Birthday Surprise


A few years ago, I decided to take my girlfriend, Jane, out for a romantic picnic in the country for her birthday. Having managed to keep it a surprise - I'd secretly collected a whole hamper of food and an expensive bottle of champagne for the occasion. Right up until the morning when the alarm went off, she had no idea that I'd taken the day off work.

Normally I'm leaving for work while she's in the shower, so the first she realised something was up was when I climbed into the cubicle butt-naked to help soap down her body! We fooled around in the shower for a while, then went back to the bedroom and had a passionate love-making session which lasted about an hour. By the time we'd finished and had a quick wash again, the weather was turning out just as I'd hoped for - a beautiful mid-summer day; not a cloud in the sky.

A perfect day for a birthday surprise! Little did I know, the biggest surprise would be on both of us!

We got dressed for a hot day; I went commando in a pair of knee length shorts and threw a singlet over the top, Jane put on a pair of tight little shorts which she knows make her ass look great, and a tight little crop top that pretty much holds her D cups in place and not much else! She's got a great body, and she knows how to show it off!

I had everything planned - I'd remembered this place my buddies and I had come across when we cruised in our cars all the time - it was secluded and would make a great place for a picnic. It would take about an hour to get there, but was worth the drive! We had the sunroof open and the windows down; I did all the driving while she chose the songs on the MP3 player. Halfway through the drive, she put her hand over and started playing with my dick through my shorts. I got instantly hard, but she teased me by stopping and winking. I drove a little faster from then!

We got there and everything was as I'd remembered. We'd turned off the road onto a track into the forest, and eventually came to the clearing about 10 miles in. There's a river on one side of the clearing, and forest as far as the eye can see everywhere else. I'm sure a few people knew about this place, but for the most part it's perfectly secluded, or so I believed!

By 2pm, we'd almost finished the champagne and had stuffed ourselves full of food. I'd lost the singlet, and Jane was topless, soaking up the sun to get rid of her tan lines. I couldn't resist any longer, and reached over to play with her breasts, squeezing her nipples to attention and kneading her flesh. She likes it fairly rough, and I like to give her what she wants.

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   She let me do that for a while, then turned to face me and thrust one hand down my shorts to play with my balls. I'd only just taken one of her nipples in my mouth, when I felt something cold and hard pressed against my head.

"Well now, what do we have here?", came a drawl from behind me.

Jane froze, wide eyed and staring. I gently let her nipple drop from my lips, and slowly turned my head to find myself staring down the barrel of a rifle. At the other end of the gun, there was a large, heavy-set caucasian man dressed in hunting gear.

Behind him, there were two other guys also in hunting gear and carrying rifles; one a tall, skinny guy with a cold stare, and the other a big black guy with a beard.

"Look guys", I said carefully. "Sorry, we didn't think there was anybody. . . "

"Shut your fuckin' hole!" barked Heavy-set. He pushed the rifle hard into my forehead and his buddies grinned.

"That's one fine lookin' white bitch you got there! " announced Black Beard! "We aint shot shit all day! Maybe what we need is to shoot a load into her pussy!"

I felt Jane tense at that statement, and I would have floored all of them at that point if it wasn't for the gun at my head. Instead, I tried to diffuse the situation.

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   "Ok guys, why don't we just pick up our shit an be on our way. We're obviously trespassing on your land or something. . . "

Black Beard quickly moved round behind Jane as I talked, and picked her up by her neck with one meaty arm. The guy was bigger than I thought! She tried to scream but he clamped his huge hand over her mouth and held her tight agains his chest. I tried to make a move but Heavy-set forced the gun back in my forehead.

"This bitch has got the best hooters I've ever seen!" said Skinny, as he rubbed his hand over her nipples. Without warning, he then ripped her shorts down, leaving her completely naked. Now, she likes to be totally shaven, and this seemed to fascinate Skinny because he instantly spat on his fingers and started vigorously rubbing her mound. He grabbed her hand and started rubbing his crotch with it. "Feel that bitch? You're making me hard!"

Black Beard threw his rifle down to the side, and with his free hand reached down behind her ass. I thought he was just going in for a feel, until a huge black cock suddenly thrust through between her legs. She let out a stifled screm beneath his hand - I could see she'd got over the initial shock and had started crying. He was only semi-hard and must have been 7 inches already! He reached round front with his free hand and started rubbing his swollen head against her lips.

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   While this was happening, Skinny had unzipped his pants and released a long, chunky dick which he was using one of Jane's hands to stroke.

"Don't do this guys! Please? We can sort something out, can't we?" I pleaded, not knowing what else I could do.

"The only thing I need sorted out is a mouth round my dick", said Skinny. "If it's not her's, then it's gonna be yours!"

My heart stopped for a second! Fuck, I can't do that, I thought. I'm not into that stuff at all! However, if it saved her from the violation, then what choice did I have? "Ok, let's get it over with", I eventually said.

"Get on your knees, hands behind your back!" commanded Heavy-set as he pulled the gun away. "If he feels teeth, I shoot you in the head then we have your bitch all to ourselves, got it?"

I nodded submissively, as Skinny walked towards me and dropped his pants and undies to his ankles. His half erect dick was inches from my face and it smelled like he hadn't washed in days; an acrid stench of stale urine and possibly even cum. He pulled his dick up, exposing his balls and abruptly pushed them into my face. "Suck them! Take them in your mouth!" he demanded. I did as he asked and took his balls in my mouth, sucking them and working my tongue over them.

"Fuck yeah", murmured Skinny, who was stroking his almost completely hard cock now. We did this for a few more minutes until he pulled out and told me to slowly lick up and down his shaft. I ran my tongue up his veiny pole, over his foreskin and back down again. It didn't take long before pre-cum started leaking from his slit, and he took his cock in hand and rubbed the wet head over my face, around my eyes and lips.

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   Suddenly he bitch-slapped my cheek and ordered me to take his dick fully into my mouth. I reluctantly engulfed his head with my mouth and almost gagged at the taste. I tried to pull back again, but he just clamped his hands round the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. I instictively tried to get him off me, but my hands betrayed me and only found hold on his ass cheeks. The taste of his rancid cock was now the least of my worries - I was stuggling to breathe as his long cock slid to the back of my throat!

I only had to endure this for a few minutes and was just starting to get control of my breathing when Skinny started gasping heavily.

"Oh yeah! You fucking cocksucker, I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed. I felt his dick start to spasm in my mouth, and just at the last moment, he pulled out and shot his load all over my forehead. It immediately started to slowly run down my face, over my cheeks and onto my lips. Black Beard pushed Jane to her knees in front of me as Skinny backed away .

"Lick it up bitch! I wanna see you eat every last bit of cum!"

Jane started to protest, but Black Beard knelt down behind her and forced her into my face by the back of her neck. She thought better of resisting and strated to lick Skinny's cum off my face. Black Beard used his free hand and ran it down over her ass towards her pussy as she licked. Without warning, he stuffed two fingers into her and started finger fucking her as she ate the cum. I knew from that point there was no deal. Nothing I did was going to save Jane from being raped, and that both of us were going to have to satisfy these guys before we could go free.

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When my face was clean, Black Beard stood up and put his now-fully erect cock in between us. I glanced quickly for an escape, but Heavy-set was still standing guard with his rifle. He put his hands on the back of our heads, and pulled us into his crotch. No demands were needed now - we knew what he wanted. Jane started licking his balls and the base of his shaft, while I ran my tongue over and around the head of his cock. We both swapped places after a while, and then both ended up with our mouths working his head together.

This seemed to satisfy him for a little while, until he suddenly demanded I get on my back on the ground, and told Jane to straddle me in the 69 position. He came around the front of me and pulled my shorts off, exposing my cock. "Suck him off!" he ordered, and Jane immediately got to work. Despite the situation, with my cock being sucked and Jane's pussy over my face, I became rock hard in no time! Black Beard came back round and knelt over my head. "Lube me up cocksucker", he laughed as he pushed his dick into my mouth. When it had a good coating of saliva, he pulled out and plunged himself deep into Jane's pussy. I heard her gasp at his size, but after he started fucking her I could hear her start to moan, and she also sucked my dick with even more fever. Black Beard's balls were rubbing over my lips, and he ordered me to keep them in my mouth as he fucked her. This guy had balls to match his massive dick, and I sucked them as best I could considering the pounding he was giving Jane with his thick black cock.

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His stamina was something else, and I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to finish when I felt his balls ighten in my mouth as he froze and pushed hard into Jane's pussy. I exploded at the same time into Janes mouth, while he filled her pussy full of cum. After he's finished, he pulled out and stuffed his softening dick into my mouth, demanding I clean him off. I licked and sucked her juices and the cum off of his dick until he was satisfied. "You're not finished yet cocksucker", he chided. "Now you can eat my cum out of her pussy!"

I could already see his load dripping down her lips, and the situation seemed repulsive again now that my dick wasn't being sucked. I hesitated until Heavy-set walked toward me with the rifle pointed at my head again. "You heard the man!" he said. I reluctantly llicked the cum off her pussy lips, then started gulping down the cum from inside her. I don't know how much was his and how much was her juices, but there was a lot to drink up. I thought Jane was getting off on my tongue being inside her as I felt her grinding rhythmically against my face, until I realised that Skinny had gotten hard again and had started to fuck her mouth.

"You done?" Heavy-set asked Black Beard.

"For now", he replied "but I've still got more lovin to give!" he added with a laugh.

Heavy-set passed his rifle to Black Beard and started to unbutton his pants. "That depends how much I leave of them.


  " he laughed back. "They don't know what rough is until I'm finished with them!"

To be continued. . . .