Carole steps from the bath tub , pulls a towel from the bar and begins to dry herself,,watching in the mirror, rating her 35 year old face and body,assessing each part as she gently towels herself dry. Long white/blonde hair,green eyes,full pouty pink lips. . . "still a ten. . . well, at least a seven ,"She giggles. 5 ft. 5 in. tall, 44DD-25-35,,,She cups her breasts, holding them up a little. . "Tits not as firm as when i was a girl, but still ,,they're good enough to glue every mans eye to my chest". Carole absent mindedly caresses her breasts as she remembers how young she was,13, hardly any peach fuzz on her vagina yet, and how huge they were at that age,,every man,,even family stared at her ,when she first realised the effect she had on men,also when she realized what the bulges in their pants was all about. . .

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  Her nipples were a lot smaller then , but, "It seems like men can't get big enough nipples,,such big babies,,can't lose that nursing instinct. " She pinches and rolls her nipples between her fingers,, long red nails scratching at them , until they are erect and hard , two fat, deep pink cherrys, begging for a mans lips. . "No man ignores these titties" Carole sighs,,trying to remember the last time she had a mans mouth on her nipples,,or anywhere. . Years,,4 since her husband passed away,,10 before that where he never touched her. . . . Actually, not since. . . Carole supresses the memory but can't stop her mind sending a message to her pussy.
Carole spreads her legs and dried off her vagina. at least around it,, She can tell as she dabs around the freshly shaved lips that if she were to probe just inside that she will find that she is getting wetter by the minute.


  She puts one shapely pink leg on the counter and inspects her bald vagina. . "Okay, no stray hair,God, I'm almost dripping wet already,I want everything to be perfect for tonight. . I hope i'm not too old to be shaving, but, thats what my lover(I hope),,wants. Carole parts her outer vagina lips, puffy, smooth and hot and rubs one fingertip up and down the middle,,dipping in slightly to get it wet with her juices, and spreads it over her pussy lips, almost swollen in their pink nakedness. She rubs the juice up, over her hardening clitoris, making it glisten, like a shiny wet pink pea,shudders, and then slides her finger down,snaking it along her perineum to her rosy little butt hole,circling it wetly, and then poking her finger inside , lubing her clenching hot bum. . " Jesus, I've gotta stop this daydreaming and get dressed. . Mark will be home soon. "
Carole finishes drying off and and rushes into her bedroom, her wardobe for tonight laid out on the bed,white cotton blouse, white push up bra, no panties,black leather mini-skirt(she still has dynamite legs), and puts on a pair of red fuck-me shoes. . She looks at the clock and sees shes got about 20 minutes before Mark gets home. "I need a few stiff drinks before he gets here, give me the courage to do this.

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   I've never felt so perverted, or so horny , before in my life,,,well, o. k. not since. . .
Fifteen minutes later Carole sits at the bar in her den, watching the clock, thinking back on how she reached this point, sitting here, trying to get just drunk enough,waiting for her son to come home. It started about six years ago, Mark was 14 when she realized that he was masturbating( she did the laundry), and, just how much he was masturbating,five or more times a day , judging by the t-shirts he wiped up in. At first Carole was a little shocked, her husband was very religious and barely touched her, married at 18, he was a big change from her life up to that point, but she had had to block her past from her memory to satisfy her husbands raging moods. Anyway, Carole found herself oddly aroused by the daily loads of her sons semen, even to the point of smelling his cum , on on or two occassions, feeling ashamed,,but not too much. She couldn't stop herself from day-dreaming. . It had been so ,so long since Carole had had good sex,so very long,,not since her brother,,,no,never mind that,,, Carole kept all her dirty thoughts inside, even after her husband died, but as time passed she couldn't control her dreams and daydreams, fantasizing about forbidden things,which only made her hotter.
When Mark had left for college Carole needed to use his computer and and had snooped while she was on it. To her amazement she had stumbled onto his chat room list and his photo files,,all the pictures were of large-breasted older women. .

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  and the chat rooms,,well,, they all dealt with incest,, Carole entered a few chatrooms and was able to find out that Mark was heavily into Mother/Son sexual role playing. Carole had been so aroused that she went to her own p. c. and entered the chatroom and masturbated while all the young studs tried to get in "moms" pants. After that Carole logged in every night until she finally matched up with Mark, although, Mark, didn't know it was his real mother he was talking to.
After that it had been a masturbational frenzy for Carole every night,and for Mark,separated by miles, but together on the net, with only Carole knowing their true identities. She learned every nasty thing that her son would like to do to her and told him what she would like to do to her own son.
Tonight, Carole is going to confront her son,fortified by a few stiff drinks, and see what comes of it. Mark should be home any second, and Carole can feeler her pussy getting wetter, thinking about his big penis(from what he's chatted), and hoping it's not just an old womans fantasy.
Carole hears the front door opening and waits expectantly for her son Mark to come into the den,,,