heart sank thinking this was to be her fate after so much punishment and segregation.

She was pushed towards an empty cage and securely locked inside; Adam then disappeared, she tried to attract the attention of her nearest neighbour but they all seemed to ignore her. Only one pointed to a large sign, with the singular solitary word of 'SILENCE' upon it.

After a restless two hours of dreadful anticipation, two men came into the stable area and literally dragged Mandi from her cage. The positioned and fastened a rigid bar in the small of her back and fastened her wrists into cuffs attached at each end of the 1 metre bar. This prevented Mandi from closing her arms or protecting her breasts from any view or assault.

She was led through a series of corridors until she finally entered a large oblong room. The walls were painted white and a high intensity lighting rig almost blinded you as its luminescence bounced back of the silky walls.

She was led to the centre of the room, where she was made to sit in on a hard backed dining room chair, the bar was then fastened to the chair preventing her from moving. Suddenly her feet were grabbed and stretched out at 45-degree angles and anchored at her ankles to two large securing rings.

Mandi was offered a drink, by one of the men and when she refused, they literally held her nose till she opened her mouth and poured the liquid in, snapping shut her mouth and whilst still pinching her nose they massaged her throat till she swallowed. Mandi knew not what they had forced her to swallow but suspected it was not vitamin drink; soon a desperate thirst over took her. She managed to mumbled about needing a drink and the guy nearest to her said "Oh course what would you like, ice cold water, maybe a coffee or tea, or how about a large bottle of champagne, silly bitch"

"Please, please just give me something to drink, there is a fire in my stomach and I need a drink," Mandi pleaded.

"You want a drink, then drink from this!" the other guy laughed as he unzipped his pants and removed his penis.

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   Mandi shook her head.

"This is the only source of drink for you, so if you don't want it, just say so now because once it gets put away it isn't coming out again!" he scoffed.

Knowing she needed to quench the burning fires in her stomach, she finally agreed to him pissing into her mouth, as he did so she swallowed as quickly as she could. No sooner had he finished, the two men burst out laughing and delighted ion telling Mandi, "That's better the drug you were given needed a warm drink to activate its full potential, so drinking my hot piss should do nicely"

The retired back to a safe distance as despite her bindings Mandi tried to kick out at them. They simply sat and watched her, as she tired she felt this strange feeling develop in the pit of her stomach, it was like a hunger, but a hunger she had never experienced before. In her minds eye she kept seeing images of various pricks all shapes and sizes but always fully erect, even when the images began spurting their seeds they remained fully erect.

Her body began sweating, her nipples burned and her pussy suddenly had a life of its own, no one was near her and she began to experience orgasm after orgasm as the minds images became stronger and stronger, no longer one prick at a time now several all delivering their loads and always into a eager open mouth, or cunt. Suddenly it dawned on Mandi the mouth and cunt was her very own.

When she realised this; her body visibly began shaking as intense orgasms wracked her ravaged body, she was moaning incoherently and could not get these images to fade. Almost an hour and a half after her first orgasm her body finally shut down from sheer exhaustion due to the intensity of these orgasms.

How long she had been passed out for she could not say, but she was rudely awoken by the stinging cold particles of water as she was hosed down. Now awake again she still could not get the images from her mind, although now no longer as intense.

She became aware of movement in front of her as a large black male began to approach her. Her upbringing had always been that the black male was a taboo area for a white female and she should never date or screw with one. He know stood immediately in front of her and seemed to be staring at her 38D breasts and alternately her shaven pouting pussy lips.

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   He then reached out and placed his hot sweaty hand on her stomach; the heat seemed to burn into her very soul, she knew this was wrong but the contrast between his ebony black skin and her alabaster white tones seemed so much more sensual and erotic than she could ever have imagined.

His feather like touch as his hand moved up to her breasts ignite the desires in her stomach once again, her pussy already awash with juices suddenly became a fountain head bubbling extra juices on to her thighs. Her breathing became erratic as she now saw the object of her mind's desire; the large bulge in his trousers.

Slowly he lowered his pants, revealing his 15inch monster cock, Mandi immediately began shaking her head, as she seemed to be trying to shake loose the image fixed and pounding in her brain. The coloured guy smiled, as he seemed to be reading her mind, his cock jerked into life began to harden and lengthen to its full 15 inches. Despite her protestations Mandi began to want to touch the magnificent member bobbing just before her eyes, despite her upbringing and situation she desperately wanted to sample the throbbing member stretching her tender pussy.

Her mind was in turmoil should she abandon her self will and give in to the passion coursing through her veins and devour the cock before her. Or should she fight the animalistic urges now invading her body and deny herself the largest cock she has ever seen let alone fucked. As it turned out she had no choice as the cock now nudged her pussy lips as the coloured guy rubbed his big black hands over her over sensitive nipples causing gasps of pleasure to tumble from her lips. Mandi tried to bite her lip to prevent her being swallowed up in the passion of the moment, but all this did was to cause a trickle of blood to enter her mouth.

Suddenly the black cock parted her pussy lips further and began to really stretch the walls of her pussy, instead of picking up on the pain her mind and body concentrated on the pleasure now forcing its way up her virginal canal.

In a matter of seconds further even more powerful orgasms shock her already exhausted body. She could not help herself as she began begging fervently for him to fuck her as hard as he could. It was around her fifth or sixth orgasm that he finally filled her pussy with his black baby seed. It sent her senses reeling like a thousand firecrackers going off together; such was the intensity that again she slipped into the black pool of submission.

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