A girl and her tentacle monster 7


It would be the little Asian girl who went first. She screeched and screamed, struggled and begged as I wrapped her arms and legs in my tentacles and pulled her over to me. I got off her mother and pushed the girl’s ear into her parent’s stomach, my girl-cum coating her face as she heard Daddy pumping furiously into the older woman’s womb. She sobbed and shook in fear, unable to fight me as I then forced her to her mother’s boobies. They were still leaking, the milk streaming out, even spurting a few inches up into the air when she hit orgasm and hitting her daughter’s cheek. I wrapped a tentacle around the girl's neck, and the threat (a phony threat, but she was too panicked to think) was enough for her to open her mouth and begin suckling. I tightened it when milk started to dribble out of the sides of her mouth, and she quickly began sucking as hard as she could, making her mother scream yet again in blissful orgasm.
She nearly yelped and pulled away as I tore her nightshirt off along with her panties. The tentacle around her throat kept her down, and the knowledge she could only get punishment out of resisting got her to keep suckling through her sobs. A few more tentacles moved about her body, teasing her nipples and rubbing her back and behind as my fingers teased her virgin kitty. Of course, she tensed up and tried to fight me, but the girl-cum on her face, the slime from the tentacles, my own pheromones, and now the milk she drank all conspired to make her cum the moment I touched the little nub on her kitty.
Her moment of peaceful satisfaction after the rush of pleasure was cut short when I pulled apart her bottom and sent not one, but two tentacles into the tiny opening. The scream was absolutely perfect. It sends chills up my spine just thinking about it. It might take a few more examples, but it would eventually dawn on the girls that I would bring them incredible pleasure when they cooperated, and intense pain if they did not comply with my every whim. I knew they wouldn’t be able to help resisting, at least a few times, and it made me very happy.

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Using a few more tentacles to hold the screaming girl to her mother’s leaking nipple, the tentacles began cramming their way up her backside relentlessly. Blood leaked out from the tearing, the slime slowly but surely lubricating the way as well as allowing her muscles to stretch to accommodate the size. I’d suspected this would happen, but hadn’t been sure until now. The slime was more than a potent arousal tool and great tasting lubricant; it actually helped to make the frail human body more able to take the kinds of pleasures the mutant/alien/whatever tentacles could give them.
The flood of chemicals into her system began to reach critical mass at this time, each scream turning from pain to desire a tiny bit with each thrust. By the time the tentacles shoved their way into her stomach from the wrong direction, she shuddered in orgasm a second time, screaming for more instead of none.
I quickly moved her so that she had an up close and personal view of my Daddy fucking her mother’s kitty. I spread her legs so that her own kitty met her mother’s mouth, the older woman licking up her daughter’s juices as if they were the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. The girl's eyes went wide through the pleasure as I moved up next to her, wrapping my hands around her to play with her itty bitty boobies.
During this whole time, perhaps 20 minutes, Daddy hadn’t cum at all. Not for lack of trying, he had the mother screaming in bliss beneath him and his balls were full and aching for release. Now the little girl saw why. One of my tentacles, this one much smaller than most of the others she'd seen, was wrapped around the very base of his cock, keeping him from release. As I mounted her, my own reformed penis pressing against her bottom and bringing gasps from the girls who could bear to look, I saw her lick her lips at the thought of seeing my Daddy cumming inside her mother.
I told her that, in order for that to happen, she’d have to pull my tentacle away.

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   She reached down hesitantly, trying to grab on and peel it off, but finding it difficult. The slime kept her from getting a good grip, and the tentacle was wrapped tightly. I wanted to make sure she not only had the impulse to help me impregnate her mother, but wanted it badly enough to put her whole heart into achieving it. By the look of things, it wouldn’t be long before that happened.
I pulled back as she went to work, grabbing hold of my aching penis (I hadn’t cum with it in nearly two hours) and directing it straight at her now drenched kitty. Her mother tried to get me to put it in her mouth, but I slapped her before cramming half a dozen tentacles up her behind as punishment. She arched her back at the sudden invasion, the pain taking away from the pleasure for only a bit as Daddy’s cum served to let them slide in easily, causing her belly to rise a good deal as they made their way into her much more quickly than the ones still lodged in her daughter’s behind and stomach had.
I pressed the tip at the girl’s kitty, pushing hard and making the head pop in quickly. She gasped in a mix of pain and excitement, losing her tentative grip on the tentacle yet again as I pushed further in. When I hit her hymen, I stopped. Grabbing her mother’s hands, I placed them on my bottom, and she soon understood that she was to be the one to make me take her daughter’s “purity” away. She gripped tightly and, without mercy, shoved me as hard as she could through the barrier.
The scream that followed was the same kind that had come from my little sister’s mouth when I’d stolen hers. I slid in to hit her cervix after a painfully short amount of time, leaving a full 10 inches yet to enter her small body. Her mother’s tongue licked at my cock and her pussy, lapping up the blood that leaked out and encouraging me to go deeper.

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   I pulled back, letting her lick more of the blood up, before thrusting back in, repeating this process a few times before really beginning to fuck my new toy hard.
I banged up against the tight opening to her womb countless times, her screaming only quieting, never stopping. She still tried desperately to pull the tentacle off from around Daddy’s penis, the rhythmic pounding thwarting her many times but only causing her to try that much harder next time. She’d begun licking off as much slime as she could, or rubbing it on her skin, in an effort to get a better grip, managing to finally find the tip of the tentacle and began to focus on that part primarily.
The squelching noise made by my thrusts was complimented by the milk still leaking out of the older woman’s boobies, soaking the girl’s tummy as I pressed her into them with each inward push. The entrance was getting softer, and with one final shove I punched through the last barrier and slid forward until I hit the back of her womb. With still another 5 inches left outside, I grinned and began pounding harder, her screams of pain renewed as I forced organs aside until our crotches met. I held myself there for a moment, letting my cock twitch inside her as her body adjusted to the way I wanted it to go. I sent another tentacle to bite down on her little nub at the same time I both pinched her nipples and fucked my first long stroke into her now larger womb.
She went rigid beneath me, her eyes bulging out as every pleasure synapse in her brain went off all at once, the walls of her kitty squeezing me in a vice grip in those precious milliseconds before the most intense orgasm I’d yet seen washed through her. For the first time I felt less than completely in control, the intensity of her reaction shocking me in the best way possible. She lost her grip yet again on the tentacle before her as she fell limp, nearly unconscious from the overload.
I stroked her cheek a bit, waiting at least a minute as she gathered her senses. I saw from the look she gave me that it was all over. There was no fight left in her.

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   She was mine, completely and forever. I let my tongue snake outwards towards her and she took it in her mouth, sucking it lovingly before I resumed my strokes. I licked her back, coating it in saliva as I pounded harder and harder, her efforts in getting the tentacle off finally starting to bear fruit. I had wound it around several times, and she managed to pull off the first circle, busy trying to convince the next bit to dislodge as well.
I knew it was time for the final move. The tentacles in her and her mother’s behinds shot forward in one more gigantic thrust, and pushed their way out their mouths. The tips waved in front of them obscenely, both gasping in surprise and pleasure, licking at them as best they could before the tentacles did their duty. The ones in the girl’s mouth forced her head down and pushed right into her mother’s kitty, thrusting in and out right along side Daddy. The ones in the mother’s mouth leapt up and into both her daughter’s and my kitty, each tentacle pushing as deep as it could go into all three holes.
I wondered briefly if I could get myself pregnant, but decided I didn’t care. It wasn’t as if it would be a BAD thing. So I just kept thrusting with everything, feeling a very familiar tingling in my belly build to a long denied peak while the tentacles pierced into our wombs simultaneously, the girl succeeding in pulling the tentacle from around Daddy’s penis and initiating a massive four way orgasm that shook me to my core.
I felt the cum flowing through the tentacles, passing through both women’s digestive tracts, before coming back out and flowing into their respective wombs. My cock sent a constant stream of scalding hot sperm straight towards the girl’s waiting eggs, her belly bulging from the volume. Daddy’s cock did much the same thing to her mother, the pent up volume causing the older woman’s belly to push upwards into her daughter’s chest.

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   I felt my own semen flowing into my womb, a much smaller volume than either of my two new thralls had received, but enough to increase my baby bump by an inch or two and cue my ovaries to send out more eggs.
I guess that answered THAT question!
I continued to cum into the little Asian girl’s womb, even as her belly bloated to beach ball size. There was no way I was pulling out. The slime from my tentacles would leave her unharmed, allowing her to stretch as far as was needed. She needed a LOT. Her orgasm actually began to subside, only to have yet another spring up in its place as the flow did not abate, each spasm only bringing a greater quantity than normal. By twenty seconds, she looked 9 months pregnant. At forty five seconds, she seemed to be carrying triplets to term. I just kept cumming and cumming, loving every second of it as she screamed obscenities and begged me to stuff her as full as I could.
By the end of a full two minutes, it finally petered out. I gasped for breath, having rolled both of us to the side to avoid crushing her mother, and placed my hand on a truly obscene sight. On a normal sized woman, such a belly would have been impossible. On her small frame, a belly large enough to hold twelve full grown human babies was surreal. I could have crawled inside and found it quite comfortable.
I could feel her twitching in my grasp, small orgasms rocking her constantly as every egg found a match.

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   Reluctantly, I pulled my penis from her still gripping kitty, not a drop spilling out as it closed shut behind me. As much fun as that was, it might not have been a good idea. I looked at her as she moaned incoherently, drooling on the floor in a constant state of orgasmic delight. I wondered if it’d been too much for her. But I knew my own limits. Pulling out wasn’t exactly on the menu. I’d have to think of other ways to avoid pushing them this far again.
My stomach suddenly lurched and I vomited more of the little green things, a large clump of them landing on or near her chest. They went about their work, sending her into another round of orgasms as they burrowed into her boobies, the flesh expanding to a nice D cup before she began to express milk in the same way her mother did.
As for the mother, her belly was nice and round as well, but less absurdly so. She looked maybe 6 months pregnant. And she was quite pregnant, make no mistake. Her daughter had made sure Daddy had come directly into her womb, bathing her eggs in a rich gush of sperm and spawning who knew how many brothers and sisters to play with her own children. Daddy remembered my orders, and continued to rut into her as hard as he could the moment he recovered. He greedily slurped up her milk as she egged him on, and I fully planned to breed her myself, at least a little, once her belly was stuffed full of Daddy’s babies.

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But for now, it was time to begin round two. Mommy and little sis would want to witness this one…