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after a few weeks of bonding i finally gave in and told him I used to be with a guy for several years from 4th grade until I was around 21. I told him how hurt I was he didn't want me especially since he had a very small dick and I was willing to do and did anything he wanted. our conversations from then on started to get much more explicit and open. people thought I was into guys now cause I was so into talking to him but I always said he was just a friend. one night he asked if he could meet me somewhere after work. I said sure and he picked a place and time. after work he paged me and said for me to meet him at a school near by. as I got there I saw him waiting for me under a darked street corner with a look of nervousness. I said hi. . . . he was sort of angry I took so long but was glad I made it. we found a spot in the school to talk near a building. we started to talk about everything from work to sex. he started to ask me why I was willing to let the one guy I every did stuff with to used me up like he did and I started to explain that it was a turn on to be sex toy and I loved being pawed at.

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  at this point I was getting really turned on and noticed he had a sizeable tent in his pants. I asked how big he was. he said he didn't know and I was so horny at that point i just reached out and stroked his cock and said it was about 6 -7 inches. he was so in shock all he could say was "wow why you do that for" i told him it had been a long time since I touch one and couldn't resist. " do you mind" I asked and reached out again only this time stroking slower and more deliberate. he was starting to fuck my hand and I asking him when was the last time he got some. typical player he said" a while". even though he was very skinny and feminine I could tell he was playing me. he finally reached out and stroked me as well. I kept teasing him saying it has been a long time since I sucked a cock. I even said that I might let him be the second dick to fuck my ass. with that he got me up and directed me to the end of the building. he told me to follow him as he walking into an open bathroom. being a school at night I was scared of someone coming in and catching us traspassing or worse or even a ghost of something. anyway we started to feel each other then he kissed me.

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  . . I am not really into kissing, well at least not guys but it seemed he needed me to kiss him to go on so I did. then I pulled up his shirt and sucked on his nipples. being really skinny he didn't have much of anything to play with so I just reach down and cupped his bulge in his pants. I tried to work my way down but he pulled me up to kiss me again. after a brief kiss I I went down and undid his pants. I was surprised at the size. he was only about 120 pounds and his dick was definately a large part of that. it was atleast 7 inches, the head was small but his cock was thick at the base. with his slender build his dick looked like it was the biggest thing in the world. I started to work on it and started to remember why I missed having fun with guys. he immediately said i was doing a great job. I replied that his dick was the perfect shape to shove up my ass ( having a small head and gradually got bigger)after a few minutes of me sucking the sex out of his dick he stopped me and said he didn't want to cum yet. I figured he wanted to fuck me cause I kept on teasing him about it and he said he never fucked a guy before but I seriously doubted that.

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   I was just about to let him try to fuck me and me the second guy to do so when I saw lights flashing. he tried to get me in the mood again but I was spooked. the thought of being arrested for having homosexual sex on a school grounds was enough for me and I headed straight for my car. after that night he didn't talk to me. i think he was mad cause I didn't finish the job. I didn't think much of it. I found out he told a few people we did stuff and I had to back petal fast to cover up my forgetable night of embarassment. wasn't until a year later I touched face with him again. I called his house cause I saw him around and wondered why he didn't wanna talk to me. he quit the job we worked together at shorty after we messed around and I missed talking to him. we arranged to meet up near my house but he refused to come to my house so we met up at a school in my neighborhood. we started to talk like old times and he said he lost my number and I blindly accepted that as the reason for him ignoring me for a year. he went on saying he had a few bfs since our encounter and even fucked a few. I started to get turned on and began to take off his pants. as his cock entered my mouth he said he remembered I was very good at sucking cock.

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   I didn't have much experience except the guy I experimented with most of my life and had no idea I was good at it. I was so turned on I got daring and said I wanted him to suck me now. that is when the mood changed. he seemed to be reluctant to return the favor but half heartedly did it for a little while then said it was my turn again. wasn't much later that he said he had to cum and wanted me to stop but I kept on going until I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat. there was so much I had a hard time swallowing it all. this was only the second guy I ever did swallow but not the last. after it was over he didn't ever bother finishing me off and just pulled up his pants with that I walked him to his car and never really spoke to him again. I called him a few times but he told me not to cause all I wanted to do was have sex with him. . . was the other way around. I found my self being used as a sex toy once again only this time he didn't come back for more. this then i found new play mates but none was as interesting as being seduced by a fem. if you would like to hear more true stories from my life leave comments and I will do what I can.

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