Brother visits Sister at College Part 6


Brother visits Sister at College Part 6
This is to make up for what lacked in part 5.
            Brian had been here a day and a half and was leaving in the morning.   I was a bit disappointed, I really enjoyed him (oops did I say that out loud!) I really enjoyed his visit, and I knew that Michelle did too.   Brian went off to the pool again to swim, and Michelle and I went right to bed.   Fucking Brian by ourselves, together, and watching each other fuck Brian was really getting to us, it was getting us really hot for each other, so when Brian left, we went at it right away.
            As soon as Brain changed and left my room, I went down the hall to Michelle’s.   After we went at it (no detailed description is necessary I think, if you really want to know, read the first story, it is similar to that, except for Brian walking in on us. ) we both just laid there in bed.   We wanted to plan something special for Brian and his last night here.   After we both threw around some ideas, we both came up with it.
            We quickly started planning and calling and talking to people that we wanted to help us out.   By the time Brian returned a little over an hour later, we had it all planned.   Neither of us told him what was going to happen, because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise.
            Michelle and I were in my room and in my bed naked, cuddling watching some tv when Brian got back from the pool.   He saw us laying there and just gave us a smile and shook his head.   We just looked back at him with a cute little look that told him ‘what?   You left us alone.

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            Brian rummaged though his bag to get his shower stuff, then stripped down and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.   A minute or two after he left and we heard the water start to run Michelle poked me in the side, “It’s time” she said.   “Yea yea,” I told her smiling, “I was just giving him a head start. ”   With that I gave her a kiss and climbed out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.
            I found which shower stall he was in and slowly crept up to it.   I looked through a crack in the curtain and saw that his back was to me.   I looked him up and down a couple times, admiring his body as the water ran over him.   I quickly slipped into the shower with out him seeing me and stood there for a minute before walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his side and grabbing his hanging dick.   I put my head on his shoulder and gave him a quick kiss on the neck.   “Hey there little bro, I needed a shower too before we go out tonight, mind if I join you?” and with that I started softly kissing him on his neck.
            He stood there for a little while, and bent his neck to the side, allowing me easier access to him.   As my lips worked their magic on his neck and shoulders, my hands were working his dick, and were doing a pretty good job at it because I could feel him start to get hard.   When he was hard I started stroking up and down his shaft while still kissing him.   I could tell he was starting to enjoy this because of how he was moving and the slight barely audible sounds that were coming out of his mouth.
            We didn’t last too long like this before his emotions just overcame him and he grabbed me and quickly pushed me against the wall.

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     He held my hands above my head as he looked at me and smiled.   He looked up and down my body and admired the way the water from the shower ran between my breasts and down over the other curves of my body.   He then moved in closer and pressed himself against me and started to kiss me.   I could feel his hard dick pressed tightly between our two stomachs.
            He held my hands above my head still and kissed me passionately.   Our tongues were swirling around inside our mouths, and his hips were moving ever so slightly to suggest that we were fucking.   All of this was getting me really worked up.   This was my first time in the shower with a guy, so that on top of the fact that Brian was good was getting me really worked up.
            He let go of my hands and slowly traced his fingers down my arms.   He moved his head to the side and started kissing my cheek, and nibbling on my ear, then moved down to my neck.   I kept my hands above my head and had my head tilted to one side as he kissed and nibbled his way down my body.   He worked from my face down to my neck, spent some time on either side, then moved down to my breasts.   He took one in his hand, put his mouth over my nipple and sucked my breast as far in his mouth as he could.   He used his hand to rub my breast, and used his tongue to swirl around my nipple.
            What he was doing felt so good!   I just stood there against the wall with my hands above my head and just soaked in all the pleasure Brian was giving me.

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     Brian then switched to my other breast and did the same thing he had done before.   Except this time he kept his hand on my other breast and kneaded it a little bit.
            After unlatching himself from by breast, he continued to keep his hands on them and knead them.   He stuck his tongue out and started teasing my nipples with it.   My eyes were closed and my head was still off to one side as he continued on my body.   I let out a soft moan as he licked my nipple with his tongue.
            He continued playing with my breasts for a little while, but brought his leg up, and was humping my pussy with his thigh.   He would push it hard up into my pussy, then slowly back off, then push it hard up, then slowly back off, then hard up and slowly back off.   He was hitting my cilt, so it was sending lots of pleasure though my body.
            Between him playing with my breasts and dry fucking my pussy, the sensations I was getting were incredible.   It felt like lightening was shooting through my body.   My moans were uncontrollable at this point and were coming as they wished.
            Brian then pulled off of me and stood back.   He looked at me standing there up against the wall of the shower with my hands still above my head and my head still cocked to one side.   I was panting to catch my breath.

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     I opened my eyes to see him smile at me.   I gathered some energy and managed to smile back at him.   He then grabbed his dick and positioned it right at my pussy lips touching them.   I had my eyes closed again, but felt something touch my pussy.   I knew immediately what it was and my panting and breathing got heavier and faster paced.
            When I felt him start to push in I took one deep breath and held it until he was all the way in and had pulled out and pushed in a couple times, then I gasped and my deep breaths continued.   He started out pretty slow and was just pushing in, and pulling out, very slowly, letting us both enjoy this, and enjoying this we were.
            He soon began to pick up the pace and brought it up to a nice brisk pace.   I was really enjoying this, more than I thought I would.   I finally brought my arms down and placed them on his shoulders to help steady myself.   We were soon, once again, fucking like rabbits.
            My knees were getting really weak, so I picked them up off the floor.   To my surprise I stayed right where I was and didn’t slip down the wall at all.   I picked my legs up and wrapped them around his waist and used them to pull him into me and push himself even deeper into me.   When I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pick up the pace even more so we were fucking like mad.

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            There we were in the shower, my arms over his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his waist and my back against the wall of the shower with Brian fucking me senseless.   Every once and a while you could hear the smack as I hit the wall again, but mostly it was my screams and moans from being fucked.
            We went at it like this for a little while, until I felt Brian tense up then start to shoot his load into me.   He pushed me as hard against the wall as he could and buried himself as deep as he could into my pussy and just started to unload.
            After he finished shooting his load into me, we both just stood there in the shower, as if we were frozen in time.   I then slowly unwrapped my legs from around his waist and put my legs down to support myself again.   He pulled himself out of me.
            We joined together again in a kiss and when we pulled away, I looked him in the eye, and whispered to him, “I love my little brother. ”   He just smiled back.   We then started to clean each other off, getting our hands all soapy and running them around each others bodies.   I ran mine over his chest and over his dick.   He got his hands all soapy and played with my breasts.   He seemed to like the way they were all slick and slippery when they were all soapy.
            We climbed out of the shower and dried each other off, and headed back towards my room to change into clothes to get ready to go out tonight.   Afterall, Michelle and I had big plans for him.

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     We were excited for it too, we were looking foreword to it.
            I could feel myself getting hot thinking about what would be happening later.   I looked over at Brian as he was putting on some clothes.   I found it cute how he had absolutely no idea what was going in.   He saw me looking at him and smiled at me.   I smiled back.   If only he knew…