Xiao's Photo Project


While I was in college my freshmen year I stayed in the dorms. While my dorm was a mixed dorm, nearby was an all girls dorm, and through people I actually became friends with a few girls over there. One suite in particular had 6 girls, mostly Asian, who I sometimes would hang out or eat at the dinning hall with. Of all the girls, two roommates were the one's I talked to most, one named Xiao, a very slim Asian girl who was super cute and bubbly, plus kinda a free spirit and almost a hippie in some ways. She liked some indie music I liked so that was cool. Her roommate was Jess, another Asian girl, I think Chinese, who was very different then Xiao, since she was a devout Christian and seemed conservative.
Anyways, Xiao was a science major, I think biology or chemistry, but also was an avid photographer and took photography class at the school. She would often take pictures of her roommates or people she knew, me included, for her class and I even once remember going to a showcase where her photos, along with the rest of the class, were on display. One time she messaged me on the internet asking if I wanted to pose again for a project she was doing. I agreed, but she told me that it would be best to talk about the project in person since it was different than the usual project. I wondered what was up, but I went over later that night and we chatted. She told me that her class was doing a photo project on the human body, where they were to take various photos of a human body part, like the nose or hands or something. I didn't think much into it and figured she wanted to take a picture of my feet or back or hands or whatever. She then told me that she wanted to actually take a picture of, well, my penis. They were allowed to do nudes in the class, and she wondered if I was willing. I was pretty surprised, and asked if she had asked anyone else before me, which she did, but they had turned her down.

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   Without thinking much, I agreed and she said she would get back to me on a time when her roommates weren't around and we could take pictures then.
We chatted online a few times about it, and I began to get a little nervous, even asking if I should shave my pubes and stuff, which I didn’t, but I did trim. About a week after we first talked she told me a day I could come over and when the day came, that night I went over for the pictures. There was nobody else in the room or suite for that matter, and she told me they were out for something and wouldn’t be back for a good 3 or 4 hours, but she said the pictures should only take maybe 1 hour. Even though I was kinda dreading the whole picture thing now, not wanting to back out and look like a fool, I was also kinda turned on at the whole idea, but didn’t realize how turned on I was until I stripped and out popped my erection. Xiao noticed this as well and kinda laughed and smiled, saying it was okay. She then made me lay on the med with different sheets on it for background I guess and took a picture of my penis with the erection. Eventually I went soft again and limp, and she continued to click away, making me do awkward and weird posses that made me feel a little dumb, but as long as my face wasn’t in the picture, I was okay with it since no one would know.
After a few more pictures, Xiao had a frown on her face and I asked her what was up. She said she liked the pictures, but the best one was actually the one in which I had my boner. I told her I could try to get it up, but I would have to, um, u know, masturbate to do it. She was actually cool with it, and I would slowly jack off till I was hard, and she would then take a picture of me. I couldn’t stay hard for that long, especially since I would have to arrange myself and pose and stuff, so I had to do this a few times. Once, Xiao accidentally reached out for my penis, and I kinda stepped back, wondering what she was doing. She apologized, saying she just wanted to position it a certain way.

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   I saw if she wanted she could and from then on she would touch my penis to position it and even began to jack me off a few times to get me hard. We were both beginning to enjoy it, and I began to really like her moving up and down my shaft, then stopping to click, and then doing it again. I began to laugh at her, telling her she was having a little too much fun, and she said she actually was. After a couple more pics, I began to think we were about done, but Xiao once took my penis and began to jack it and didn’t stop. I was hard and began to feel a rush in my body, and I knew what was gonna happen if she kept going, but I just couldn’t get the words out, it just felt too good. Up and down my shaft of my penis her hand went, until, it happened. I spurted, came, and cum got on her hands and arms. She began to laugh a lot and couldn’t stop laughing. I told her to stop laughing at me, and she said she wasn’t, but was laughing at the fact she just made me cum.
We then cleaned up with a dirty shirt she had around, and decided that was enough for the shoot. Good thing too, since after I had put my clothes back on, she had put her camera away and everything else, only 5 minutes later, her roommate jess opened the door, a little surprised. She looked at our faces, a little flushed, and asked us what we were up to. We made up that we were just hanging out and stuff, which I hoped at the time she bought. Eventually I would leave and go back to my dorm room. After a while, I would eventually see the pics, which were surprisingly good, and made my dick look like the Eiffel tower.

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   Xiao did give me some sorta bad news, as she said Jess eventually found out what we did, but didn’t really mind it, which was a little bit of a shock, since she seemed like such a conservative girl. Anyways, that’s a whole other story. Me and Xiao eventually had a little bit of a fling afterwards, had sex and masturbated together a few times, but eventually broke up by the end of freshmen year but stayed friends. But I still remember that day she took my picture.