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I was in Germany for awhile, traveling and taking in the sites of Europe. It was February and I had decided to go to a Fasching party. ( Fasching is similar to Mardi Gras) It was my first time going to one of the bigger events and since it was the one and only weekend during fasching I decided to go big. I put on my school girl costume and headed for the party. It was tons of fun. People everywhere, tons of drinking and dancing some of the best costumes I’d ever seen.
I ran into this guy, an American stationed over in Germany with the military. He was dressed as a priest, it couldn’t have been better if we had planned it that way. We started talking, and drinking…. soon things started to heat up between us. We were making out in public lots of people shouting praises and laughing at the Catholic girl getting frisky with the priest. Needless to say we ended up leaving the party and going back to my flat to play.
We could hardly keep our hands off of each other. At the door I was ready to strip. He had other plans. He sat down on the edge of my bed and told me to lie on his lap.

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   I had never been spanked before and I knew it was coming but I wasn’t sure how I would feel. He pulled down my little ruffle butt panties and started rubbing my ass . SMACK! There was the first blow. God it felt amazing. He reached in between my legs to feel for a reaction. I heard him laugh to himself. He pulled my shirt down grabbed one of my nipples and struck again. This time I couldn’t help but moan. I couldn’t believe I was so turned on by this. He started to rub my now red ass lovingly, massaging my nipples with his free hand. All I wanted was to have him in me to fuck me like it was the last time for either of us. Then he struck again…. five times, I was dripping by now and he was loving every minute of it. He spread my legs a little, he started rubbing my already very hot and very wet pussy, he started finger banging me and pulling at my nipples. I was dieing.

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   Orgasm after orgasm, his fingers buried in me, my ass throbbing, it couldn’t have been better.
He told me to get off his lap and get on all fours. I felt him behind me rubbing my very red ass. He kissed it tenderly and moved slowly down. He stopped at my ass hole. Giving it a flick with his tongue. He spread my ass open and plunged his tongue in deeper. I couldn’t believe what he was doing to me. No one had ever attempted to enter the “forbidden zone” I had shoved a dildo up my ass occasionally but it was nothing like this! I came again and again. He removed his tongue and replaced it with a finger, moving down to my dripping pussy he licked me again and again finally fucking me with his tongue . I couldn’t wait to have him in me. I didn’t care where his cock went as long as it was in me.
Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled away from him found his cock and started giving him a blow job that would blow his mind. The deeper I took him the harder he got.

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   He was so thick and so long, I thought I couldn’t get his dick down my throat. Finally I swallowed his massive cock and sat there for a bit. He was moaning so hard, I released my grip and moved slowly up to catch my breath and shot all the way down again. It went on like this for awhile, each time his cock staying down my throat a little longer then before. Finally I stood up and sat on his beautiful dick. God he felt so good inside of me. I was bouncing up and down on him and each time I came down he would spank me. Lightly at first then harder. He pulled me off of him and had me sit on his face, telling me to cum on his face, I couldn’t resist his cock standing straight up in front of me gleaming with my juices. I lay down and swallowed him whole. Both of us moaning sucking my juices off of each other. As he was sucking and licking my very wet pussy , he started rubbing my ass again. I knew what he was getting ready to do and the mere thought of his hand slapping my stinging ass made me wet. As he spanked me and fucked me with his tongue, I let go of his throbbing cock and screamed. The louder I was the harder he struck, the further his beautiful tongue went in.

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   Finally I came just like he wanted me to all over his face. I could hear him sucking me and swallowing all I could give him.
He asked me if I was ready for more. Not quite sure what he was going to do, a little timid but to turned on to say no, I let him do what he wanted with me. Again on all fours he spread my ass open wide. Licking around my hole teasing me. Each time I tried to get his tongue back in my ass he would move away and tell me I had to wait for it. It was becoming painful the wait that is. It felt so good I didn’t think I would ever get enough of it. After I settled down a bit I felt the tip of his tongue go in, then further then finally all the way in. I was coming again. Him fucking my ass with his tongue, I thought about having his huge cock buried in my ass. How nice it would be for him to fuck my ass and continue to spank me until we both came. The thought of it just made me hotter and more turned on, wanting him more and more. He slid his tongue out of my ass, spanking me lightly, he asked me if I had any toys he could use on me.

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   I told him yes, that I’d be right back.
I went back to the room to find him sprawled out on the bed smoking a cigarette. He watched me enter the room holding a variety of dildos and vibrators. Still in my school girl outfit my tits hanging out and my short skirt showing the very bottom of my very red ass, he still in his priest get up he told me to lay down. I did as he said, obviously not wanting to disrespect a man of the cloth… he told me to spread my legs. I did so and felt a finger go in. He brought his finger to my mouth and told me to suck my cum off.
He took a drag of his smoke and looked at my dildo collection. He picked a nice sized vibrator, one that he could control the speed. He turned it on and planted it in me. He sat there watching me as I moved along with it. He turned it up a bit more, I gasped. He let it sit there for a bit. Finishing his smoke and watching me rub my clit and play with my tits. He moved my hand from my tits and started sucking them.

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   Massaging one and sucking the other. Then the pinching and twisting started. He moved down to my pussy and started sucking my clit. With the vibrator still in me it was pure heaven. He turned the vibrator on full speed which sent me through the roof. He let it sit in me while still sucking my clit until I came. I didn’t think I had it in me but it hit hard, making the vibrator nice and juicy. He reached down and started moving it in and out of me, pushing it in a little farther each time, hitting me in all the right places.
Again he told me to get on all fours. I asked him when he was going to shove his cock inside me. He just smiled a wicked little smile, kissed me and smacked my ass. I felt his finger inside my pussy, although it didn’t stay there long. He moved his finger up to my ass and asked if I was ready. All I could do was nod yes. He fingered my ass for awhile until I relaxed, he then reached over and grabbed one of the slimmer dildos put it up my pussy to get it nice and wet, then I felt the tip on my ass.

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   He slid it in with no problem. Moving it slowly in and out, me moving along with it. He saw how turned on I was and reached for the vibrator he just pulled out of my pussy and put it back in. Not giving me a moment he turned it to full power and just let it sit while he fucked my ass with the dildo. After awhile he grew tired of the slim thing and went for something bigger. He told me to spread my ass open, and to get ready. He went to my hole and licked me getting me nice and wet for what I was about to get. He pushed in a very large dildo (one that I usually only use for my pussy)I screamed. I wasn’t in pain but in pure ecstasy . He started moving both the dildo and vibrator in and out. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked in both holes. There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t move. Every part of me was shaking. As orgasm after orgasm hit me I wished he would let me suck his cock leaving the two toys deep inside of me.

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He pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, I gave a little whine. He spanked me hard and I felt him finally in me. My wet pussy wrapped around his cock, a huge dildo in my ass. It was heaven. He was banging me pretty hard. I loved every moment of it. Every so often he would give my ass a very hard smack which made me drive into him more. I could tell he was fighting the urge to cum. He pulled his cock out of my pussy, the dildo out of my ass, and before I could object he shoved his massive cock into my waiting ass. Back and forth he moved in my tight ass, both of us moaning, not wanting things to end. He couldn’t stop himself any longer , he had to cum. He grabbed my tits and started banging me full force. In and out of my ass. I screamed his name again and again. Not wanting him to stop.

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   Finally he came in me. Feeling his hot cum burn inside of my ass, his balls soaked with my cum. He stayed in me for awhile both of us not wanting him to get out.
He pulled slowly out of me, and lay next to me, he kissed me so softly grabbed me and we drifted off into a deep sleep. He left my flat the next afternoon. We exchanged numbers hoping to see each other again before either of us had to leave Germany for good.
It’s been 6 years now. We married before I had to leave Germany to go back to the states for good. And every February he gets that look in his eyes. A slight twinkle and I know what I’m to do. He’ll come home from work and find me in the living room dressed in my school girl outfit, waiting for my priest to do all those wonderful things to me again and again…. .

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