My Brother, My Sister Part II


My Brother, My Sister – Part II
Michele Nylons
He turned his back to me and started walking away with the rest of his gang slowly following laughing and jeering amongst themselves. Tom, my brother the rapist, who had used me last, suddenly broke away from the gang and ran back to me.
‘What now’, I thought. My younger brother knelt beside me, lifted my head and gave me a soft passionate kiss. He whispered in my ear,
"Thanks most exciting experience of my life Sis," he whispered.
I lay there and couldn’t believe what I had heard. He knew who I was! He called me ‘Sis’!
"Well I guess you are now my older sister now, instead of my older brother; tomorrow you can you can show me what a blow jobs feels like, either that or I can just tell Mom and Dad about your secret. See ya’ later Sis," he laughed.
His lips brushed mine again and he shot up and sprinted after his friends laughing out loud.
As I lay there used and abused I wondered what my future held now that Tom knew my secret. I picked myself up and staggered home, limping to the bathroom to remove my female garb, my underwear tattered torn and come soaked. I ran a shower to remove my smeared makeup and the dirt and come from my body. I checked myself for bruising and cuts and found that I had not come out to worse for wear.
I grabbed my clothes and retired to my bedroom where I sorted through them, discarding the ripped and stained intimate items and locking away my skirt, top, and salvageable underwear to be washed later (when no one was home of course).
I lay on the bed smoking, reliving the events of the night. If hadn’t been for my Brother being there I wouldn’t really have minded what happened to me.

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   In fact, as I thought about how I had been used by the gang, incredulously, I began to get an erection. It quickly deflated as I wondered what Tom was going to do with his new found knowledge.
Would he tell my parents, my friends, and our neighbours; or would he torture me with guilt? I drifted off thinking of scenarios where my Brother blackmailed and tortured me now that he knew I was a crossdresser.
The next day was Saturday and I stayed in bed late. My parents left early for a weekend away on holiday at the coast. I was dreading seeing Tom again after what had happened last night. I kept running scenarios through my mind, what would Tom do next? I did not have to wait long.
"Morning Sis," Tom said cheerfully as he barged into my room.
"Well! I knew you were a bit of poof but I never suspected you liked to dress up as a woman, and quite a sexy little tart you are if I do say so," he laughed.
"Don’t please Tom," I begged.
"Please don’t tease me this way. You know about my secret life and that’s bad enough, but don’t treat me like shit; I am your elder brother after all," I implored.
"Oh no you are not! You are now my elder sister; that’s how we’re going to play it from now on! And you are going to be a very obedient older sister or your secret is out and you might as well move to the moon because no one will want to know you here," he said.
"Oh my God, no, please Tom, don’t do this," I begged.
But he was not listening.

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   He began rummaging through my wardrobe.
"So where do you keep your girly gear then Sis?" he laughed pulling my clothes all over the place.
"If you mean the clothes that I wear when I am Michele, then they are in behind the back of the wardrobe, there’s a false back. "
"You sneaky little trollop," he laughed again as he pulled the false back away from the wardrobe and examined my feminine clothes hung there in the small space I had built there. Three pair of high heels were arranged on the floor and a small chest of drawers held my lingerie, makeup, and jewellery. A blonde and brunette wig sat side by side on wig-stands, on top.
"Well get up Sis, Michele is it? Get up, get dressed, and cook my fucking breakfast then," ordered Tom.
I got out of bed and figured, ‘Here we go, I’m going to have to do whatever he wants while he holds my secret life as a blackmail tool. ’ I reached for my jeans and a T-shirt that were thrown over the back of a chair.
"No, no, no Sis!" he bellowed.
"I want you dressed like you were last night, as a girl, you are going to be my slave sister all weekend, and then, if you treat me nice, maybe I’ll consider whether to tell Mom and Dad about your peccadillo for ladies clothing," he laughed.
"These should be nice," he said and threw a black miniskirt and white satin blouse at me from off a coat hanger.
"And I like these too," he smiled as he tossed me a pair of white full brief nylon panties, garter belt, and matching bra that he had pulled from a drawer. He rummaged further.
"And you have to wear these," he smirked holding out a pair of sheer, fully-fashioned, taupe, nylon stockings.

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"I just love girls in stockings," he smirked.
"That brown hair and those black shoes you had on last night should do the trick," he said.
"If you mean the brunette bob and the black high heel sandals, you are showing some taste for a blackmailing son of bitch!" I countered.
"Now, now Sis, lets not start the day on a bad note. Just get fucking showered, dressed and put on plenty of makeup so you can look pretty for your brother. And cut the shit, or I might get angry," Tom growled walking out the door.
"See you downstairs in the kitchen in about half an hour shall I? I’ll give you my breakfast order then!" was Tom’s parting shot as he went out of my bedroom.
What the fuck could I do? I decided to comply and see where things would go from here. I dragged myself off to the shower to prepare for my day’s torture at the hands of my younger brother…………. .
Three quarters of an hour later I opened the kitchen door and sidled in. Tom was sitting at the kitchen table dressed in his boxers and a t-shirt.
"Fuck me Sis!" Tom exclaimed. "You are one fucking sexy bitch!"
I stood there in my black mini, the skirt finishing about eight inches above my knees, just covering the dark welt of stocking top on the sheer taupe stockings clinging to my legs. The black back-seams of my stockings led perfectly straight down the back of my legs to the darker, fully fashioned reinforced heel and toes displayed by my shiny, black, high heeled sandals.

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   A thin plain gold ankle bracelet glittered at my right ankle.
The white satin blouse was buttoned up to my neck, adorned by a matching gold necklace to match the ankle bracelet, bangles at my wrists and plain gold earings dangling from my ears. The brunette bob framed my heavily made up face. What wasn’t visible were the silky nylon full brief panties and matching garter belt and bra underneath. I looked like the sort of girl you might see standing on a street corner of a red light district.
"So, Michele is it Sis? Come over here Michele and lets get a good look at you," Tom said, his eyes roaming all over me.
I walked over to him, the high heels and tight mini forcing me to sashay provocatively. I halted just in front of my younger brother, my head bowed. He stood up, reached out and lifted my chin; he looked into my heavily mascaraed eyes,
"My God, Sis. I didn’t realise how sexy you looked last night. If I didn’t know it was my older brother under that makeup and in those clothes I’d swear you were just some foxy tart I met in a pub. "
Bob reached out and pulled me to him, he kissed me roughly, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I tried to pull back but he held me tight. I felt his cock harden in his shorts as he pushed against me. I tried to move side-on so his penis was not in contact with mine through our clothes.

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   He started rubbing his erection against my leg, dry humping me, his brother.
"Please Tom," I whimpered, "Don’t do this. "
He released me and pushed me back holding me at arms reach.
"Oh no Sis, don’t come on all coy now deary, you weren’t coy last night when you were sucking and fucking my mates now, were you Michele?" he said sarcastically.
"Anyway Sis, you are probably right about one thing, I don’t want to get you diverted from cooking my breakfast do I?" he chuckled.
"Plenty of time for that sort of fun after I’m fed. Now get going Sis, two eggs over easy; just like you were last night if I remember," he chuckled at the joke made at my expense.
"Crisp bacon, toast and coffee please Sis. Chop chop, I’m hungry. "
I felt so humiliated, but I was relieved to be out of his reach. At least while I was cooking it gave me time to think about some way of getting out of this dilemma.
I put bacon in a pan on the stove and retrieved eggs, milk, margarine, and coffee from the fridge. Then I made what was to be disastrous error of judgement. Instead of kneeling down, ladylike, to get the coffeepot out of the bottom cupboard, I bent over at the waist and started muddling amongst the pots and pans in there searching for the coffeepot.
Tom was greeted with the view of my miniskirt stretched tight against my ass as I bent over.

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   My skirt rode up to reveal the garters attached to the dark band at the top of my diaphanous stockings, the seams leading down to my high heels which were splayed slightly apart. A glimpse of sheer white nylon panty was just visible from under the hem of my skirt. Then I heard Tom groan and utter,
"Fuck breakfast! That view is just too much for me to take in and sit still!"
I heard his chair screech as he pushed it back and he made his way quickly over to me.
"Fuck Sis, I just have to have you," he groaned and I felt his full weight behind me.
He pushed my upper body down so I was bent over the counter top and I felt him fumbling behind me, breathing hard and grunting. I tried to push myself up off the counter and I felt a sharp jab in my side as he punched me.
"Don’t fuck around Sis," he snapped, "this can be easy or hard for you, but I’m taking what I want right now!"
I was winded and in pain and knew I was defeated. I stopped resisting and stood still, bent over the counter. My brother kicked my heels further apart and then I felt him move between my legs. He fumbled again, then in shock I felt his hard penis through my nylon panties pushing against my ass.
"Oh this is so good," he sighed as I felt his hand back there behind me trying to manoeuvre his erection into position.
His cock slid against my stocking thigh and he slowly rubbed it there as he pulled my panties over to one side of ass cheeks to expose my puckered ass bud. Tom reached out and I saw his hand dip into an open tub of margarine sitting on the counter next to my head.
‘Christ,’ I thought, ‘I know what the bastard is about to do. ’ Then I felt him rub the cold slippery margarine between my buttocks.

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   Tom eased himself back and placed his hands on my hips, gripping onto my garter belt under my skirt. Then I felt his cock at the entrance to my ass. He just eased forward in one long slow thrust.
"OOOhhhh!" I groaned as I felt his long thick shaft slide slowly into my ass, filling it, the head of his penis pushing up against my prostrate.
"OOOhhh!" my brother groaned as his greasy, slick, cock slid easily, deep into me and he felt my ass grip his penis like a velvet glove.
I felt my cock immediately stiffen inside my panties as he started to fuck me with long slow strokes. I couldn’t help but feel sexy all over as I accepted my brother’s invasion of my ass. The stimulation on all the sensitive nerves deep in there, the pressure on my prostate, and the magnificent feeling of being filled with cock, all combined to drive me into ecstasy.
I pushed back to meet his slow easy thrusts and I felt him release one hand from my hip.
"Oh Sis," he moaned, "this is so good, I can’t hold it in much longer. "
I knew what he meant, he was close to coming, and so was I. I pushed back harder as his long slow thrusts grew more intense, he was pushing his pelvis hard against my soft ass cheeks on the in stroke and pulling back so just the head of his cock was just inside my sphincter on the out stroke. I matched his rhythm and then I felt his free hand grip my hard cock through my panties. He didn’t wank it, he just squeezed my cock in time with his thrusts.
It was too much for me and I started to squirt hot semen, drenching my panties as he squeezed me harder.


   Tom grunted and pushed himself into me as far as he could, I was pushed hard against the kitchen counter as my brother’s throbbing cock exploded deep in my ass. I felt the head of his penis pulsate against my prostrate as he shot stream after stream of hot semen deep inside me. I continued to eject jets of come as his hand squeezed my penis harder through the silky nylon panties.
I moaned and squirmed my ass back against him to drain the last droplets of come from him. He groaned and collapsed against me, sated.
"OOOOOhhhhhh Sis, that was just so fucking good," my brother whispered in my ear and kissed my earlobe.
To be continued