A Rendezvous


You say, lets go to my place to get to know each other a little better. We tab out and I follow you to you place. There we sit and chat even more. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you ask to see my satin secrets I am wearing. You stand me up, and we hold each other in our arms. Running our hands over our outer clothing, feeling each other’s body. I run my hands over your back and sides, feeling your straps on your bra and slip, my hands sliding over you ass where I massage and feel your butt thru your dress, slip and panties. The material is so soft and glides over the layers of satin you are wearing and over your skin and thru my fingers. What a great feeling. I trace the lines of you panties around your ass with my fingers. You moan with pleasure from this sensation and you return the same to me, squeezing my ass, feeling my panty-lines with you fingers and you feel the same softness of the slip, as you massage my ass, as it glides over my panties under my slacks. You ask me about the slip and if it shows. So I ask her to tell me if she can see it. You can’t detect anything out of the normal except for the bulge in the front of my pants. You start unbuttoning my shirt to find a shiny white satin camisole coming into view. You run our hands around to my back and back to my chest, feeling my body in its satin casing and smile in approval on how it feels.

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   You tell me that I was right on how it will make me and you feel. You are visibly turned on and our lips meet for our first kiss. We lock in a very passionate kiss, our tongues dancing in our mouths and our hands caressing each other’s body. You slide the shirt off my back and I gentle and slowly unzip you dress and let it fall around your ankles. You loosen the buckle on my belt and unclasp my slacks and let them fall around my ankles. You start rubbing and feeling my slip; feeling the panties under my slip, starting to understand what I was talking about on how good it feels and how wonderful it makes me feel. There we are, standing, holding each other, our satin covered bodies rubbing each other in a very magnetic way while we loose ourselves while we kiss each others lips. You are lost in a new, wonderful, erotic, sensation that you never thought could be. We step out of our clothes and move to you couch where we sit in each other’s arms, feeling and caressing each other’s body while we talk and relax and kiss. The gentleman that I am, I say that we should not go further tonight, and I gently kiss you on the lips and put my clothes on and say good night for now, and I hope you enjoyed the evening. You tell me that you had a wonderful time and you look forward to the next time we get together. You say that we will do dinner here next time, relaxing in something more comfortable. You say we will get matching nightgowns or nighties to wear next time. We hug and passionately kiss each other and I tell you to have sweet dreams and I say goodnight. As I am walking out the door, you stop me and begin to kiss me again, unbuttoning my shirt, and kissing my neck.

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   You close the door and we go into your bedroom. You push me back on the bed, unbuckle may pants and pull them off my body. There I lie again in my camisole and white matching slip and panties. You comment on the large erection that is tenting my slip, you reach out and start rubbing it, causing a wet spot to come shining thru. You bend over and suck on the spot, making it a little bigger. You straddle me, grinding you satin covered pussy into my hard cock. We lock into another kiss as you soak in all the new sensation that my lingerie covered body is doing to you. I stop you and turn you onto your back where I can have my way with you. I turn you onto your stomach and start massaging your back gently. I lightly run my hand over you back, tracing the outline of straps on your slip and bra, feeling the materials against your skin, and feeling your skin under the soft satin. I move down and start massaging your ass, crumbling the slip under my fingers and rubbing you cheeks thru both materials of your slip and panties. I move my hands under your slip to your soft panty covered ass and I run my fingers down your crack and around the leg band of your panties to your moist crotch. I apply a little pressure to you pussy and push your panties into your love tunnel. I move my mouth down and gently suck them out, tasting you honey and kissing your warmth. You turn over to give me more room and I move your panties aside and probe your pussy with my tongue, as you moan and squeeze your tits as you relax and enjoy the pleasure.


   As I suck and kiss your pussy, my hands roam to rub your tits and they feel so wonderful and full. It doesn’t take long before you have your first orgasm with my tongue buried inside you. .