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I've been at an international school my whole life. And this is something i always wished would happen. all charactrs are base on real people.
Pysical Ed. had just finished and everyone was coming of the courts making their way to the changing rooms. My team had just lost 6-1 and my mates were not happy about it. Giorgio, one of my teamates, had just turned 16 and was of an athletic build. his semi-long maroon hair fell just above his blue eyes. he had tanned skin and a hot italian accent. Jeff was german and he had brown hair slightly over his eyes, he was on the water polo and swim teams, so his arms and calves were hard as rock.  Drew, was canadian and had muscular pecs and arms. his blonde hair was spiked and his eyes were a dark green color. His sweat soaked shirt stuck to his body showing his well earned six pack. I ran quickly into the changing room hoping to be the first in the showers, coz the hot water didn't last very long, unfortunately drew caught up and poked me in the ribs
" what were you doing out there man?" he said putting his arm around my shoulder. i could smell the sweat and my dick stirred in my shorts. I was so busy trying to keep my dick down that I bumped into giorgio and my dick which is 13 cm long ground into his ass, he didn' move or shout but jut walked on into the locker room.

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As I walked into the shower room I was hit by the smell of sweat and shower gel. steam was already fogging up the frosted windows. I pulled at my short and they came down making my cock bob up and down, I tried to conceal my boner with a towel but Jeff had already seen it. I steped into the shower and waited until the changng room was quiet before coming out. I looked around to see if anyone had stayed behind but i could not see anything. So i sat on the bench and started mastrubating. i moved my hand over my dick changing speeds and grips once in a while when i noticed that Drew was watching me. He had a towel around his waist and his torso was still dripping from his shower. Under the towel a bulge was forming and soon i saw the shape of the dick every girl talked about and evry boy dreamed about. I looked away and tried to hide my dick, ashamed by my size. He stepped forward and came to sit next to me, my dick immedietly sarted growing. i looked into his eyes and saw power lots of it, i could see he was used to geting his way. his hand moved toward my chin and he turned my head and kissed me. I had expected his lips to be hard but they were silky soft and the sheer power of his tounge s he forced my mouth open. My dick was poking his navel and it made it harder.


   Drew took my hands and pinned them on the ground and tarted kissing me down my neck, he stopped at the collar bone because Giorgio came in still in his hockey pads. when he saw us he just stared and for a while i thought he was going to leave but t my suprise he started jacking himself.  he unzipped his jeans and lt them drop to his ankles and he stroked his dick through his boxers, his dick was big compared to mine, he took it out and slapped against his firm stomach. i gazed at it in wonder, it was atleast 20 cm long and his groin was coated with a light brown covering of pubes. Drew was spreading my legs and used shower gel to lube my ass. i was moaning now my dick at its full 13 cm.  "Quiet you moron or the teacher can hear you!" Giorgio said, buti couldn't stop moaning, they became even louder, untill giorgio stood up. He walked over to me and stuck his monster cock in my mouth. i was suprised by its size and i gaged a bit. but Giorgio gave me no time to get used to him in my mouth he thrust into my throat, my tounge licking it like i had seen in movies. He thrust and i could feel his dick hiting the back of my throat. Meanwhile Drew had finished lubing me up and unraveled his towel. my eyes were wide with anticipation and i stared in awe when he unveiled his monstrosity. It was a huge circumsized dick of about 24 cm, smooth and trimmed blonde bush. I looked on in horror as he postioned his head near my crack, i saw his ab muscles ripple as he tickled my virgin ass, and as he was about to penetrate.

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  . .
Jeff showed up tellng us that break had started. when he saw me sprawled on the bench with a dick in my mouth he locked the door and stripped, his cock was similar in size to Giorgios although slightly less tanned. He lubed his dick and together with Drew shoved their meat into my ass. I yelled in pain or i tried to but Giorgio kept thrusting. My ass felt like it was being torn into two. my little asshole contracted around the rods they had penetrated my with and soon the pain was gone and emense pleasure filled me. I was the first to cum, i shot my load all over my chest. Giorgio's thrusts became harder and my jaw hurt
"I'm cuumminnng" he moaned, i wanted to pull out but his dick was too big, his dick started trobbing and his ass tensed, then he shot shot, after shot into my mouth. I tried to swallow his warm juices but it was coming at such speed in such a quantity that some of it exploded out of my mouth and dribbled down my chin and into my hair. Al this time Drew with his cock  thrusts and thrusts, going deeper and deeper, Jef's cock next to his made him a god. His balls slapped my ass and seat  rolled onto his six pac, i reached for nipple and started fondling it between my fingers "This is your punishment for losing. " Jeff said his thrusts becoming harder and deeper, "I'm gonna cum into you bitch!" he yelled and shot his huge load into me. I felt my insides being pumped full of semen, Jeff left his semi hard dick in me as Drew kept on going, drews monstrous dick had claimed my ass, it was pounding it and my ass had stretched to acomadate it.

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   In and out he pumped at last he yelled " I'm cuuuuuummmmmmiiinnnggg ---- ahhhhhhhhh!!" as he shot load after load of his manlihood into me. He pulled out with a pop and continued cuming onto my thighs and chest. Giorgio had started fucking my head again and was at his limit, he pulled out and cummed in my face, i was blinded by his hot stuff. Jeff sat on my chest which was herdly visable through all the jizz and slapped me with his meat i went hard and he put his cock next to mine and jerked us off. his cock felt so good next to mine and i cummed instantly. The bells for the end off break rang and Drew, Jeff, and Giorgio cleaned themselves and dressed, leaving me alone exhausted and spent, i felt used but i felt good. . The end