I had overheard my mother planning a rendezvous with her boyfriend at the house while Dad was working and my sister and I were in school. I left for school as usual that morning but ditched it to sneak home. I had left the patio door unlocked so I could sneak in when I got there. I saw a car my Aunt’s car in the driveway and this aroused my curiosity even more. As I peeked in the patio door I noticed various articles of clothing scattered around the room in a path leading further into the house and my Mom’s bedroom. I took off my shoes and slipped into the house following the trail of clothing to the master bedroom. I could hear loud breathing and squeals coming from the room. “Jesus Christ! You’re BIG! You’re splitting me in two!” I could hear my cousin Jenny’s voice coming from the bedroom and peeked around the corner to she her naked form spread-eagled on the bed. Candy laid on one side of her bare naked holding one of Jenny’s ankles as Ken held the other spreading her legs wide as he drove his cock into her. Each was saying soothing things while fondling her body. I soon realized he wasn’t hurting her rather she was loving it urging him on. “I want it all! Ram it in me! Please don’t stop!” she cried. Candy let go of her ankle and rose to her knees to kiss her daughter’s body and fondle her breasts. Her hands traveled over Jenny’s body taking turns kissing each of her breasts and than her mouth. Jenny’s body was now arching to meet Ken’s thrusts and her legs draped over his hips pulling him into her. She kept saying over and over, “Fuck me Ken!” After twenty minutes or so of this her arms shot around her Mom and Ken’s necks as she screamed, “Oh, Christ! I’m CUMING!” While her body froze in the high arched position only to slide slowly back on the bed in exhaustion.

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   The man than kissed a gleeful pair of women as he groped their breasts. He than got off the bed and headed towards me. I realized he was probably coming to retrieve his clothes and high-tailed it to the back of the house to hide behind the laundry room door.
 I could hear him moving about in the next room and breathed a sigh of relief as the sounds diminished. That’s when the door moved to reveal my hiding spot and there he stood staring at me with a gleeful grin. “Well, well. What have we here?” he chuckled. He leaned his naked body against mine and licked my cheek. “So, did you like what you saw?” he asked as his hands groped my breasts. I was pinned in the corner with nowhere to go. “Well, let’s see what you’ve got,” he remarked as he popped the buttons on my blouse opening it to reveal two full ripe breasts which eagerly leapt at his attentions (I didn’t believe in wearing underwear). His head dipped to my breast to suckle it drawing a moan out of me as my hands rose to pull his head closer. His hands opened my pants to pull them down around my knees and I groaned as his hand sank between my legs to rub my pleasure center. My mind screamed to resist but my body eagerly yielded to his touch. My moist vagina betrayed my arousal and he remarked, “You must have had a very good look.

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  ” My pants fell off as he lifted me in his arms to carry me to the bedroom. “Look what I found,” Ken said as he laid me on the bed before two startled pair of eyes.
 Jenny now roused from her ecstatic stupor leaned close to me nibbling my ear and giggling, “Boy are you in for a treat. ”  Firm hands grasped my ankles to lift and separate my legs as Aunt Candy and Jenny spread my legs to grant access to the monstrous cock now approaching my leaking womanhood. Aunt Candy leaned close to whisper, “Don’t worry Baby its what it was made for. ” I was transfixed as the head of this mammoth tool spread my pussy and sank into my all to willing body. The hours of practice with Amanda were paying off. The differences between my mother’s dildo and real thing were immediately apparent. The dildo’s latex was cold and barely yielding. This man’s cock was living tissue, warm and yielding in its length and girth. I could feel his heartbeat through my distended cervical muscles and even drops of fluid as precum seeped from its head. His recent sex with Jenny had left his cock coated with a mixture of both their seminal fluids easing its passage into my body. I loved the feel of it and could finally understand my mother’s carnal desire to be fucked. He filled me in ways I had not thought possible as knowing and willing hands and lips caressed my naked body’s erogenous zones. Jenny’s firm young body and proud uplifted breasts were a stark contrast to her mother’s aged form.


   Jenny’s firm breasts and turgid nipples (like Amanda’s) were a stark contrast to the flaccid nature of both our mothers (the result of having children and growing older, I wondered). Jenny’s sweet lips and swollen tongue (from her recent orgasm) tasted as honey to me and I realized her body was arousing me almost as much as the cock drilling my pussy. I begged her to sit on my face that I might taste her womanhood as my startled aunt looked on. My hand reached for each of Candy’s as Jenny’s leaking pussy nested itself on my face. I drew Candy close so to allow my hand to travel up her chest to cup each breast and tweak there nipples as my tongue trailed along Jenny’s crease only to burrow into her leaking hole causing more luscious cream to stream into my eager mouth. Ken’s cock followed the path opened by Amanda with mom’s dildo and every inch he drove into me heightened my arousal. My hands trailed down my aunt’s chest to her vagina. Mom’s labial folds were thin and narrow while Candy’s were thick, as was the cream that emitted from Candy’s vagina. The similarity in shape and nature to her daughter’s was amazing. I found each woman’s clit and was rewarded by a shudder and the production of more fluid from each. I felt one hand spread my labial folds while a knowing hand searched and found my clit. The finger swirled around my clit only enhancing my desire to draw his mammoth tool further into my body; I shook off the hands around my ankles to wrap my legs around his waist and sank my heels into his ass to ram his cock into me harder. Jenny’s hips were now gyrating to assist my tongue in lapping along her crease and her hands had firmly planted themselves on my breasts. My aunt’s pelvis ground against my hand as all three took turns kissing each other’s full lips and blood engorged breasts. I felt Ken’s pelvis slap against mine as his ball sack slapped my ass cheeks and felt a rush of satisfaction, as I knew I had taken his entire beast.

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   He began a long slow series of strokes that led to bone rattling orgasm. I also had the pleasure of knowing I had brought yet another woman to the height sexual arousal. Ken did not come in me instead he stacked Jenny on top of me and began to power stroke a few times into each of us until he finally came inside me. I could see the disappointment in Jenny’s eyes and rose quickly from the bed to snatch my Mom’s double-headed dildo from its hiding place to insert it into each of us and rock her to another orgasm. I think I shocked my aunt but I would worry about that later. Ken and Candy got it on again while watching us but this time it was Candy’s turn to ride the beast and she seemed to enjoy herself.